holding a man's penis while he pees

topic posted Mon, July 24, 2006 - 5:52 PM by  Shells
Does holding a man's penis while he pees turn you on? Men, do you like it when she does this?

I love to hold it. It's so squishy and hot from the urine coming out. And you can direct it wherever you want, then fling the thing to drip it dry...then give it a good ole BJ.
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  • OMG...

    You just made me think of a girl I use to know back in school. I recall the first time she walked up to me while I was taking a pee outdoors in the parking lot...and grabbed my penis! At first I thought it was strange...but I kept on pissing. She was having a ball aiming it until it ran out. That was so naughty! I loved it! She must have enjoyed it also because she would do this almost everytime I took a pee. LOL
  • I think this is the 'true' penis envy for women. LOL Oh, you know you gals wish you could aim your stream as accurately as us dudes - write things in the snow, clean cling-ons off the toilet bowl with a sniper's touch, send it arcing long and far in a glorious golden representation of the pressure in your bladder . . .

    This reminds me of a joke . . .

    God said to Adam and Eve... "Ok... I'm about done with you two. I just have one more area to deal with and I'm going to give you a choice." Both Adam and Eve were very excited about being able to make a choice. God said, "Which one of you wants to be able to pee standing up?" Adam jumped up, waving his hand wildly "ME ME ME ME! That would be SO COOL!!!" God replied, "Alright Adam, you can pee standing up. Now, Eve, that just leaves multiple orgasms........."
    • I think this is the 'true' penis envy for women. LOL Oh, you know you gals wish you could aim your stream as accurately as us dudes - write things in the snow,
      actually, if a woman is willing to hold open her labia, she can pee pretty accurately;;; and standing
      up... my ex girlfreind used to amuse herself by walking into the mens room when it was full
      and showing the guys that girls CAN pee standing up...
      (at the kinds of places where such behavior is a bit offf the top but since nobodies complaing nobody cares.)
  • I love having my hand on my man's dick....anytime. This just gives me more of a chance, especially if we're drinking. lol, think of all the chances I'd have to get ahold of that thing after some beers in him. ummmm.

    And it's not really the aim thing, it's all about touching it. Wow (looks around) I've got an open hand here.

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      Penis envy? I don't think so. don't get me wrong, I adore a good one, but woman have much more to be thankful for!! and yes, we can pee standing up! Shell - dig your attitude and comments honey! Keep them coming! *no pun intended* ha! :)
      • No one has a comment about my funny-ass relative-to-the-topic joke? Jeez, why do i even exist ---- i mean TRY!

        I'm actually a little . . . TIPsy right now, here at Union Square, using the free wireless they have her fro freee . . . i just wrote thet and thought i'd keep it, goddand, i'm gonna keep ALL my mistakes, see i stopped by this bar where i knew a friend worked, just to say hi cause i never seen him there before and - he's a bartender (it's a restaurant too) - he insisted he make me something eben though i was just passing by and (by the way i'm doing LOL right now cause this seems funny) (to me) and . . . . oh, i lost my train of thought . . . . . and so he said here's a shot of Makers (cause he knows that i like Makers Mark) and it was BIIIIIIIIIIIIIG! I mean a big shot, and i haven't really eaten much tofay and so i'm a little tipsy and what the fuck am i talking about, and it's funny because i'll bet people are doing internet stuff all the time while intoxicated but i never get the chance cause i . . . never get the chance. I don't have access at home, whichg is likely thew only toime i would ever be in


        Hey, someone start a sex jokes thread.

        (it's hard to tell fromn the litle pic i'm seeing right here but Carmen looks pretty hot. whiskeakingy spe - - i just tried to write whiskey speaking and somehow THAT happened! f'n weird!)
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    I'll never forget my first experience pissing while my gf was holding my cock. it was quite problematic, as i remember. pissing with a hard on can be tough (and at 18, when a chick had a hand close to my cock, i was always hard). she was older than me, and MUCH more experienced. this was her idea all the way and she was behind me fingering my ass with her other hand. i musta stood over that toilet for 15 minutes before anything started dribbling out...but it sure was a fun piss when it was all over. and it led to some (more) wildly passionate sex.

    but shells, i'll bet there's NO better cock holding piss driver than you! great attitude, oh fun one! keep up the superior thread topics, please!
  • I love holding a man's penis while he pees - and I like to spell my name with the stream, lmao .... it's fun and funny but it does make it difficult for them to pee if they get a hard-on while they're trying to go... hee hee.

    Oh, and no penis envy here - I'm perfectly happy with the multiple orgasm thing ..... :P
    • Katty....

      Reminds me of a cartoon in Playboy or one of the other mags...

      Regan walking with his vise around the White House in winter...

      They see written with piss in the snow "REGAN SUCKS"...

      His vise says that he'll ger to the bottom of this...

      Regan says that the problem is that it's in Nancy's hand writing....

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