Cut vs Uncut? Foreskin restoration

topic posted Sun, December 5, 2004 - 6:10 PM by  khristophe
I'm going through a foreskin restoration right now and I've been very pleased with it so far! Anyone else doing this? Women, what do you prefer?
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  • Restoration? I've never heard of that, fascinating. We didn't have my son circumsized when he was born...
    • Good for you! I'm sure your son will very thankful later.
      • Yeah, it just struck me when he was born that the main reason for circumcision was infection, and most infection was lack of hygene. With modern, new fangled inventions like baths and showers, seems like unneccesary mutilation (the foreskin HAS to have a purpose, but for the life of me, I can't figure out what it is). Errrr, earlobes have a purpose outside of hanging piercings from, but I can't figure out what THAT is....and you don't see people rushing out to have THEM cut off :-D.
    • I'm glad you didn't, most paediatricians consider it barbaric.
      I certainly do.
      That pain inflicted on a tiny, helpless, baby doesn't just leave the body. Baby boys flinch for days after a circumcision, when their penis is touched during diaper change and such. Good on you!! The worst excuse for it yet I have heard is, 'I want my boy to look like me'. Spare me. It's barbaric and inflicting horrific pain.
  • I have never heard of that either, would you tell us a little bit more about it?

    I have only been with men who were circumcised so I have no idea what might be better or different about it either way (o:
    • I have been with both cut and uncut and personally I have no preference...they both do the job. The only thing that was different, besides visual, was the way it felt in hand during manual stimulation.

      None of the men in my family are cut, however most of the men I have been with are, but I am noticing it is a growing trend to keep things as is, which I am for. I dont understand why it is done, either and leaving it gives more stimulation as well. The womens clitoris' only purpose it purely for pleasure, so maybe that is the purpose of the foreskin. When they would circumcise a women they would cut off the clitoris, so maybe curcumcision all has do do with taking away a person point of pleasure.

      >>>>earlobes have a purpose outside of hanging piercings from, but I can't figure out what THAT is....<<<<
      ...well I think they are great for nibbling as well.
  • How magnificent of you to be what you want!
    • cut off your saggy forskin its not sexy .I like to suck it SMOOTH!!
      • Unsu...
        (le sigh)

        I'm cut
        it works really just fine.

        There are now 2-3 studies which seem to indicate it is more hygenic in that it somehow lowers the transmission of disease;

        and while I consider myself a pretty awake person, I have searched my subconscious fairly thoroughly and have yet to uncover some latent, deeply buried trauma in being circumcised as an infant that is manifesting as an adult. It simply isn't there.

        • Verseau Says "I'm cut it works really just fine. " A blind men can not see so how dis he know if the sky is blue and the gress is green ?

          Verseau Says "more hygenic" I speed about 3 seconds washing under my 4skin. and 10 seconds per foot washing betwin my toe's and over 7 minutes washing my long hair (shampoo and conditioner ), 3 seccond my lower lower back 2 seccond each underarm 8 minutes drying off, along with 10 Minutes shaveing. I can go on but I made my point.

          Verseau Says "trauma in being circumcised as an infant" Yes I agey with this, No trauma,.. But the problem is not being able to chose the way a persons penis will look. His penis not mom's or dad's but his penis
          • Unsu...
            you smell like a troll Danny.

            • Verseau Sads "smell like a troll"
              Do you mean my 4skin smell like a troll ? <- OR -> Is a troll some internet posting thing I do not understand ? Like SPAM ?

              I never in my 29 years living, have herd someone smells like a troll , PS how do you know what a troll smells like ?

              If you mead small like a nose can smell it, I will have you know, 4skins smells like pee, And if you too pull the skin back win you pee, The small is very un-notistable. Unforchanly I'm real fan of the outdoors,. I will go hiking for over 6 hours at a time and you should smell my feet.
              afterwords. If you were my dad you wood have cut of toe's so they will not smells !
  • I think Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is the same as a circumcision. FGM is not legal, why is circumcision? Don't you think that in areas where FGM is practiced that they are brain washed the same? My mother did it to me so I'm going to do it to my daughter.

    It is wrong so very wrong. I know this now..... I am circumcised as well my son......

    We must get this out into the mainstream press so that it can be discussed and the issue can be resolved.

    • I'm not in favor of circumcision (am circumsized myself), and I think you are right about a practice being passed on unthinkingly.

      I thinkt if you google around you'll find that female genital mutilation is often a great deal more extensive and damaging than circumcision.

      In type II and type III FGM the entire head of the clitoris is removed, which is the equivalent of removing the entire head of the male penis.
      • Not so right ! The thing most circumsized men cry about, Is it was not there chose. In most FGM she know what is comming up.She can say no or stop or run away for home she has some control over the mutilation. She at lest was some ability to stop it Unlike a bady who is complety helpless. And by the way like most gays like me (with all part accounted for), the 4skin is the most sensitive part the head is just a nossel so you can pee in a straight line. Truely I wood not cry over the lose of my head ( female clitoris is the same male clitoris ) but nor my 4skin this is a keeper.
  • Unsu...
    i read uncut are thicker? i dunno about that though
    • Apparently women are *slightly* less likely to get cervical cancer if they sleep with uncut men, and other than that - for most women - it's largely a matter of taste.

      Not that it's any of my business, since I don't exactly have the anatomy to have an opinion here, but I prefer sex without the foreskin. It wouldn't ever keep me out of a relationship, but I really do like wrapping my mouth around a circumsized cock.
  • By the grace of the Godesses I have had only daughters. My Dearest Love and I disagree about circumcision. As I feel it is unnessary and he feels it is "safer?" I would never circumcise my girls, why would mutilate my boy?
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      My boyfriend is uncut, and since he is the only man I've ever been with I can't say what my preference would be. I agree with what everyone has said about it being wrong to circumcise boys as babies and I personally see no benefit at all to a man having a cut penis. I think everyone's responses to this thread are really interesting. Most people on this tribe are American (I'm assuming) and since circumcision is common practice in America, I think it is fascinating how many people are against it.

      Uncut penises do look very similar to cut ones because the foreskin pulls back when the penis is erect. Having never physically handled a cut penis, I'm not sure how to compare the way one feels to an uncut one. I enjoy my boyfriend's cock and wouldn't change anything about it.

    I too personally and morally support Not Circumsizing. I have been with both circumsized and uncircumsized, and hands down found that uncircumsized men derive more pleasure from their cocks, by virtue of the covering not leading to desensitization of the head.

    Actually, I have read much that originally part of the mania to circumsize was that the foreskin faciliates masturbation far more readily than without. Of course, hygiene contributes too, and is a ready and easy argument which appears inoffensive and modern thinking; far more than saying, this will decrease "perversion" in male children!

    So, until recently, I would have said definitely NOT, but now, I say, possibly - probably not but there is a small chance that I would. Fortunately, with our current bun in the oven, who is a girl, my husband (who is uncut) don't have to make this decision. But like I said, it would only be a small chance that we would; I mean, that study was done in Africa and I would imagine had a group that doesn't practice any other types of AIDS protection (ie CONDOMS). Having the propensity doesn't mean you can't make active choices to protect yourself.
    • Unsu...
      maybe it's a good thing I was cut then if the "foreskin facilitates masturbation" I already do that to much as it is, hehe, and since I'm cut and know no other way I've play into the hype and am pro-cut, my father wasn't cut and his expierances was his resoning behind me getting cut!!!
  • I prefer uncut. It's easier to give a hand job and the uncut boys don't seem to get chafed as easily, plus I enjoy having the extra skin to play with.

    As a visual aesthetic its a null issue, I find neither one more or less appealing, but as an ethical aesthetic I cannot conceive of why one would think it a good idea to lop off part of a boy’s bits without so much as a “by your leave.” Having known a gent who was circumcised when he was eight, and underwent significant loss of sensation and emotional trauma as a result, I can state with authority that no child of MINE will be circumcised before 18. After that it’s his choice.
  • I understrand the discussion of to cut or not to cut, but why get a restoration?
    • The main reason most Circumcied men will go threw the time and trouble of 4skin restoration is,. The fact they fill,. they should have never been Circumcied in the first place . And to remain Circumcied is to ACCEPT THE CIRCUMCISION. witch is the thing they hate. Or they may try to re-grow the lost skin. This is properly the hardest decision to make and to keep up with. Foreskin restoration takes about 2 years or longer maybe about 5 years. It must be hard to like at yourself and know what you see is not of your chose.

      A simple questing, Do you want your son Circumcied ? Was given to his parents. "Yes" A simple answer was given. And he most live with this thing he never agreed too. His parents never really understood what they are committing their son to. And if they know they may have sad no

      The infant-Circumcision ( done in the usa ) is to cut off ALL the 4skin and some of the shaft skin not just a the tip of the 4skin. If I was to get Circumcisied today only neigh skin will be cut off ( the tip of the 4skin ) so the rest of my 4skin will stay back and not cover my gland. So little skin will be cut off of me that a infant boy will lose more skin that I will lose.

      I have a lot of respect,.. For this men wow will try and and for the ones wow complete thare 4skin restoration.
      • I was cut in 1960 and they did not cut any skin from the shaft.

        I suspect that you will find that diffrent Doctors cut at diffrent locations.

        My foreskin covers the ridge of the glans offering some protection.
        • Unsu...
          They don't cut skin off of the shaft. Just the outer skin itself. Trying to start a fear thing there?
          And no, you can't blame the doctor for snipping off too much, as a reason for being built smaller.
          Life just happens that way to some people is all.
      • Gary and Mixn -
        The two of you may not know but the outer foreskin that is over the gland is the same skin the shaft is made out of. So to cut one is to cut both.

        The tools they use ( SmartKlamp & Gomco clamp & plastibell clamp ) pulls the skin forword taking with it inter and outer 4skin.
        By Design Thay Cut Off Shaft Skin. How much is per-set by the tool not the doctors or the penis being cut

        Gary sad "diffrent doctors cut at diffrent locations'
        No all doctors use a clamp of some type. To free hand the job it will take over an hour to cut and re-stitch the skin back togater. Clamp can do the job in less than 30 mins.
        • Unsu...
          "The two of you may not know but the outer foreskin that is over the gland is the same skin the shaft is made out of. So to cut one is to cut both."
          The shaft skin you refer to does not remove ANY length from the penis.

          "The procedures of circumcision"

          Circumcision removes the foreskin from the penis. For infant circumcision, clamps, such as the Gomco clamp, Plastibell, and Mogen are often used.[17] These clamps are meant to protect the glans while they cut the blood supply to the foreskin and prevent any bleeding. With the Plastibell clamp, the foreskin and the clamp come away in three to seven days. Before a Gomco clamp is used, a section of skin is crushed with a hemostat then slit with scissors. The foreskin is drawn over the bell shaped portion of the clamp and inserted through a hole in the base of the clamp. The clamp is then tightened, "crushing the foreskin between the bell and the base plate." The crushing limits the bleeding (provides the hemostasis). With the flared bottom of the bell fit tightly against the hole of the base plate, the foreskin is cut away with a scalpel from above the base plate, while the bell covers the glans to prevent it being reached by the scalpel.[18]

          With a Mogen clamp, used by many physicians and some mohels (Jewish ritual circumcisers), the foreskin and the glans are separated with a blunt probe and/or curved hemostat (as with the first part of the Gomco procedure). The foreskin is then grabbed dorsally with a straight hemostat, and lifted up. The Mogen clamp is then slid between the glans and hemostat. The clamp is locked shut, and a scalpel is used to cut the foreskin from the flat (upper) side of the clamp.[19][20]

          The frenulum is cut if frenular chordee is evident.[21][2]

          According to a 1998 study, 45% of physicians used anesthesia for infant circumcisions. Dorsal penile nerve block was the most commonly used form. Obstetricians had a significantly lower rate of anesthesia use (25%) than pediatricians (71%) or family practitioners (56%)

          Either way, I stick with my original statement; It doesn't reduce the length of a penis.
          As for the width, one can always have that added by surgery if they really need it that bad.
          Pissed at your parents for that one decision and holding it against them for your whole life?
          Then you are forgetting all the good decisions they made that protected you.
          Think on it!
          • Mixn sad "The shaft skin you refer to does not remove ANY length from the penis. "
            Danny says maybe I miss types something ? The shaft skin or 4skin has not a thing to do with the lenght or the width of the penis.
            The shaft skin and the outer 4skin is the SAME part, Were It Hangs on your penis is how it gets its name.

            I see you copied and pasted your statment. Maybe you do not understand what a 4skin Is ?

            Mixn say "Pissed at your parents for that one decision " Danny Say I'm UNcut , intact , all parts accounted for, Read higher up the post
            or see my profile.
            • Unsu...
              "Pissed at your parents for that one decision "
              That was a general statement to people resentful of their parents doing that and are holding it against them for life.
              Foreskin is what I was referring to on the other part.
              I copied and pasted the general, proper information about the procedure to explain it better, as some have a misunderstanding from the misinformation campaign.
              Go ahead, take it personally, again, but I didn't look at your profile, I was writing in general for the most part, except where quotes related.
              • Unsu...
                I think that people who hold a bunch of baggage and blame against their parents for all of their woes, probably have more to attend to than others.

      • I know more about circumcision than is wish I know. for about 10 years I have been reading everything I can find. I my 20's I considered getting myself circumcised. The only pennies I have seen were cut to tight. I wanted just a little 4skin cut off so the rest the of the skin will stay back. I was in collage at this time so I spent a lot of time the collage library reading med. and parenting books. But fond little about how a adult will be circumcised. I also spent time at the main public library reading there books. About 6 months in to in I fond the only book covering an adult circumcision. The book was a little bigger the a pamphlet. had about 6 paragraph and some photo of the circumcision procedures Be this time I have decided I will not get myself circumcised. I also got two Gay-Porn magazines (the only porn I have) to see some photos of the end resorts. I talked to two (Ural ages) they both sad the same, they only cut off the overhanging tip and from this the rest of the 4skin stays back. In 2002 got internet access and a new world of info has opened up to me. I have done me
        homework on this better than you will ever know. After 10 years I'm stall learning new things. As much As I like to stop I
        can not. I my never stop reading about the unless cutting of 4skins.
        • urologist

          (Ural ages) = urologist
          • Unsu...
            Well Danny, for someone who is uncircumcised and so against circumcision, You sure seem fascinated with cut dicks.

            I don't understand the fascination.


            I probably think about sweet pussies about every 20 minutes during the work day.

            • Danny is Gay (right?), no big deal..... He is thinking of dicks like we think of pussy I would imagine.
              • Gery Says Danny is Gay (right?) " Not Gay but BI I like sex with women, and a relationship a man
                My true preference is a greasemonkey lesbian.
                • Danny you are confused and now you are confusing me.

                  You wrote "And by the way like most gays like me" and now your saying that you are not gay but Bi. Not that I really care what you are but please realize that my confusion is based on your inability to properly label yourself.
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    Opps my spelling error find by - GERY -
                    NOT by the way like most (gays) like me
                    BUT by the way like most (gUys) like me - men boys dudes man males

                    Sorry about confussing you , I put Bi and Gay people in the same box.
                    but some gay people i have meet will have not a thing to do with women.
            • Unsu...
              "I probably think about sweet pussies about every 20 minutes during the work day"
              Why such a long time in between, I think about pussy, especially Pierced's sweet wet, waxed pussy, about every 20 seconds of the day...........
              • Unsu...
                Well, the sexual urge is not my "prime directive"


                that can alter radically given the right person and circumstances.

                That is to say.

                Sexual activity isn't an all-encompassing pursuit or preoccupation to me.

                • Unsu...
                  True statement, but since I'm over here in Iraq and not getting any, well need I say more???
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.

                    You are now sanctioned to think about pussy - with free and unfettered abandon - every 1.5 seconds as needed.

                    • Just remember to duck and cover when you hear a loud noise, okay?
                      Don't let your thoughts distract you from this reaction.
                      • Unsu...
                        If I hear the loud noise, It's too late, ya listen for the whistle and whine, that's when you duck and cover........
            • No one notist I sad I was thinking of getting myself circumcised ! How stupid I was to think of submitting myself to it. NOT fascinated with cut dicks, Fascinated with UNcut penis thank you.
              • its even sadder and terrifying here in the philippines on barrios where doctors rarely go. when one is to be circumcised they use bolo's or knifes. sometimes they use that shaving knife sort of thing. the ones the barbers used to use. without anesthesia, they do it and your lucky if they get it the first time hehehe. how do they finish it? the one whose done the circumcision spits on it, sometimes chews some guava leaves then spita on it some more! dang! i believe the saliva has antiseptic properties but its a bit yuckky to have some old man with no tooth spit at your trophy like that hehehehehe
  • mine's cut but i think having it uncut has a lot of advantages. i heard the reason why many jews was captured by the nazis is because the nazis knew the secret of the jews - circumcised penis. so when they were circumcised they should be jews! hehehehehe just a joke
    • Nazis Jews & Circumcision
      Yes in my quest to understand circumcision I read this to be true but never read more about it
      He is one of the two Jews or American
      • To the women out there who are pro-circumcision I just have one question:
        What part of YOU would you like cut off?
        Hair and fingernails do not count, it must be a part that has nerves and bleeds.

        Yes, I'm cut. No, I'm not bitter or angry with my parents for it. When I was born in 1962 the vast majority of american baby boys were circumcised. I do sometimes wonder what it would be like to be intact, but I don't obsess over it.
        My wife and I have no kids but if we did have a boy, there is no way in hell I'd allow that to be done to him. If he decided to get it done when he was an adult, that would be his business.

        The STD argument holds no water for me. Anyone concerned with STDs should be using condoms, circumcised or not. "No glove, no love."
        Besides, in the reading I've done regarding circumcision, there are studies with conflicting results. I don't think science has a definitive answer yet as to whether a man is more or less likely to catch an STD, with a foreskin or not.

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