guys: how do I cum more and shoot cum?

topic posted Mon, May 21, 2007 - 1:40 AM by  Brett
god i feel old asking this but it seems that as i have gotten older and over the last 3 years the quantity of how much i cum has gone down, but at the same time i suspect that it has to do with the quantity of sex increasing. without cutting back on sex is there any way to increase how much cum i get out of me ?
i remember that when i used to cum i would shoot cum like a LONG ways and now it is just kind of a pouring out effect... any way to shoot cum again ?
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    I own a chain of adult stores , and have had this product for years and I swear it works. It's called estroginex. It will make you produce more semen . The stuff is really amazing. Its an orange pill you take twice a day.
    • first umm is there even nanotech out nowadays cause i thought that was still sci-fi. second Estroginex? what is in it , sorry, i have trouble with something that has the word ESTROGEN in it... website ?
      • Hey dude, what I do is use a fruit or something.. It works wonders! Usually its an orange, you can cut it to where you can fit your penis in and out of it and do it that way.. Of course im 23, not sure how old you are... But the orange juice is so slick on your dick, its like someone is sucking your cock! I usually just have a seat on my bed or something and start goin' at it. Another thing you can do is position yourself as you would if your were going to suck your own dick and put your feet on something to keep still. And for some reason you get the BIGGEST orgasm of your life! It great! You know that tingily feeling you get its soo strong you will probably be drained for a week. lol.
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    As for more cum... the more foreplay with the testicles the more cum is produced. So, get in with a load of ball touching for a load. As for the distance... pressure at the right area and at the right time tends to work. You'll have to figure out where and when on your own, but the base of the shaft seems to work for many. And the testing of these theories is always fun.
    • Jonnie knows his business. I totally agree. What works for me is long, slow fuck (recommend 1hr+) + ball play + shaft base (or penile canal) pressure right before shooting. I've had many 'high jumpers' over the years (up to the tits, face, hair or even over her head), which impresses them women surely.

      A lot of exercise may be needed to 'perfect' yout style, though. Just don't give up ;)
  • make sure that you are well hydrated. It will increase the amount of semen that you produce. Also, if she "milks" you prostate you will produce a huge money shot.

    • Hi I'm new here. As I Have grown older I have also experienced a lower volume in the size and amount of cum in my ejaculation. I had been searching for an answer when I came across this site, Cool place BTW. I added it to my fav list. So far the information I have found on the net regarding producing more sperm mainly includes drinking a lot of water, and eating foods high in zinc, and potassium. As well as abstaining from ejaculation for long periods of time. I did come across a few web sites such as they are selling pills that are said to greatly increase your cumshot. They have a trial pack for $20 bucks I am thinking of ordering.
      Has any one here ever heard of or tried these? They seem to be chalked full of all kinds of crazy Chinese herbs I have never heard of but im willing to give it a shot. lol, no pun intended
      • As for shooting cum. Or shooting it further. I read about an easy exercise you can do to help increase the distance of your spermshot. It seems really easy and definitely worth a try. In fact I'm doing it right now lol.. j/k .. well.. yeah.. actually i am..
        What I read you need to do is repetitions of tightening up that muscle in between your scrotum and your bung whole. The great thing about it is you can do it while your just sitting around. I read doing it anywhere from 20-45 mins a day and you will be shooting 2-3 times as far in no time. It makes sense to me, just like exorcising any other muscle. I started yesterday. I'll let you guys know how it work :P
      • As for shooting cum. Or shooting it further. I read about an easy exercise you can do to help increase the distance of your spermshot. It seems really easy and definitely worth a try. In fact I'm doing it right now lol.. j/k .. well.. yeah.. actually i am..
        What I read you need to do is repetitions of tightening up that muscle in between your scrotum and your bung whole. The great thing about it is you can do it while your just sitting around. I read doing it anywhere from 20-45 mins a day and you will be shooting 2-3 times as far in no time. It makes sense to me, just like exorcising any other muscle. I started yesterday. I'll let you guys know how it work :P

        BTW. Sorry for the dubble post but i could not figure out how to edit my last one.
        • Kegel exercises, I think you mean? The same muscle that interrupts your pee stream when you flex it while urinating? The same one that makes your erect cock move up and down (try that during intercourse, by the way, and I think your partner will enjoy it)?
  • Are you trying to break into the porn biz?

    What I care about is how it feels to me when I come. Is it intense? Do I feel myself dissolving into that over-the-rainbow my brain is dissolving and melting into the cosmic flux place? Has the neighbor's burglar alarm gone off? Is my partner experiencing shock and awe? But that's just me, your mileage may vary.
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      Kim is on track.

      Cum makes kids. How much of that do you really want to splash around?
      ...although I do admit that it is fun.
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        I think an increase in seminal fluid does not increase the amount of semen...

        and of course we all want to blow a load like Peter North...

        mebbe eating spinach helps too


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      I'm with Kim on this on. The act of intercourse, the orgasmic feeling and intensity should matter more that the quantity of seman. If you are masterbating or cumming on/at another peson the distance of how far one's cum goes is the only time that it would seem to be apparent. Thus, what difference does it make?

      When I was younger and masturbated quite often I used to enjoy seeing how far I could cum. Now, I masterbate occasionally and don't "shoot" it like I used to but it is still satisying. Addtionally, I've found that I want and can have sex more often now that when I was younger (I guess I'm a bit backwardly wired) and thus the distance is really immaterial...frequency and satisfaction level of the wife and I are far more important.
  • Go to you local health food or vitimin store purchase some DHEA, some Viper, and some zinc. You will be more horney harder and your cum volume will increase. Be careful taking the DHEA, it is a natural precurser for testosterone that your body makes less of as you grow older. If you take too much your body will stop producing any at all. It is not a steroid but what your body uses to produce it's natural testosterone. I am 60 and can fuck as often as I ever could, or at lest once a day sum times twice. Just can't seem to get my wife to be as interested as I am.
    • sparky - i've seen that ginseng makes women hornier than shit ... in addition to cannabis (weed) ...
      • Lots of good advice but what I think it cums (pun intended) down to is two things. Pressure and substance. Most men have experienced pre-ejaculation. That little dribble that gets your girlfriend pregnant that you didn't know about and didn't even feel happen. Then the big bang that everybody worries about.

        By having your partner fondle your balls, it builds that pressure needed to "push" the semen out. There are tantric exercises you can do to also increase this pressure. It's like filling up a water balloon. Control your orgasm and you can control the force in which it comes out. This also works while inside your partner. I'm not a receiver that way, but I've been told by those who do that the force of your semen can actually be felt inside and it intensifies the orgasm. So controlling the force of the stream (if you will) isn't only a technique that benefits those who just want to watch it fly across the room like a porn star.

        Next, you need to control the amount of substance that comes out. Realistically, a man is usually good for one (maybe two) solid "Free-Throws" like that. Along with building up the pressure is that your building up more semen to push out. Eating well and staying healthy is most beneficial way to produce more semen. But restraining from ejaculation is another way. If you know that you're going to have a hot night with your partner coming in a few days. Refrain from ejaculation before then. If you have the control, you can even stimulate yourself but not ejaculate. This not only produces lots of chode for you to spray but builds the pressure as well.

        Hope these techniques work for you. I"m far from an expert nor am a I doctor. I'm just a guy sharing my experiences. Take care.
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          Some good points Twisted. I know if I anticipate an evening of sex there are times that I will begin masturbating (usually in the shower first thing in the morning) but stopping before ejaculating. There are times that later in the day I will do the same, always making sure that I do not finish the job.

          Typically then when we get going my cumming is really hard and with quantity.
          • Tom has a good point. Bring yourself close to ejaculation and then back off. Do this several times before and during your sexual encounter. When you do decde to release it should be a blast. (pun intended).
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              This doesn't exactly help with the question but some facts might help.

              From Menshealth-on-line:

              Ejaculate is 90% water. Semen is a milky opalescence, and opaque. Opalescence increases when the ejaculate has a higher concentration of sperm. Ejaculate consists mainly of semen:

              65% of the semen arises from the seminal vesicles

              35% of the semen comes from the prostate. It is the semen from the prostate that gives semen its characteristic smell.

              5% is of other fluids
              When a man orgasms he ejaculates between 1 and 5 millilitres of semen. The average is 2 to 3 millilitres (a small teaspoon) which of course is nothing when compared to an adult wild male boar which produces 0.5 litres per ejaculate!

              An ejaculation can travel up to 3 feet or more. However an average distance is about 7 to 10 inches (17to 25cms). Ejacuation is preceded by an emission of 1-2 drops of alkaline fluid from the Cowper's glands (two small glands beneath the prostate).

              Its alkalinity neutralizes the acidity that remains in the urethra from recent urination. Repeated Ejaculation Facts:
              The ability to have repeated ejaculation varies considerably from man to man. The ability to have repeated ejaculation begins to decline almost immediately once puberty is complete. Within the period of one to two hours most men can have one ejaculation, some can have a second and a few men can have three or four. Kinsey, a well known researcher into sex, recorded one man who was able to ejaculate six to eight times in a single session, but this is very rare.

  • I took the approach of going to the source. Cum starts at the prostate, so I looked for something helpful for the prostate. I tried several products with little/no noticible effect. I'm into health and vitamins, so I did experiments with taking a product for awhile, stopping, then restarting. I always do this with new health products. I'm an engineer, I can't help it :-)

    Several threads led me to swedish bee pollen. I saw it as a common ingredient of several products. Rather than get it diluted, I searched for a concentrate. Here's what I found:

    It aids the health of the prostate, so it takes a few weeks to get fully into the system and the results to show. I've done my usual start-stop experiments and this stull really seems to work for me.

    Btw, I'm 55 so prostate health has become important to me ;-)

    Swedish Bee Pollen, Source Naturals brand, available from

    I'm just another horny customer.
  • Just tease each other. Biting is effective done slowly on the inside of each leg towards the fruity bits. This tease should naturally get more intense the closer you get. Have sex when you really want it. Personally, I surrender after a period. I am ready to bend over backwards to pleasure the manhood that hangs above my tits in the mannerof grapes,figs &a banana.. I demand that he dominates me, bites me and like to take it lying down.
    Once when my lover did this to me, my clit swelled up like a lily. We both agreed that it was the best sex we'd ever had. Just relax, drift away
    off to Planet CumShot. And don't leave till you're finished.
  • Brett, for me it's been lots of practice and playfulness...extended foreplay helps, dirty talk with my past girlfriends and my wife now has helped, as has having her learn the signs of when I'm about to shoot my sperm so she can back off, bring me back down, then start charging me up all over again. She encourages me to squirt my load as far as I can, and she likes to measure how far it shoots up my belly, chest, or even to my face for comparisons...
    I've also had some great Asian masseuses at spas in my area....usually younger Korean or Vietnamese girls who don't speak much English... but I have a few who strip down to nothing but skimpy panties- a huge turn-on for me!! They squeal when they see me shoot my baby seed all over, and they pant or scream just as if I was squirting my load deep inside their pussies... this always has made me cum a lot without pills or the like.....
  • As I realized from my own experience a lot of man simply dribble, some shoot and there's absolutely nothing wrong with dribbling. If you want to shoot, try some of these techniques:
    Increase the semen volume, so you must keep yourself well hydrated for about 6 hours before you ejaculate.
    Pay attention to the food:peanut butter ,peanuts and other protein rich foods help in the production of the fluids.
    And the last thing: the longer you are aroused and sexually stimulated the more intense orgasms you get.
    Good Luck!
  • I've always been a BIG shooter myself, both power and quantity: 8 - 11 long heavy thick ropes of ejaculate.

    Try this:

    1. Drink lots of fluids, in particular water (I mean a LOT).
    2. Do extended foreplay before you ejaculate - a couple of hours.

    However, even with this, each subsequent cum shot will be reduced in volume.
  • The easiest way that has worked for me is buying pills. The cheap way is as mentioned earlier with Zinc, that mainly helps with sperm production and not actual fluid itself. But Zinc is a healthy part of a Mans diet. But I have used for a while now I take em every so often,not everyday or anything, and when I do they really help. They are called volume pills and are made just for what u want it for. Big Loads. And forget the whole sexual intimacy thing, girls love more cum and the visiual for us men is even MORE satisfying when we are able to shoot a big one on our females. #period

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