Can a woman actually FEEL a man shoot his load in her love hole?

topic posted Mon, December 22, 2008 - 7:33 PM by  Shells
I mean, do any of you women actually feel his load hit the back of your vagina or even the heat of it?

I know we feel them tremble, we feel them push that last hot thrust deep inside and we feel, after, his cum running out of our pussies. BUT, can you literally feel it shooting inside?

I was discussing this with a former lover over the phone and I told him I'd make a post about it to see what we "cum" up with.
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    I am an avid pumper and stretcher. I work from home, have a gf (37) with 3 daughters (21,20,18) who have become obsessed my my dick and pumping. When not being used for other fun things, my dick is always in the tube. I shoot an overflowing shotglass full of cum 10-12 times a day. My gf and her daughters all tell me that they can feel the cum enter their pussies, and feel the pressure against their cervix. This may be due to the length of my dick, since I am able to shove it tight against their cervix and hold it there while shooting, to force the cum through the cervical opening. They say it feels hot, but think it is more of the pressure that they feel since both their pussy and my dick is the same temp since being inside for up to an hour of thrusting. They also feel the excess drain from around my dick shaft
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    Hello....long time listener, first time caller. Well, you know what I mean. Thanks for the warm welcome.

    Now, to your question....I recently met someone that confided in me that when she feels the load shoot inside of her, it is that very feeling that pushes her over the edge. She is VERY sensitive inside and can feel it shoot inside her. If she hasn't by then, that is what makes her have her big O.

    On the flipside, not literally, some tend to 'think' they feel it when it reality, it is just the head swelling and the getting close that puts them over the edge.

    My 2 cents worth.... 1/2 cent after stock market.
    • I would imagine the sensation would vary greatly due to many factors, i.e. the amount of moisture she creates (I've had a few lovers that were dripping wet before I even touched them down there), the sensitivity of her vagina and vaginal tissues, the amount of lubrication applied (if needed), etc...

      Some women might be able to feel me cum, but I assure all women know when I am climaxing. I'm not very shy about vocalizing my pleasure!
  • The heat, not so much. It's all body temperature, and even a guy with a fever still won't have a high enough temp. to create a noticeable difference, especially in a pussy heavily engorged with blood.

    The speed, depth, force, and thus detectability of the load itself in a tangible sense separate from moans, convulsions, etc. depends on the man's personal capabilities. Men capable of stronger, more forceful ejaculations really can make you FEEL their cum - and it's delightful! It always guarantees a simultaneous orgasm from me :D

    I imagine gay men would also have the opportunity to feel it through anal.
  • The following is my understanding, if this is wrong, please help me learn what is correct, and URLs or references would be most appreciated.

    my understanding is that there are two kinds of nerves in our genitals - those that feel pressure / touch [mechano-receptors] and those that feel temperature [thermo-receptors]

    I believe there are both kinds at the entrance to the vagina - the introitus - but inside, in the vaginal sheath, the vagina are temperature nerves but no touch sensitive nerves. The outer part of the vaginal sheath is a muscle, and that muscle has both kinds of nerves - touch and temperature. I believe there are both kinds of nerves in the cervix.

    What I'm told is that this is why at the gynecologist a woman can feel how cold a speculum is, but during her period often can't feel a tampon inside. The relative scarcity of touch sensitive nerves inside is is probably a very nice arrangement when you think of the kind of pressure experienced when a baby leaves through the vaginal canal.

    I'm told that one can't feel that much inside the vagina unless the object presses into the muscle, or the muscle contracts and grasps it. And with engorgement - women engorge just as much as men do - but they engorge mostly inside where it is harder to see - with engorgement a finger or a penis is further from the pressure sensitive nerves because there is that soft thick layer of blood filled tissue.
  • Well, hmmmm, how to answer this, just better to go on and explain.

    Even when i am about ready to go myself i seem to become sooooo much more aware of the sensation inside me. i can feel His thrusts, His moans and growls. And i know for a fact that He is cumming when i feel His cock pulsing. But the best feeling is when the head of His cock enlarges/pluses and that warm rush that accompanies it.

    Damn! Where is Daddy! <smile!>

    safe journeys
  • Back of the vagina, depends, feel the shot yes
    • Oh yes...and so can a man when its man to man....
      • Yes!!!

        If you and your partner share enough "energies" together, you can most surely feel him. I feel my partner during the whole act, then we kind of pass out together and drift off, somewhere together. ( honest abe ;-) )

        It depends on if you confine yourself to one area or not, if you let it flow between you and take it higher, you never have felt anything like this before.
        • I'm always amazed how one getting near sets off the other. The texture of her vagina changes against my skin, perhaps muscles too, I'm not sure because I'm not concentrating too much, just enjoying, giving and receiving.
          Recently there was a warm rush (urine?) flow in her tube too, which I think I must have carried in, there are no urinary outlets up there, I believe. And she definitely feels the pulsing and spurting in spite of vasectomy cutting quantity by a third and age also beginning to have an effect.
          She's been getting very distracted recently as she begins to peak, in a good, happy, distressed at the depth of feeling way. Flattering.
      • I agree with you. The first time my former lover (and my best friend too) came in my butt I made him slow down to just barely moving inside me and I felt the rush of his cum up his penis and eject. His cock sort of flexed and I felt it three seperate flexings before his passion took hold and he had to slam into me. I just let him go for it and he came again within another minute and then he was spent. That was so hot to experience. We always practiced safe sex and used a condom but believe me, I was wishing that he didn't, it felt so good. When I fucked him the first time (again safe) he was on top, facing me with his dick right at my face. I just pushed up with my hips until I let go. He was very excited and told me he felt me cum. I just know it was so sexy to watch him use his ass like my wife used her pussy on me that I came like a mad man. He also shot too, just as I finished up, with his cum shooting up to my chin and all over my chest and belly. Loved see that, it was the first time I ever watched another man cum in person and I'll never forget that sight.

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