Being fingered and licked at the same time - Yay or Nay?

topic posted Fri, January 11, 2008 - 1:43 PM by  Kim
Like the gals who've said "meh" (or no thanks) to being licked, I've found that some women don't like having fingers inside while being licked. I've heard comments like "it's distracting," "it feels like a medical exam" (and not in a good way.) Clearly it's helpful if someone can find the g-spot, but just the feeling of fullness can be yummy too.

And while we're on the subject of digital penetration during oral sex: what about having fingers in the back door? I've had GFs who didn't want a dick there, but who were very happy to get rimmed and have fingers inside.
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  • ?? Venus butterfly has always been orgasmic in my exp. Never heard a request for one or the other but not both. Is there a dif between being "fingered" and caressed inside and out? =)
    • I love to be licking and fingering her pussy and getting my fingers nice n juicy, then rub some on my hard cock while im eating her out....feels good to run some of her juices all around my cock head and get my precum flowing nicely...
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        okay folks, what exactly do you mean by "fingering"?

        There are fingers and there are FINGERS. I can't stand my lover just shoving them in there as if mass alone will somehow compensate for technique. If you're going to finger a vagina, consider the layout of the vagina first. The "G-Spot" is located your fingers ought to be turned upwards, not down. A sort of "come hither" gesture as opposed to a pointing gesture.

        And once your lover finds that g-spot (really not that difficult-- it's RIGHT THERE) commence with whatever else moves you.

        As far as anal play, both men and women have a very sensitive spot located above, but not in, the rectum. For women it's the entrance to their womb (around the cervical area, but not right on it) and for men it's the prostate gland. But again, both are located ABOVE, not below the rectum. So please, PLEASE don;t just go shoving your fingers into every available orifice thinking that you're somehow hitting the mark. Do a little homework first...or better yet, let your lover tell you what and where and how much. (Sounds simple, but so many folks seem to actually feel threatened by constructive criticism in this regard).


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