Have you ever been caught masturbating?

topic posted Sun, February 10, 2008 - 8:08 AM by  jaybird
Haxe you ever been caught masturbating?

By who?

if so how many times

What happened then and afterwards?
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    Tue, February 19, 2008 - 2:31 PM
    When i was in college i lived in a house with three female roommates. We all went to the same school. I was really good friends with one of them, but just platonic. One afternoon i was sitting on the edge of my bed in my room naked, and absently stroking myself while i was reading a book on growing mushrooms. I guess my friend never really thought about the possibilities because suddenly my door opened and she walked in saying something. She stopped dead in her tracks with her mouth open for a moment, then spun around and went back out shutting the door behind her.

    I put down the book and slipped on some pants and went to the door and opened it. She was standing there and there was nothing i could do but grin as she told me she didn't see anything because the book was in the way.

    Another of my roommates was this blonde who had her room right down the hall, and she and i shared a bathroom. She was real quiet and to herself, but a total fucking sweet-bodied cute ass babe! And i always saw a sex kitten in her. Now, i would have loved a chance encounter with her, either way. One time i noticed from my backyard view window her go outside. She was wearing a towel. Then when she got out to the middle of the grass she took that off and unveiled a tiny two-piece bikini. She looked so fucking hot and i was immediately aroused from my voyeuristic viewpoint. She laid out the towel on the ground and then eased down on her back. Needless to say, i started masturbating right there. After a while she turned over and surreptitiously undid the back of her bikini top . . .

    I know it doesn't sound like a big deal, but that was one fucking horny time for me. And watching her laying there without her knowing i was watching and masturbating and seeing the exposed sides of her creamy, perfect, beautiful breasts was one of the most erotically charged experiences of my life. Ah, memories.
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    Wed, February 27, 2008 - 3:12 PM
    I got caught masterbating in my car in a parking lot!!!

    I love to have phone sex. I do it with this one guy quite a's fun. Anyway, I had planned on hearing from him at a certain time, and my landlord showed up at my condo to do some work, I had forgotten about it. My phone-sex buddy called and I had been really looking forward to it, so I left - got in my car and drove off, trying to find a place I could enjoy my phone-sex date. I ended up parking in a far corner of a parking lot and whipped out my trusty toys, got on the phone......I was having a good old time and the security guard sneaked up on me!!!

    The rentacop turned beet red and started stammering....I just drove off.....I was laughing so hard I could barely drive! Talking on the phone while driving is illegal where I lived, so I had to hang up.......Needless to say I was so horny and getting caught just intensified it.....I went straight to a friend's work and dragged him into the back room for a quickie.....
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      Wed, February 27, 2008 - 6:50 PM
      I had a friend once get busted by mall security in Atlanta. he was alone in the car while his Mom went in shopping and decided to blow out the days load. the rent=a=cop cmae up and rapped on the window while he enjoyed the post orgasmic bliss and he was caught with a dick in one hand and a soaked tissue in the other. He said the young guy told him to go insode next time.
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    Re: Have you ever been caught masturbating?

    Sat, March 1, 2008 - 4:59 AM
    I haven't, thank God!
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      Sun, March 9, 2008 - 7:59 AM
      mmm yes...
      twice by my older sister
      I'm the sexual one and at the time I had a boyfriend who lived in the states and was also in the army. He came to visit me a few times over our 7 month open relationship and inbetween we had alot of phone sex, usually around 3am my time 6am his time. the first time i was caught it was in the afternoon and no one else was home, i was talking dirty to him and playing with myself and i didnt hear my sister come home and she was talking on her phone as she opened my door then quicky shut it. I thought the mood was lost but we kept goin but pretty quietly after i came out of my room we didnt speak of it but things were kinda awkward for a few days. the second time was early in the evening on the weekend after my baby came home from the bar he phoned me and said he wanted to have phone sex. everyone was still awake in my house so i was hesident but after giving in i thought i was being quiet enough and my lights were off but my sister came downstairs and opened my door and sed everyone can hear me upstairs then shut my door. ugh i was mortified that my parents heard me. no one mentioned it the next day tho.
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    Sun, September 6, 2009 - 6:41 PM
    Yes oh delicious!!! Many many times! The first few times was by family members who asked what I was doing...I lied and told them "nothing" and then continued to masturbate, I was caught a few times by neighbors. The most delicious of all was being caught by strangers too many to count. Two people came back for an encore!
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    Sun, September 6, 2009 - 7:45 PM
    I have nearly been caught several times. The funniest, as I look back on it, and the most harrowing was about twenty years ago. My now ex-wife was out at the store. I had just rented an X-rated movie and was dying to see at least a part of it. So I put it in the VCR and began to masturbate. I was having a pretty good time of it, in fact just shot my load in my left palm. I hardly finished my eruption when I heard her come in the front door. You can imagine how frantic I was deciding what to do first, my hand was full of cum, my pants and underwear were around my knees, and the tape was still playing. Quickly I licked off my cum, tried to pull up my pants with one hand and turn off the TV and VCR remotes with the other. I got the electronics turned off and my pants pullud up but not fastened. As she walked in the bedroom where I was, I quickly turned my back to her and hid my still hard cock hanging out of my pants.

    I think I pulled it off.
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      Re: Have you ever been caught masturbating?

      Sun, September 6, 2009 - 9:50 PM
      Caught once by my Dad, after which I got the "birds and the bees" lecture.
      Caught one other time by a most recent ex-girlfriend, who simply walked through the bedroom into the master bathroom, did her business, and walked right back out past me. One reason she's an ex-girlfriend......
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        Re: Have you ever been caught masturbating?

        Sun, September 6, 2009 - 10:27 PM
        As a child.... by just about everyone... my mom, aunt, sister, and even my grandma (Who knew she could make it up the stairs... Damn it! I thought I was good!) It's not that i was bad at hiding it, I just did it so much, it was ridiculous, i was bound to get caught a couple times...... Everyone just kind of ignored it, except my catholic raised mother.. who wanted to know what 7 year old me was thinking about while all of this was going on... yaaaaa like i'm gonna fall into that trap... I remember saying clowns... lmao! Fucking clowns! She looked at me like I was insane..... then dropped it, like forever... I wonder if she would have felt better knowing I was thinking about my girlfriend......

        As an adult.... by all my exes.... but most of that was on purpose anyway... they love to watch....
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          Sat, November 28, 2009 - 12:13 PM
          My youngest daughter was like that. It started when she was about 3 or 4 and now that she's 13, it seems to have tapered off. Or at least, she has the good sense now to do it in her bedroom. We didn't want to instill any inhibitions in her by chastising her, but after awhile, we started gently suggesting that "it would be better to do that in your room". It would mortify her older sister though. "Dad... make her stop!"
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            Re: Have you ever been caught masturbating?

            Mon, November 30, 2009 - 8:11 PM
            lol..... she's still doing it... i guarantee you... what do you think hormones are gonna calm her down? She's just old enough to take more precaution... I started at 3 or 4 also.... I was very fond of my stuffed animal friends... ;) if ya know what i mean.... or anything else that got the job done really... Good for you for allowing her to feel it's just a natural part of who she is.... because it is....
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              Mon, November 30, 2009 - 8:44 PM
              I have to tell you Stacy, even though I consider myself to be very liberal, it was hard to bite my tongue and not tell her to get her hand out from between her legs or to stop grinding all over the armrest of the couch. I just hope that she has a good body image and a healthy sex life as an adult as a result of our restraint. I can tell that we're going to have to get her onto birth control pronto, once she starts dating.
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                Re: Have you ever been caught masturbating?

                Mon, November 30, 2009 - 8:51 PM
                I understand... trust me... gently suggesting her room is a good place for that and not in front of others is a good move... your not making her feel embarrassed or ashamed and teaching her important social not mention safety skills at the same time.....
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    Mon, September 7, 2009 - 12:31 AM
    Very fucking embarrassing when you get caught by your Gramma, get a butt whopping, tell the sisters at the congregation and Pastor Simon what a wayward child I was.... Now... same Gramma tells me the best sex is self sex cuz I won't get any disease or drama... man how times change.
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      Re: Have you ever been caught masturbating?

      Mon, September 7, 2009 - 4:08 AM
      Never seen but maybe heard?
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        Re: Have you ever been caught masturbating?

        Mon, September 7, 2009 - 4:13 AM
        My mother came across some boxes of "porno" then she said "you've been masturbayyyyting!"


        Bishop: Do you have any problem with masterbation?
        Youth: Well, Bishop, if it is problems I have you are after I could list 20 or so but masterbation isn't one of them.
        • Re: Have you ever been caught masturbating?

          Mon, September 7, 2009 - 5:26 AM
          Stacy, I'd love to watch. Always wanted to watch a woman masturbate, not a porn movie but a real woman really jillin. That would be so very erotic. It would be exciting to experience mutual masturbation. she watches me while I watch her.
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            Re: Have you ever been caught masturbating?

            Mon, September 7, 2009 - 9:11 PM

            You mean to tell me you haven't seen a woman masturbate in real life darlin?........ You can watch me any day... I 'm a self pleasin pro......... I love watching men masturbate as well... very very very hot... a lot of men i've been with have been a little shy when it comes to masturbating for me... maybe because of similar stories to what we've read above... regardless, I have to admit, major turn on for me.. Get me all hot and bothered then stand up, leave me on the bed alone, sloooooowly unbuckle your belt, unbutton, unzip your pants... take it out and stroke it while you watch me lie there.. naked, legs open...waiting for you... oooooooooooohhhhhhhh don't get me started.............
            • Re: Have you ever been caught masturbating?

              Tue, September 8, 2009 - 5:20 AM
              Stacy, that was hot. I have no problems masturbating in front of a woman, because she knows I am thinking about her as she is lying on the bed naked. My best mutual masturbation was a few years ago when a new gf and I started dating. We met through an online sex site so we knew about each other's interests. We felt it best to start out slow. Our first date went like this: We went out to dinner. We went back to her place and watched a spanking movie, we are both very much into spanking. I gave her a good spanking. We got naked and sat in comfortable chairs opposite each other and watched each other do it. It was so fucking hot, I held out as long as I could but came almost instantly when she told me that she thought about me fucking her ass.
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    Mon, September 14, 2009 - 1:23 AM
    Yes. The first time was a college roomate who walked in and I was on the floor finishing, he closed the door and yelled "hurry up" and waited outside. The odd thing is my new roomate this year. We set some talk earlier, and he said "I don't care when you do it" He came back to the apartment and walked into the one bedroom we have (we use living room as second) and I was laying there whacking it. I turned sideways a bit and said "oops, sorry". He then just got a jacket out of the closest and said "I told you I don't care". He even asked me a question or two about some keys, then called his girlfriend to check on dinner times! I just kinda kept stroking on the side and finished when he left. It was weird, because in some way it turned me on that another guy was watching me ( i am not gay). Then 2 days ago, my roommate came home again, and I was in the bedroom with a vid going on my lap top, pretty close to finish, with a headset in. He popped his head in the door, and I was watching the screen, he just said "yeah- get it, get it" I tuned to him and kind of laughed, and said "well, since you dont care- I am gonna He then asked me about where the keys were and I pointed down tot he pants on the floor. He leaned over and asked what porn I was watching! I felt a little awkward, but continued. He left. I was about to cum, when he walked back in to grab the notes he had left at the phone. He just said "just don't cum while I am here" laughing he left. I exploded right there, and he could hear the he mumbled "Get it"

    Does anyone else, straight, get turned on by being watched?
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      Re: Have you ever been caught masturbating?

      Mon, September 14, 2009 - 5:50 AM
      <<Does anyone else, straight, get turned on by being watched? >>

      Only by a chick watching. I'd have a lot of problem with a guy casually popping his head in and asking arcane questions, acting like there's nuttin' much going on.
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    Sat, October 31, 2009 - 7:01 AM
    i was about 15 years old. I was in the the garden shed that i used as a workout room doing weights. after my workout i pulled out my folder that i hid in the roof with all my porn in. i latched the door, and lay my towl down on the ground. i took off my t-shirt, shorts and underpants and lay naked on my towl on the floor. i put on my headphones and pressed play on my walkman. i started playing with my balls and cock with one hand while i paged through the pages of naked men. I pumped my cock harder and harder as i felt a build of tension grow in my balls. i was building to a big finish when i noticed that the room was suddenly alot brighter. i was beating away furiously when i suddenly felt the shed door brush past leg. i looked up at the door and there was by older step brother and 2 of his friends. before i could realise what was happening i began to spew cum and spasm in extacy.
  • Re: Have you ever been caught masturbating?

    Thu, November 5, 2009 - 5:10 PM
    Yes a number of times in my youth plus a couple of times in later years.
    The first time was by a friends Auntie when I was staying over, she walked in on me in the toilet when I was getting to the money shot. I had my eyes closed fantasizing about her of all things and as I came I opened my eyes and she was standing there, God was I embarrassed I didn't know what to say or do. Thankfully she just smiled and withdrew leaving me to clean up, she caught me again a couple of weeks later, I have to admit I was rather hoping she would. I had a brief affair with her three years later, she told me then she'd had the urge to help out when she walked in on me back then.
    Another time I got caught at work by one of the guys, though he was looking over the partition between the toilets he did offer to do it for me :P
    I suppose I must be clumsy or an exhibitionist to get caught so many times, what am I saying I am an exhibitionist ;)
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    Re: Have you ever been caught masturbating?

    Sat, November 21, 2009 - 10:08 AM
    I was caught by a neighbor girl when I was 14 and she was 15. I was stroking my dick while looking at some pictures in a magazine when she popped into my room unannounced and stopped dead in her tracks. After she turned and left, she returned in a minute and sat beside me and asked if she could help and started unzipping my pants again. She jerked me for a while and had me take hold of my dick while she pulled off her jeans and panties and fingered her self. We both still enjoy each others company while masturbating and even give each other oral. She particularly enjoys having me pump my load in her mouth as she swallows. She is now married as am I, but we still get together 1 or 2 times a week to masturbate with each other as we have done for over 15 years. I also masturbate with my wife, who also has learned to enjoy self sex, 2-3 times a day
  • Re: Have you ever been caught masturbating?

    Sat, November 28, 2009 - 3:24 PM
    I guess I would say afterwards... I was feeling rather horny one late summer evening..and I decided to go for a drive. I went to the closest Seven Eleven and I bought a porn magazine...well I guess some type of horny Goddess had control of my cock at the time, because she was making it hard to drive...

    I pulled into a big park and I went to find a spot, where it was covered in trees and not too noticeable.. riiigghtttt... so I'm parking the car..moving my seat back and I pulled out the magazine...pulled down my pants and I went to wapping away. The car was rocking and moving back and forth...and I shot my load into my hand...I did what most guys do, when they've released their tension, I just laid back a bit. After a few minutes, I heard voices of kids towards my car, well it was too late to pull up my pants, so, I just put the car in gear, turned on the headlights and I slowly drove off, slowly. Sticky hand and all! So, the moral of this story? When your finished stroking off at the Playboy bunny of the month, pull your damned pants up!!! ;P LOL!

  • Re: Have you ever been caught masturbating?

    Thu, December 3, 2009 - 6:56 PM
    I was in my hippie bumming days when I was living in a one room loft apt. with a friend of mine. Was in the evening, thought I had some time to take care of business, and was blissfully doing just that with the help of some nice gangbang porn, when he suddenly showed up. He smiled, and tossed his hand aside and said he didn't care. He then got undressed and crawled into his own bed.

    We spent the rest of the evening watching my porn collection and masturbating together. Good times.
  • Re: Have you ever been caught masturbating?

    Thu, December 3, 2009 - 7:35 PM
    yes when I was like Grade 5. My window was open,just as I was about to cum, I caught a glimpse of my mom secretly staring at me. then there was when I was 5, i was so horny i pulled my panties down and just played with my pussy. I woke up and my nanny was staring at me, shocked, she said" Why are you naked?" hahahaha
  • Re: Have you ever been caught masturbating?

    Fri, December 4, 2009 - 1:02 PM
    OMGarsh I got caught several times. The first that I can remember, I was 13 and taking a shower in my bathroom. It had two doors near one end, one leading to the hall and another leading to my bedroom. My cousin Donna (age 11) needing to pee discovered the hall door locked so she decided to enter from my bedroom. The shower curtains were obscured plastic and she first thought that I had fallen in the shower so she ran up and yanked open the curtains. She saw everything with me sitting there engrossed yanking on my tallywhacker. As I heard the curtains open I looked up and saw her shocked face, I almost had a heart attack, and I was so close to cumming too. She freaked and ran out, but thank God she never said a word to anyone. The next evening, she approached me about it and asked if that is how a BOY DOES IT. I was never so embarassed in my life, and buried my face in my hands. She then said it was okay, she was just curious to know how a boy did that. So later that night I screwed up enough courage to invite her to come to my bedrrom late that night and watch me do it. She did and seemed to enjoy watching as well as feeling my semen with her finger tips. - The second time was at age 18 and I had gone camping, during the night I slipped off into the woods and found a spot that seemed to be secluded enough. So I removed my shorts and squawted down to take matters into my own hands. No sooner did I finish, stood up and turn around that I found myself face to face with a grown woman with my shorts in hand and the most shocked look on my face. She was grinning from ear to ear. all she said was; "Hi there!" "I see that you're one happy camper!" - The funniest was a few weeks after my vasectomy I had to return to the doctor's office and make a deposite of semen. There I was after signing in a few minutes later and the idiot receptionist announced to the entire waiting room; "Mr. Smith, everything is ready for you to give us your semen sample!" Oh my God, it was one of those humiliating moments of my life. As I crawled through the door form the waiting room, it occured to me just how to respond. I then said with a loud voice; "So are you going to be assisting me again by giving me a handjob like you did the last time?" ...... The look on her face was priceless!...... She jumped up and ran out of the office. A few minutes later I heard a knock on the door, it was one of the doctors. So I esplained to him what she said in the first place.
  • Re: Have you ever been caught masturbating?

    Thu, December 10, 2009 - 2:24 PM
    When I was younger, I had a few interested run-ins with others. I wasn't actually caught much, even though I did it ALOT.
    I don't masturbate much anymore as an adult just because I'm a bit too "all or nothing" when it comes to sex.
    One of my favorite things to do was to take the head off the shower hose and use the highpowered water jet. One time doing that in the bath, someone knocked on the door and asked "Are you okay? I thought I heard something?"
    After that I made every effort to be as quiet as possible.

    I very rarely did it when others were home. Sometimes I would go in my room and pretend to "change clothes" so I had my door locked.
    The previous post about grinding on couch arm rests -- those were one of my favorites, as well -- BUT only when no one was home!
    Stuffed animals were also good for that. I was almost caught doing that once -- Just as I was really getting going and feeling myself about to cum, I was maaaybe 9 at the time?, I heard the door to my room start opening, so I said "hey i'm in here!" and threw the toy in the closet. That was another "i'm changing clothes" moment. =p

    I think you're taking a good stance on it, Jeffro. I would just ask her to do it in her room because it can be a "distraction" to other people. Not that it's bad, just distracting.
    • Re: Have you ever been caught masturbating?

      Thu, December 10, 2009 - 2:30 PM
      Oh -- other instances of "run-ins"
      My breasts developed fairly early, I had them before anyone else in my class (which isn't a particularly GOOD thing at that age, really). But I found them really interesting. I was caught by my grandmother playing with them in the den. I thought I was hidden fairly well, but I wasn't. She jus tlooked at me and I jerked my shirt back down and we pretended like it never happened.

      I used to draw alot of erotic pictures, too, and I saved them in a bag that i put in a box under my bed. One day I went to get them out and look at them and maybe do more drawings, and hey were gone. I have no idea who found them and threw them away. Or if they kept them.
      THAT was embarassing, because I had no idea who it might've been.
  • Re: Have you ever been caught masturbating?

    Tue, May 18, 2010 - 4:34 AM
    I've been caught two times in my life, but all when I was really little. For the first time I was caught when I was 6 and I was on my sofa! My mom noticed me passing by and started yelling at me. She said that the state was going to take me away and put me in foster care if I kept doing that, can you imagine that bullshit? Of course, I didn't believe her.
    Now I'm grown up, but several years ago I almost got caught, because my mom has a awful manner not to knock when she comes in my room. Luckily, I had JUST finished all my sexperiments and I just pretended I was asleep. =)
  • Re: Have you ever been caught masturbating?

    Sun, June 13, 2010 - 10:39 AM
    When I was a kid, yeah. Once by our maid (always came over on Sundays). She "caught" me in my room. It was a long time ago, obviously, but I probably had the door open on purpose. I was in a stage where I got a thrill out of exposing myself. I remember her stopping, looking and then she just walked away. We never talked about it. The other one involved my Mom, but that's a long story.

    It wouldn't happen now because I'd lock every single door in sight.
  • Re: Have you ever been caught masturbating?

    Wed, October 31, 2012 - 12:23 PM
    Yeah. I got caught by my mom, who didn't say much other than I should know better than to play with myself, especially without locking my bedroom door. However, later that night after dinner I was confronted by my Dad about what Mom had caught me doing, and told me that masturbation would not be tolerated in his house. He then pulled down my pants, turned me over his knee, and gave me a bare bottom spanking with his big wooden hairbrush while lecturing me about what happens to boys who can't control their filthy urges.
    • Re: Have you ever been caught masturbating?

      Sun, November 4, 2012 - 3:33 PM
      Oh a few times, and at boarding school the whole dorm was often doing it all at the same time - quite a racket!!! - Later, my female partners luckily found it stimulating, and took over, very handy!

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