Bi Gu (Celestial Sustenance)

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Bi Gu is an ancient Taoist method of absorbing Universal Energy, or Qi, from the environment, while lessening consumption of solid food by degrees.

The practice is simple:
1. Eat only when you are hungry & only until you are satiated.
3. Eat what you are used to eating, but with smaller portions and transition to a purer diet.
3. Pray for the blessing of all food and drink for yourself and others.

The benefits of Bi Gu include: better health, wisdom, intelligence, energy, and spiritual awareness.

While practicing Bi Gu, drink plenty of water when thirsty, and eat a healthy diet of organic fruits, vegetables, and other nourishing foods. Lessen consumption of meat, grains, refined/processed foods, and toxins.

In Tian Gong, Bi Gu is translated as Celestial Sustenance. RSS Feed what is XML?

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