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I've always been a total homo, and never even attempted sex with women growing up. But lately the idea of fucking pussy really gets me boned. Especially some tight incest pussy... Fantasies that include her dad or uncle or brother plowing her butthole at the same time I'm in her pussy, or even just watching me with her, get me off so hard. I don't know if this qualifies me as "bi-curious" or what. Maybe it's just the taboo, hedonistic, or transgressive nature of the idea that turns me on. Are there any other pussy-curious gay guys who can relate, or am I just a perv? Of course many gay guys do experience sex with women during their youth as they figure themselves out... Maybe I just missed out.
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    Sun, October 6, 2013 - 1:03 AM
    Hi Tommer

    I think what you're experiencing is perfectly normal, but probably rarely mentioned. As you get older your sexual tastes change and, as human beings, it's only undestand that you may be attracted to new things.

    The fact that your "new things" include a tight incest puss is just part of the mix - good for you man!

    Many guys who have been str8 all their lives start being attracted to cock in later life, be it younger, older, incest related or not. As a 50 yea old man I have certainly found this recently with the number (and type) of guys that have contacted me. Sadly non of them have been offering a group session with their sons. ;-)

    So, personally, I would call you bi-curious at the moment... but as the winds change, so may your tastes. Enjoy what you are into at the time - whatever is is and whyever you are into it!

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