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moderated - created 09/22/06
Do you love leather? Do d-rings make you happy? Can't get enough of the feel of silk and latex against your skin? Does the word "hardware" conjure up all manner of kinky thoughts?

If so, then come on in. blak|opal is my new line of fetish / bdsm clothing and toys ... custom, hand-made, one-of-a-kind fun and sexy pieces. think: fetish-art that is designed to be worn and used for the purpose of giving pleasure. this tribe is where i'll be sharing sketches and photos of what i'm working on, and occasionally offer up things for sale as i finish them. it will also be a place to discuss fun fetishes, and share links and images of things you and others have been creating. afterall, if i don't know what you like, how can i create things that you will enjoy? feel free to share your thoughts, and ideas freely. This is an open, positive, loving community. Respect others ... play nice ;) RSS Feed what is XML?
new item: Gauntlets  topic
new item: Fitted Furry Playa Coat  topic
Things for Sale in Etsy Store  topic
catalog of styles on my home page  topic
Blak Opal sketchbook online  topic
men's black corset with red silk lining  topic
Big cuddly red-black furry coat  photo flag
the finished Men's Corset  photo flag
men's black corset with red silk lining  photo flag
Beaded-Embroidered Vintage Silk Kimono playa frock  photo flag
Gray Furry-Sleve Fitted Coat  photo flag
Orange Creme Kitten Fur Coat  photo flag
Fitted Furry Playa Coat - open  photo flag
fitted Furry Playa Coat - back  photo flag
fitted Furry Playa Coat - closed  photo flag
reversible brocade-fur coat  photo flag
Side-lace Gauntlets for the DC  photo flag
Side-lace Gauntlets  photo flag
The Duster Corset makes it's debut  topic
men's kilt ... ready to take orders!  topic
valentines party dress  topic
etsy shop set up  topic
resources online  topic
liquid latex  topic
playa and halloween outfit pics  topic

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