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This is a tribe for people interested in cognitive science and brain matters who appreciate vigorous discussion about how cognition works, neurobiology, social and cultural issues related to how our brains work, and so on. Discussions of spirituality and the brain are welcome, with the caveat that they should be undertaken from a scientific perspective not a religious one (there are plenty of groups on tribe dedicated to religion and spirituality where one can discuss spirituality and the brain from a religious or spiritual perspective or promote bogus concepts like "alternative science" so common in new age circles). Vigorous discussion and debate about scientific evidence is encouraged, as are relating personal experiences and theories (with the understanding that a personal experience doesn't count as any form of reliable or objective evidence).With all due respect to everyone's right to do what they will with their own mind and life - or to be who they naturally are - this isn't a tribe for everyone so please don't ask to join if you believe you're a telepathic energy healer with magical powers or want to argue against the scientific method as a valid means of better understanding our world. (Discussion of the scientific method, biases and how good a study actually is are legit.) Tribe has numerous tribes that don't discern between science and pseudoscience. This tribe was created explicitly to focus on science and avoid spamming and trolling by people who profit from promoting pseudoscience (some gurus, all vitamin and supplement marketers, chiropractors/naturopaths and the various other sources that try to distort science for personal gain or through ignorance/innocence). RSS Feed what is XML?

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