Brethren of Botany Bay

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Brethren of Botany Bay are the newest pirate re-enactment and stunt group in Nor Cal! Brethren of Botany Bay specializes in presenting the people and events of the Barbary Coast, during this savage, romantic, and adventurous time known as the Golden Age of Piracy.

Our activities include costume, accent, acting, stunt performance, black powder and swordsmanship workshops, pirate movie marathons, tavern and beach parties, sea battles complete with cannon fire, pirate balls and banquets, private parties, and renaissance and tall ship festival encampments.

Today, when the events, ideas and passions of these times seem increasingly distant, Brethren of Botany Bay brings these people and their age vividly to life through a historically accurate costuming, proper accents, and strict and safety oriented training in both swordsmanship and black powder firing.

In this Guild you will learn all the aspects of basic stunt work, from stage combat to partial burn. Safety is the most important factor in this guild. You will be introduced to the stunt safety side first. RSS Feed what is XML?

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