Does most of cuck sperm end up down the toilet..?

topic posted Tue, September 18, 2012 - 9:13 AM by  kept_husband
Just wondering what happens to cuckold sperm, I guess most gets flushed down the toilet.
  • As a sub white boy oral slave, i think if a white cuck hasn't been castrated by his Wife (eliminating sex altogether) then he should be locked in a chastity cock cage and let out only 2 or 3 times a year for a thorough cleaning and to be allowed to either (1) ejaculate manually (masturbation) into a goblet, or (2) milked empty by prostate massage, which carries no or very little sexual enjoyment, into a goblet. In either case, he should then be forced to drink his own semen. Or if you like, you could make the cuck ejaculate directly into the toilet and YOU can flush the semen him who is in charge of his breeding powers. Even better, let the cuck watch you as you fuck one of your Black lovers, and then allow him to ejaculate into a condom ONLY as he is cleaning your lover's cum out of your cream filled pussy...but again, let him see what you do with his seed...flush it or toss it in the garbage. You have to let him know who is in charge and what you think of his semen...his so-called "manhood."

    It's important to empty the seminal vessels periodically just for good health, and if you don't (assuming he's still got his balls and is in long-term chastity) his little dick will start dribbling and oozing cum. If you like seeing your cuck in long-term chastity and oozing dribbles of cum, and you really don't care if he is comfortable and in good genital health, then DON'T unlock him, just let him stay that way, for YEARS if you want to, but periodic ejaculation is good for a chastised male.

    And for the truly wicked Domme Women out there, i will tell You this little male anatomy secret so You can humiliate Your cuck with: If You milk his prostate very thoroughly (gloved hand or probe device) and empty ALL, EVERY SINGLE BIT of his pent-up semen, You can have great fun by telling him that he now has an hour (or 2 hours...or even 8 hours) to jack off as much as he would like, it's Your "gift" to him. Invite your friends and lovers over to watch...if You have done a thorough job of emptying his seminal vessels, he will NOT be able to ejaculate, no matter how hard he tries and no matter how much stimulation You give, letting him lick Your pussy, or suck cocks, NOTHING will come out, it's physically impossible, and it is VERY frustrating for a cuck who has been well milked. There is very little, almost NO sexual release from milking, and some find it a little painful, so he will be eager to ejaculate and have a climax...but it won't be possible after a good milking. Then You can tell him, "OK, sorry time's up...back into your little cock cage, cuckie."
  • When the wife and her bull release me from chastity, she rewards me with a hand job while i'm standing over the toilet. When i ejaculate my sperm into the toilet, her bull pisses on it and then she flushes it down. They say the sewer is the best place for my inferior sperm.
  • ABSOLUTELY!!! That is the only acceptable place for worthless white sperm to go! Everytime i cum it goes straight in the toilet where it gets pissed on then flushed down the drain. it keeps me in check by reminding me that my sperm is useless, unwanted and it deserves to die in bath of crap.
  • Re: Does most of cuck sperm end up down the toilet..?

    Thu, December 11, 2014 - 10:54 AM
    Another thing that a Wife could do is allow the cuck hubby to ejaculate onto a plate and then pour either bleach, vinegar, or alcohol all over the semen. It will kill all the sperm which can number in the millions in just one load. Each time You do this be sure to point out that his"boys" (the sperm) cells are being killed and THEN flush them down the commode. Very humiliating.
  • I had a vasectomy last December, after you have it done youre still fertile for about 20ish ejaculations. i was made to dump the rest of my remaining live cum into the toilet until i was officially sterile. super humiliating but i loved every minute of it!
  • i had another wicked thought about this: why not force Your cuckold hubby to ejaculate or be milked onto a plug-in hot plateso he can see and hear and smell his sperm being fried in front of him? And if his little peepee gets too close to the hot plate he will have a memorable and painful booboo on his weewee for several days. Ladies, what do you all think?

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