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READ BEFORE REQUESTING TO JOIN! THIS IS NOT A CHILD PORN PIC TRIBE! This tribe is For ADULTS of legal age who enjoy role-playing, fantasizing, have had or are having a consensual sexual incest relationship with their Biological Brother(s) of legal age. I have never understood someone wanting to join a tribe that is all about pics, yet think it's OK for them to just have that ? over a silhouette on their profile! Well, it's not OK in my tribes!

* You must have a pic on your profile to join! If you look through all of the members on every tribe I moderate, you will not find a ? over a silhouette! The majority of them had the balls (Some lips) to post a pic of their face. However, I don't care if it's a pic of a paper bag, as long as you have a pic. If you can't bother to post a pic on your own profile, I don't see how I can bother with you to participate in this tribe!

* I don't care if you have 1,000 friends without a pic on your profile, this isn't the lamest site on the web....Facebook! I don't care if you have any at all like other moderators. Just have a pic, and some basic info. in your profile.

* There is no reason for you to join this tribe unless you plan to participate in it, seriously! I don't care how many members my tribes have, it's not a contest. I would rather people join because they want to participate in the tribe. Otherwise, just bookmark the page and be a "Looky Loo" that's fine.

* No cartoons, drawings, jokes, photo-shopped or pics the size of a postage stamp!

* If I have to keep wasting my time deleting the duplicate pics you posted 2 or more times, especially when they are right next to each other on the same page (You did it, you can't see that and delete one yourself?) or within pages from each other, I'll delete them....Then you! Pay attention to what you post!

* If you are posting a series of a scene, post them in order! No one likes to see the end of anything before the beginning! To do that, post the end pic first, then so on to the beginning pic. It will show up in order.

* Please just use your own judgement when posting pics with age in mind. What you post is your business, and your consequences. But If the pic is just too squeamish as far as being too young, and makes me put my hand over my mouth and gasp....I will remove it. I do want you to post what you want on this tribe, and feel free to do so. We all know that everything posted here whether pics or stories are:

* Computer generated, and are only intended to stimulate discussion and fantasies. Therefore, all stories and pics are considered pure fantasy, and covered by the "creative endeavors" clause under the Supreme Court's rulings. Which makes them "expression" not actual.

* It also says Biological Brother. That means Real Brother. So if you are going to post a pic just because it's two guys of similar age, or even if one is older/younger, they will also be removed if they are clearly not Biological Brothers or at least close enough to pass as brothers. This site is going to stay true to it's name, topics, and pics posted. Real, not Fake! An Asian with a Caucasian are clearly not Biological Brothers! Stepbrothers and adopted brothers are not....BIOLOGICAL!

* All in all, I just want this tribe to stay true to what it was intended for....Real (Biological) Brother Lovers. No other nonsense, fakes, games or attitudes.

* Please don't ever hesitate to message me. I do moderate, and I do respond to messages and requests to join in a timely manner. If you are denied, it's because you didn't read! Don't know why I put that....They obviously didn't make it this far!

* Most importantly......Enjoy!

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