During spring break I lost my cherry to my brother....

I had been looking forward all year on our spring break in Puerto Vallarta. Our parents were not so enthusiastic. My twin brother Joey and I shared a room. All day we were on the beach, drinking beer and dancing in the sand. Towards evening I got a little dizzy, and Joey took me to our room. He thought a shower would do me good. I had problems to come out of my shorts, and to find the shower. Joey had to laugh at me. He said he would help me. Suddenly he stood with me in the shower. Naked. He took the shower gel and started soaping me. I was instantly sober when I felt his hot hands on my back. Then at my sides, on my thighs and my butt. "You're full of sand," he said. Then I felt his finger in my ass crack. I gasped as he touched my most intimate place. My dick was hard as steel. Joey was still closer to me and pulled me from the back to his chest. His hard cock was right in my ass crack. Tenderly, he began to kiss my neck. "You're so beautiful," he moaned into my ear. "I want this for so long. Please, do not say no." I turned my head and we kissed for the first time. Joey's hands roamed over my chest down. Tenderly, he began to stroke my dick. We left the shower and fell on our bed. That night I lost my cherry to my brother. We spent the whole weekend in our room. We are so in love.
posted by Joseph on Tuesday, April 24, 2012 - link to this photo

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Thu, March 28, 2013 - 11:59 PM
Wooof its so hot

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