First time with my older brother

The last Christmas I spent with my older brother and his family. My brother often works at night, so he sleeps during the day. One day I wanted to get something out of my room when I noticed that his bedroom door was not completely closed.

He was sleeping naked on his sofa. He was asleep with his legs wide opened, two meters from me and I could see everything! I was instantly rock hard. Carefully I pulled my cock out of my pants and started to masturbate. It did not take long and I squirted a huge load of cum into my other hand. I just wanted to wipe on my pants when my brother whispered hoarsely: "Stop it! Give it to me". Stunned, I stared at my brother. He stared back, and slowly began to jerk off his big cock. "Give it to me," he said again. I went to him, and held out my cummy hand. He grabbed my wrist and forced me to touch his cock with it. Now I understood what he wanted. He wanted jerking off with my sperm as a lube. What a slut!

It did not take long and his sperm mingled with mine. He pointed a finger at his slimy cock and ordered: "Lick it Clean, little brother". I immediately went to my knees and went to his command. When I finished he said, "Now get out of here... I have to sleep!"Since that day my brother regularly use me! I love him so much
posted by Joseph on Tuesday, October 9, 2012 - link to this photo

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Mon, October 15, 2012 - 10:39 PM
Wooof. that is a great storry

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