My brother and my 2nd time

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I was bathing with him. As I was washing him i couldnt stop looking at his perfect pink hole. I moved him around so i could lick it. he just bent over and sortof moaned as i tounged his hole. I said fuck it i wanna put my dick in him. i ate his ass for a lil while. and used the spit to slide just the head inside. I have never felt anything so warm, and tight. Even with just the head in it didnt take long at all until i came inside him. after i was finished cumming, i leaned him forward so i could watch my cum oozing out of him.. i swear even now it makes my cock rock hard remembering what it looked like. after it all oozed out i washed him and carried him to bed and we went to sleep. also made it hot our parents were just in the next room heheheheh
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    Mon, November 5, 2012 - 2:34 PM
    So did you ever have your brother fuck you? Did he like the sex with you? I always wanted a brother with whom I could play, but mom never had more than a boy and a girl. I never even got to play with cousins as is often talked about, we lived too far away from any of them...
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    Fri, November 9, 2012 - 7:41 PM
    totally hot recollection. That memory would stay in your mind forever..seeing his pink hole..doesn't sound like he made a lot of noise when you put your cock inside him..tight enough...and sleeping with him afterwards would have been wonderful.

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