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Hey Fellas,

It started the summer after my parent's divorce. My brother started initiating wrestling matches with me but there obvious sexual tension and a hidden agenda. Each night it progressed until finally he grabbed hold of my rock hard boner and we went at it. For years after, we would sneak around to fuck, suck, and make out wherever we could; the garage, alley ways, the car at night. At one point, we had to share the queen-sized in my room while a relative was staying with us ---that was the best. Every night I'd crawl under the comforter to find him naked with a pulsating erection and we would pleasure each other. Eventually, my athletic, macho brother found a girlfriend and called it off. Although I found a girlfriend too, I always felt shameful about it and even more so that I still fantasize about it till this day as well as dad/son relationships. Thanks to everyone on this site. I realize I'm not alone and feel it's completely normal and HOT! It's crazy to think how many others have experienced this and refuse to talk about it, embrace it, choosing to live in shame. Thanks for the stories and the community. Would love to share and swap stories with anyone interested. about some of the hottest sex I ever had...
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  • Yeah I shag my younger step brother when I was living at home, he too adventually got a girlfriend and married as for me I too got a girlfriend and found out sucking and shagging guys was better.
    • As I've mentioned on other posts, my father and I were involved sexually from the time I was 13 until I left for college, and I was never with anyone else during those years, male or female, though I got to second and third base with a few girls. I had sex with my first college girlfriend within about 2 months of starting my freshman year, and pretty stuck with girls throughout college - though had a few drunken "frat boy" type of sessions - until I met my wife, and I was only with her until I was about 35 and started messing around with guys at my gym.

      I'm not sure I necessarily like sex with either men or women better than the other, but I enjoy both. I guess for me they are too different to compare. That said, having had sex with both my father and 1 of my son's (and he was of age when it happened), there is nothing more sensual than sharing that experience with a man you love that much.
  • great story man and much appreciated.

    I actually grew up playing with my brother (hes 13 months older). we probably started when i was 5 or 6 and lasted until i moved out at 18. of course with us so young...i could hardly call it sex of any kinda..more like use exploring together. Once he started middle school, things became more like actual sex, and he taught me a lot of what i know able vanilla sex.
    I've told a few guys how i grew up learning about sex and they freak. but come on, i learned the best way...slow and lots of fun! ;) plus taught by a guy who genuinely cares about me (a nice bonus)
  • I feel much the same. Wasn't a brother but a kid that I was raised with. He initiated sexual play when we were very young. As we got older, things progressed with a lot of wrestling. Remember All Star Wrestling in the 70's. We'd watch it on television and strip to our briefs in the privacy of our bedroom to reenact what we saw on television. We'd both have hardons before we got our pants off. Eventually, we started removing our briefs and going at it. Although we never fucked (had no idea that a guy would enjoy getting fucked in the ass back then), we got each other off in various ways. By high school, we both found girls but it was never quite as exciting for me. I don't have any gay characteristics so it's difficult for me to think that I'm truly gay but I no longer feel guilty about getting hard and playing with other masculine guys.
    • You get to define you. Unfortunately, the media and society in general teaches guys that to be gay means to be the "other," which is like a woman. Knowing that you can experience pleasure in many ways and/or having emotional feelings for other guys does not, however, mean that you have to be woman-like. I think you just have more sense than a lot of other guys--you haven't been convinced that because you had fun with a guy (could still have fun with guys) that you have to perform the character of "gay man." Good for you. I'm a man. Period. Sounds like you are, too:)
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    13 year old twins, hormones running, taunting, teasing

    and daring each other

    Let’s face it, at 13 all you know is boners pop up at the strangest times, and often.

    Here is a story about twin boys, 13 and crazy in their not knowing what is going on in their bodies.

    Wayne seems more assertive, daring, curious.

    Dan, is more the introvert of the two.

    They see girls and they spring woodies, they overhear older guys talking, mostly unfounded conquests and they bone up. They spend the better part of going to bed times and playing with themselves, no goal or purpose in sight just enjoying an unknown pleasant feeling.

    Both of them good kids, no trouble in school, or at home.

    It is a loving family, emotion is openly displayed between Mom and Dad and the boys with their parents, They are a loving family, Mom and Dad are open about affection towards not only each other but to the boys. Dad freer with his emotions than Mom is. Mom is one of those women who children don’t kiss on the lips. Dad likes kisses on the lips, from the kids and from his wife. Though the wife’s kisses often involve tonguing.

    Kisses and hugs are a morning and good night ritual.

    Dad is usually in his recliner at night and before going to bed the boys kiss Mom on the cheek, and on their way up to their room it’s a stop beside the recliner for Dad’s kisses, Dad usually grabs the boys, pulls them on top of him for his kiss, then it’s tussle and tumble wrestling, the boys and Dad both love it. The have bonded well. Sometimes the boys end up toe to head with their dad, its great fun, Dad loves grabbing the boy’s butts, it’s all innocent.

    The boys discovered night shirts from watching Little House on the Prairie, and not only had to have them but got them.

    Up in their room it was a matter of undressing totally and slipping into their night shirts.

    One night after a very vigorous workout with their Dad before their good night kiss. Wayne pointed out that Dan had a boner; he noticed it when Dan was slipping the night shirt over his head. Dan’s hand covered the tent in his[D1] nightshirt

    “What are you hiding for Dan, I get them too, see” Wayne lifted his shirt to show Dan. Dan was a bit fascinated by the small uncut 2 incher, his brother was showing off with great pride.

    “Yeah, I guess it’s ok, I just didn’t know you got them too.”

    “I still haven’t figured out why, but it feels good when I touch it. I know your’s feels good to you too, cuz I can hear you playing with it after we shut the lights out. Will you show it to me Dan?”

    “That’s kind of queer don’t you think?”

    “Are you calling me queer cuz mine is out in the open[D2] ? I don’t want to touch it or nothing, just a look.”

    Dan reluctantly lifted his shirt and showed off his hard on.

    Dan was please when he heard Wayne say that Dan’s was bigger.

    The following Saturday they went to the mall and did a little shopping with money that their mother gave them to get them out of the house.

    They sat down on a bench and were looking at all the girls and talking about how pretty they were and how they were getting boners just looking.

    They took their treasures out of their bags and focused on them. That seemed to cure the boner situation. That was until Wayne said that he could give Dan a boner right there.

    Dan was surprised to say the least.

    “And just how would you do that, you couldn’t.”

    “Wanna bet?”

    “Yeah what’s the bet.”

    “If you get a hard on when I touch your leg you have to buy us both ice creams.”

    “So what if I don’t what is your side of the bet?”

    “Well, let’s see, if I lose how about me doing all your chores around the house, and all your homework. “

    “OK but you can’t make me bone up.”

    “Sure I can, you just put those bags in your lap and I will reach under and touch your leg, cuz if I do touch you, I know you will get a boner.”

    “What are you fucking crazy, right here in the mall, someone will see you do that.”

    “OK chicken. Not here but sometime, ok?”


    Wayne changed the subject.

    “Hey lets go look at those sunglasses.”

    So off they went. After looking for a while Wayne said he had to take a wicked piss and they headed to the men’s room.

    They stood side by side at the urinals even though no one else was there, and there were plenty of empty ones.

    “Wow, I sure needed that!” one of them said as the piss hit the porcelain.

    “You sure do piss a lot Dan, I guess it’s cuz you have a bigger dick than me, huh?”

    Dan was getting all puffed up, his brother thought he had a bigger dick. It was just the distraction Wayne needed. Wayne reached over pushed his hand into the open fly of his brothers jeans and touched his leg. Dan really puffed up then.

    “No fair, you touched my dick.”

    They argued a bit, with the you did, I didn’t fight.

    “Well who cares, you owe me an ice-cream. Let’s go.”

    Dan, distracted again, managed to get his plumped up dick back into his jeans and with Wayne leading the way they were off.

    There was a big line at the ice cream store, and Wayne was standing right in front of Dan. Wayne was holding the bags.

    “Well get the money out an I’ll get the ice cream.”

    Wayne pushed himself back against Dan, and kind of butt rubbed Dan’s crotch. He knew it, but blamed the lady in front of him for pushing him. Dan took out his money and gave it to Wayne, Wayne handed Dan the packages.

    In the exchanges, Wayne dropped the money. And bent over to pick it up. On Wayne’s way up he deliberately ran his hand up the inside of Dan’s leg. Dan was getting a bit of a boner from the bumping Wayne had done, and now he was full blown hard.

    Dan gasped and blurted out.

    “I’ll get us a table.” And he was off.

    Wayne smiled to himself and got their ice creams and walked over to the table Dan had secured.

    “What’s the matter with you Dan, you’re all red and sweaty.”

    “Ah, well ah… You know when you did that thing in line.”

    “What thing?

    “You know pushing into me and then doing that thing with your hand?”

    “AWWW come on that was just funin.”

    ‘Yeah well it made me well you know. You know that feeling we get under the covers when we play with our things. And how at the end we get all tingly and shaky and then kind of weak?”

    “Yeah what has that got to do with anything?”

    Wayne was pushing Dan, and he was really enjoying it, he was all smiles inside.

    “Well, maybe I shouldn’t say.”

    “DUH??? Why not.”

    “It’s kind of embarrassing, but I got that same feeling in line.”

    “So, I made you bone twice. That’s cool, now you owe me again.”

    “What?, what do I owe you this time?”

    “Don’t know but I’ll think of something.”

    “We gotta get home now, so let’s go.”

    Mom and Dad were real festive when we got there.

    Mom said she and dad were going to a party at Larry and Beth’s house, (that’s like 40 miles from out house)

    Mom said she was going to call Priscillal and see if she would baby sit overnight..

    Shit Wayne heard overnight, and went postal in his mind

    Overnight man that would be trippy.

    “Dad, we’re old enough to take care of ourselves we’re getting too old for babysitters.

    “Yeah” Dan chimed in.

    After much time of pleading and explaining how responsible we were, Dad just nodded ok, Mom was more reluctant.

    “Honey, you know we are going to have to let them go out on their own eventually. And it isn’t like they are moving or anything. We can practice empty nesting and the boys can practice responsibility.”

    Then to the boys very sternly..” If anything happens I want you to go next door to Mr. Jones, and then he’ll know what to do, and then you call us right away at Beth’s house the number will be on the fridge.”

    “Don’t you boys disappoint us now, an treat each other responsibly.”

    “Sure” came out of both mouths at the same time.

    Wayne’s mind was running, now what can the pay-off be for the second lost bet?

    The folks left soon after. We took a pizza out of the freezer and baked it, sat down and watched TV. It was dull.

    “Wayne, let’s do something, we can’t do when they are here.”
    “OK, but remember you still owe me for the bet.”

    “Oh yeah I forgot about that. Let’s shower and get that part of the night over and then we can find something to do.” Dan said it quickly in hopes that it would be the distraction needed to keep from paying up. No matter what the payment was supposed to be. Showering done, night shirts on, and then back downstairs.

    “I have an idea” Dan said, “let’s try some of their booze and see what it is like. But we can take too much out of one bottle because then they would know.”

    “Dan I didn’t know you could be so twisted, and smart at the same time.”

    Glasses fetched and back to the den. Dan poured some Burbon into one of the glasses.

    “Here let’s both drink the same thing, we can split it and then pour some from another bottle and do the same.”

    “See that’s what I mean about being smart, I guess your brain is bigger than mine just like your dick is.”

    The seed planted, they drank from every bottle. Shitfaced little kids, knowing they were doing something sneaky and they were loving it.

    “I think we need to stop for a while, I’m getting drunk I think, but it sure is cool.”

    “Let’s go up to Mom and Dad’s room, the guys say every parent has some dirty books or movies and shit hidden away. Let’s see if we can find some..”

    “Before that, why don’t you pay up on the bet and we can get that over with.”

    “Shit I thought you would have forgotten by now, but like Dad says if you give your word you have to keep it.”

    “You know what Dan, I saw dad naked one morning, he was in the shower and I had to piss. I guess he didn’t know I was there and when I turned around after pissing he was out of the shower and drying his hair. I thought you had a big dick, wow you should see his, it’s like the size of my arm.”

    Excitedly Dan said, “really? You saw his cock? How big was it, did he have hair around it?” Dan was throwing a tent in the front of his night shirt.

    “Let’s get the bet over first and then I’ll tell you all about it.”

    Dan was unaware that he was fondling himself, but Wayne wasn’t.

    “The cost of the bet is that you have to take your night shirt off. And remember what Dad said about keeping your word.”

    “I don’t think I can right now.”

    “Sure you can, you think just because you have a woodie, that you cant be naked? Besides I REALLY (much emphasis on the word, so come on, pay up.”

    “Naw I don’t think so, maybe in a little while.”

    “No, it has to be now. Tell you what if you do it now I’ll even touch it for a while.”

    “You’re kidding, you would really do that. It would be so cool.”

    They were both sitting on the floor cross legged, which meant that their night shirts were up to their thighs. Wayne scooted his butt closer to his brother.

    Wayne scooted his butt closer to his brother.

    “You know Dan, when I did that thing to your leg it was fun . I liked doing that to you. Your leg was so hot, it was like on fire. I didn’t know if I could get all the way up it. It was a lot of fun for me. I know you don’t think I would touch it if you took your nightshirt off, so here goes. This will prove it to you.”

    Wayne slid his hand up the night shirt and held Danny’s cock and balls. Dan was frozen, excited at the feeling but frozen.

    “See, I told you I would do it. And if you do take your nightshirt off, I’ll do it like I said.”

    “OH Wayne you don’t know how good that feels. It feels good when I do it, but this is really wild.”

    “You know what if you asked me to, I would hold onto it while you take that off.”

    “No kidding? If you did that I would owe you big time.”

    “You just don’t get it do you Dan, you are always owing me.”

    Wayne got on his knees in front of his seated brother, and rubbed Dan’s cock for just a second. Dan rose up, and reached down to the hem of his nightshirt and pulled it over his head.

    “See, I told you I would.”

    Dan’s cock was right in Wayne’s face, it was a perfect cock. And it wasn’t any bigger than his own. A nice 3 incher, hard an bulging like was trying to get out of itself.

    “ This is kind of queer don’t you think Wayne? I mean it feels so good I wouldn’t care if it was queer.”

    In Wayne’s mind he suddenly realized what he wanted to do. And he said.

    “No Dan this would be queer.”

    “FUCK MAN !!! You’re right that would be queer. But on the other hand????? I am starting that tingle, Wayne it’s going to happen”

    Dan started trembling and shaking. “Don’t stop, please Wayne don’t stop.” And with that he started to topple.

    Wayne never stopped sucking, he had rashened it all out

    In his mind, he knew nothing was going to come out of the wonder cock, but he sucked like it was full of gold. Wayne knew at that moment he was queer. He would do this to Dan every chance he got.. Yeah he was queer but it was for his brother, so that made it not so bad. Wayne grabbed the firm teenaged butt, they were so perfect. Wayne was not only holding his brother UP but IN his face.

    The heavy breathing as spasms and Wayne was clutching that perfectly round bottom of his brother.

    Dan pulled out of that warm cavern and fell to his knees, face to face with his wonderful brother.

    “I want to do like Mom and Dad do!”

    Dan’s lips parted and he leaned in for a kiss. He held his brother’s head so tenderly but with a firm conviction of a deep kiss. Wayne fell into human instinct then, parted his lips and let his brother pull him to him. Tongues took over, the kiss seemed to go on forever. And when they broke, Wayne said.

    “Why did you do that, I mean it was fab, but why?”

    “I don’t know, it just seemed like the only way to thank you for that thing that you just did to me.”

    They stayed foreheads touching.

    “I don’t know what we should do now? Do you Dan?”

    “I don’t know about the sucking thing but will this work?”

    Dan reached down and took hold of his brother’s cock, through the material. Wayne fell back, like he was a belly dancer. His knees were as spread open as the fabric would allow. Dan’s hand was inside and up the night shirt.

    “Wait, wait.”

    Wayne righted himself pulled the nightshirt off and pulled his brother into the bathroom. He lay down, his hands holding his head upright and looking in the mirror, there were two naked boys in the mirror, one bent of the body of his brother. Now stroking Wayne’s cock.

    “FUCK DUDE, this is beautiful, look in the mirror and watch us.”

    Dan did, and stoked faster, then stopped and nestled he brother’s tender balls in hi hand. They had begun to drop for both of them. Dan knew he wasn’t ready to suck cock, but these, yeah he could do that. Both of them at the same time. Dan stuck his tongue out past his brothers balls and licked the “nether” spot. Wayne screamed, and yelled “watch the mirror it’s going to happen to me.”

    Dan watched the mirror and he knew, quickly Dan knew what brought his brother to this point. Dan had gone back to the spot just below his brother’s nuts and as Wayne twitched and shook, he pushed himself up by his feet, which put Dan’s tongue further back. Wayne rolled up to his upper back feet and legs in the air

    Dan contemplating what to do next, there wasn’t any options Wayne had grabbed Dan’s head and pulled his brother’s mouth to his hole. Without hesitation Dan continued to lick, yeah it was his brother’s asshole but so what? Dan wanted more and became ravenous about licking sucking pushing his tongue into the hole before him.

    His brother writhed about on the floor again. Wayne fell to the floor, exhausted.

    Dan was forced by position to stop his devouring.

    ”Well” Wayne said, “I cant give you the same surprise you gave me it would be each of us buying the other one the same sweater. So, I’d like you to turn around on your knees so that your butt is facing me.”

    “”There is no way that you are going to fuck my ass!”

    “That is a nice idea, but no. You’ll see it will be something that will please you, I promise.”

    Wayne shut out the lights and the room so dark, you really couldn’t see anything, literally anything.

    All of a sudden Dan felt warm hands on his feet, and because nothing could be seen it was really a strange feeling,, then to his calves, and thighs. Wayne bit at Dan’s butt, not hard just a nibble, it thrilled Dan. Then Dan felt his brother’s body lying on top of him. Dan could feel a stiff pecker poking against his butt. Dan didn’t say anything about it even though it did run through his mind, his brother said no, and so Dan believed.

    There was a nipping at the back of his neck, it felt funny but sexy, though he had no real concept of sexy. Hands moving down his sides to his waist, and under to his cock. Wow he thought, that was different than before when he was touched. Wayne found the muscle on Dan’s neck that led to his shoulder, and he bit it,, with more force than any of his other bites, Wayne kind of rippled the muscle, and Dan began moaning.

    “Bite it, bite it, it feels good when you do that.” Dan began pushing his butt against his brothers cock.

    “I thought you didn’t want to get fucked.”

    “ I thought I wouldn’t have to buy ice cream either.”

    Dan felt something wet moving down his spine and beyond. It was Wayne’s tongue.. into the crack of his ass, it reached his hole and Wayne began the same technique on Dan that Dan had employed .

    “Oh, God, is this what you felt, it’s fantastic!! Try to get your tongue inside me, like I did you.”

    Dan felt like a tongue wasn’t going to be enough.

    “Try putting your finger in there, it hurts a little but keep going, use your tongue again and then your finger some more.. I doesn’t hurt when you put your finger in there now, can we try getting two fingers in there? More tongue, I can feel my hole opening, more tongue, did you just put two fingers in there? Yeah you did. I said I didn’t want you to fuck me, but now I am not sure about that. Do you think you know how to fuck?”

    Wayne replied, “What can there be to it? I will have to spread your cheeks and then I will spit on my cock and make it slippery. Now I am going to push my cock into you, ready? I’ll go slow.”

    “Is it in? huh?”

    “Oh yeah and it feels fabulous everything around my dick is hot and wet and tight.

    “Wayne, could you pull out?”

    “Why is it hurting you?”

    “No, I want you to put the lights back on, I want to see if I can see it going in me.”

    “I don’t want to pull out, it feels too good.”

    “PLEASE I want to see the pleasure, I know I didn’t want it before but now it is different. It wasn’t supposed to feel this good was it?”

    Wayne pulled out.

    “Oh Wayne it feels so empty.”

    “just a minute”

    The lights came on and they tried every-way the could but Dan couldn't see it, oh he felt it, and it was wonderful, but he had to see it. Dan pulled off Wayne and Wayne almost cried. Dan got his mother’s hand mirror, and moved it around and told Wayne to do it again.

    “I can see it, I can see it, oh Wayne I can see your asshole when you pull back, I can see your balls too. This is too great.”

    The boys pumped back and forth one against the other. Until both of them shuddered and together they had their dry orgasm at the same time. They fell to the floor one atop the other and Dan twisted his head and asked for another Mom and Dad kiss. He got it, not as good as face on but a grownup kiss just the same, they fell into a deep sleep.
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    My older gay brother initiated me to the gay sex pleasures when i was about 15, and he was about 22.
    After that very first time for me, my brother kept using me as his cum whore for few years, and i have to admit...I LOVED IT!!!
    • my 10 years older brother fuck me on my 14 birthday.. from the beginning he use me as his and his friends cum whore. in the first year i had a lot of sexdates for money and i love this. the gay friends loves the incest and outside we never spoke .
      we have in the morning and night and need the sex-weekends in berlin.
      gay-incest shut be normal!
      (sorry, can`t speak english!)

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