Buddies jerking off together

public - created 02/03/08
A group for the guy, [straight, bi or gay] who has and still does like jerking off with a bud. RSS Feed what is XML?

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Jerk off bud finder  topic
chat/meet + looking for pics  topic
Interested in a j/o bud  topic
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undies, cum, voyeur  topic
online jerk off  topic
Slave_Ernst  photo flag
Manchester Ohio.  topic
OHIO Buddies, Pals, Brothers  topic
So Cal? (Orange County). Vegas?  topic
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Bi MEN NETWORK says: "NO! NEVER AGAIN to our ...  topic
BETA MU SOCIETY - the all new online social fra...  review
Bi Men Network and Beta Mu Society - both for b...  review
Jerk Off Instructions (JOI)  topic
FREE erotic sex stories for bi and gay men for ...  topic

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