Buddies jerking off together

public - created 02/03/08
A group for the guy, [straight, bi or gay] who has and still does like jerking off with a bud. RSS Feed what is XML?

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Genuine male bonding, camaraderie and mutual tr...  topic
-I-58.10.58 HE'S WATCHING THE MOVIE,, ME, I ...  photo flag
-i-57.26.527 GUYS THIS IS SO FUCKING DUMB,,IT'...  photo flag
-i-52.06.15 you're righ bro, it is good.jpg  photo flag
-I-52.05.56 LOOK HOW HARD HE'S BANGIN HER GOD,...  photo flag
!-I-90.25.59 WANNA TRY DOIN THIS TO EACH OTH...  photo flag
!-i-90.20.59 I never made anyone cum...that was...  photo flag
!-i-80.09.59 it's not like we're gonna tell ...  photo flag
!-I-70.07.59 no, it's cool man, I mean it.gif  photo flag
!-I-70.07.59 dont get me wrong, you dont hav...  photo flag
!-I-70.02.59 WELL WHAT U EXPECT U SAID DONT ...  photo flag
!-I- 90.01.59 STILL DONT KNOW WHY U WANT TO DO ...  photo flag
age  topic
Jerk off bud finder  topic
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Where's everyone from?  topic
buddies jerking off together grabbing his bulgi...  photo flag
Father & Son jerk off together all the time...  topic
Humping  topic
Edge to Hardcore Filth Porn and Sick and Twiste...  topic
I'd like to have a wank mate on skype  topic
Sydney West Baters  topic
How do you feel about your own semen?  topic
Jerking /Sucking off little boys  topic

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