Cheap winter clothes??

topic posted Wed, September 21, 2005 - 11:25 AM by  Sarah
So does anyone know of a good place to get inexpensive winter clothes...I refuse to buy acrylic sweaters (which is what most places like forever 21,etc sell) and jeans and pants seem to be higher priced....I guess I'm looking for fairly inexpensive clothing that isn't poor quality....oh and I need a good winter coat, any suggestions??
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SF Bay Area
  • Scour your thrift stores. A lot of the "in" fashions are actually replays of old fashions right now and the older stuff is usually made of wool rather than acrylic. I'm not sure if SF area has one that you can shop at but when I lived in SLO my best clothes shopping was done at a Goodwill Warehouse. The clothes were sold by the pound and I used to find lots of vintage stuff.
    • Stay tuned to friends who have good taste in clothes when they have clothing swaps or yardsales or are moving/travelling and trying to downsize.
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        The Goodwill off Filmore street has a lot of winter coats! I got this great maroon trench coat that's really soft and warm and it was Gap brand.. for six bucks!!!
        • Good call...Fillmore has the best second hand stores. The Crossroad there is also great. Hmmm, haven't been there in a while. Maybe I'll go there today.
          • Yeah, I think that Crossroads is my favorite second hand store in SF. They always have something that I want to buy.
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              I passed by there a week ago or so and they had the cutest faux fur shoulder wrap EVER! I only saw it from the window, so I don't know how much it was. I've never been in there before.
              • Crossroads is a little different than say, buffalo exchange. Crossroads is more into designer stuff, so you can find really high quality stuff for a fraction of the price. Buffalo exchange on the other hand takes things that aren;t neccessarily designer, so you can find some really funky and cool things sometimes.
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                  I'm more a Buffalo Exchange kinda girl... the best one of those is over in the Haight.

                  I'd like to go into Crossroads, but sometimes the sales people over here (I live like 2 blocks from Fillmore) can be really bitchy and unwelcoming... so I tend to keep away from certain places. Are the staff cool there?
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                    I haven't been in in a long time, but they should be nicer than the salespeople in the boutiques on Fillmore. It's like they can smell money and if you are just looking you don't get any help. Sometimes I go into places like that dressed really scummy and then I spend some money...rude sales people are the worst!!!
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                      I was thinking of you girls the other day, because I went to the Goodwill off Fillmore... nearly stopped off into Crossroads but just couldn't do it... ;)

                      Anyway... the stuff I found! Lots of name labled clothing this time. Everything from Ralph Lauren to Guess to Jones New York. It was so awesome!! For 40 bucks I bought 2 dresses, 5 blouses, a skirt and a pair of trousers! Rock!
                      • I'm definately going in there...I am totally broke and need some new stuff...
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                          You just have to weed through the bad stuff.. but I swear when I went it was like label stuff was falling into my hands... it was crazy good.
                          • you guys are totally convincing me to go back to thrift stores. back in nyc i got so tired of going into thrift stores that used to have great cheap clothes, and finding that they were charging way too much for clothes because of their "vintage" draw. It is such a drag to go into thrift stores and be faced with tons of pricey used clothes!
                            I love the excuse to go back and try my luck at the stores you mentioned.
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                              Ruthy!! I feel ya! I hate that too... it's like for a long time it wasn't cool to go to thrift stores.. then it became the in thing and the thrift people so knew it.

                              The Haight district is so guilty of that... my friend really liked this coat jacket.. had a lounge sorta look to it... worn as hell but still awesome... 35 bucks!!

                              I found a cool one over in the fillmore.. not quite as lounge but still that sort of iradesence the 50's jackets had.. 6 dollars!

                              I imagine in NY it's worse. :(
                              • so much worse it's scary. i've seen vintage jackets run for hundreds of dollars on Broadway. it should be a crime to even call it "thrift" at that point!
                                • Well if you ever want to go thrift store shopping, hit me up...I know lots of places from all over town.
                                  • awesome :) i might just have to do that!
                                    • I agree about the thrift stores...In my case not only i don't like acrylic but also i am picky about my pants. So often i find only what i am looking for in thrift stores :) and yes the bell bottom pants were definitly in when i was 5y old and i hated them! i still do now and i was so surprised to see that they are coming back ,actually been back for a while!
                                      anyhow, if you find great address for inexpensive stores, please post them because i am new to san fran and still exploring the city.
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                                        Hey Vero...

                                        Here are my fave places:
                                        1700 Fillmore St
                                        San Francisco
                                        (415) 441-2159

                                        1580 Mission St
                                        San Francisco
                                        (415) 575-2240

                                        Here's a link with maps:

                                        Buffalo Exchange
                                        1800 Polk St
                                        San Francisco

                                        Here's a link for them:

                                        Crossroads (yeah girls, I actually went into the store!)
                                        1901 Fillmore Street
                                        San Francisco

                                        Here's their link:

                                        Good luck!
                                        • Actually the buffalo exchange on polk street closed, but there is one in the castro ( I think it is on market) for the east bay there is a great "vintage" clothing store on telegraph (and I can't for the life of me think of what it is called right now, but you can't miss it) and there are a bunch on haight street (of which I can't recall the names of those either, but if you just walk down the street you'll pass about five stores). So, did you like the crossroads?? How did it compare with other thrift stores??
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                                            Did the one on Polk close!!??? Wow.. well come to think of it, it has been awhile.. I bought this really cool purple guitar zip up bag from there.. and the staff were really cool... man that sucks:(

                                            As for Crossroads... it was cool.. they had some cute things, of course it being on fillmore I'm sure prices were raised a bit... I didn't buy anything, but the staff were really nice!

                                            I'm still a Goodwill girl at heart I guess.:)
                                            • The thing about crossroads is that most of the stuff they try to get is designer, so they are a little higher priced. And because they cater to people who are looking for designer stuff they aren't as funky as buffalo...I just find it a little more freeing to shop at buffalo and goodwill, ya know?

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