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Hi, I'm Rob. I have a real fetish for poz sex, poz talk, poz cum. I am mostly a bottom and will take any man's poz load in my sleazy pig hole, but I top for neg guys who want to convert and take my poz load in their hole. I LOVE to fuck neg guys and leave my high viral load in their holes. If you are in the LA area, give me a shout and I will give you daddy's poz load :~)
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  • lol...Hi Rob!neg chaser here looking to take the plunge.mid fifties 6' blonde blu and 170,semi smooth vers kinda guy.Ha ve always barebacked,but still neg.Looking to get more direct about taking poz cum and converting to free my inner pig!I am on bbrts and have pics there.Live near los angeles and will travel for hot cum.:)
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      Great! I bottom too but love to top and gift with my poz cum. I am off my meds for a while so the vl is high. going poz is the best thing for a pig. you will break free like crazy!
      let's get together
  • While I'm glad for guys in LA seeking to get POZzed, Come On.... are there NO Poz guys in New England who want to POZ a neg bottom???? Been trying for over 4 years now - on here, other Tribes as well as other sites......

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