worm lovers

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only for the lovers of safe formicophilia with worms of any kind.

As of August 6, 2014 new members will need an approval that will take two (2) days, due to the recent increase in spambots and identity thieves.
To be a member of this tribe you must complete at least two (2) of these four (4) rules:
~your profile must be active for more than a week.
~you must not have an empty profile.
~you must not have links leading to illegal or unsafe web sites in your profile.
~you must not promote prostitution in other tribes (spam).

After being accepted please follow these rules:
~please don't upload anything illegal or insult anyone in here,so i don't have to bann you.
~Don't share links or files that contain viruses or illegal material.
~NEVER post your personal info (real name, personal email, address...) if you are going to share such info, do it by private message.
~If you're going to share links for downloads/watch videos or pictures, make sure the service is for free and doesn't require a registration.
~Be very cautious of using Gigatribe, that software can access the personal folders on your computer, and anyone with knowledge can use that against you.
~dont talk about religion or political views, you're here to have fun and to help others and yourself.

If you feel offended in any way or notice something wrong taking place, send the moderator a message with a detailed description, so the proper means should be applied. RSS Feed what is XML?

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