Putting Earthworms Into Your Ass?

topic posted Thu, December 22, 2011 - 12:00 AM by  Alan
Has anyone ever tried this? I'm curious to know if it's possible, and how to do it.
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    i have not done it yet but i would like to. there are three videos this one guy from canada made. in the first he uses a funnel made from what looks like a large platic bottle with a hose attached. the hose is inserted into his anus. he is positioned against a wall upsdie down, legs up and with the device inserted, pours a box of worms i to his cavity. the second video shows him ass up over a couch arm or aomething to allow worms to mpve into his body deeper andthethird shows them being expelled.

    also someone told me he used a speculum which held his anus open, was on knees with ass up, and a second person dropped 20 in oneby one. hope to get with someone some day to do it
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    I've seen the first one of the videos mentioned, though not the second. Once long ago I also saw a few vids of a guy using a speculum and mealworms rather than earth worms. Unfortunately it was posted on a website that is long gone (the original beasttube)and I've never found them again. They were pretty well done too :(
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      I just saw the video you were looking for on its free to join and you can watch 15 videos
      a day.Once you register go the the area that says Free bonus.if you scroll down its under Jason says
      it was posted two years ago two videos one of the worms going in and the other coming out.Hope
      this helps
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    I have seen some videos and thought it would be hot to feel the wiggling inside my ass. I went outside and dug up part of my yard. Found about 10 worms. First I tried to insert them with a finger but was unsuccessful. I then found my funnel. I lubed up my cock and ass and inserted the funnel. On my hands and knees I dumped the container full of worms in my ass. It was hot to feel them moving inside. They didnt last long though, but maybe the worms were too small. Should I go to a bait shop and pick up some large knightcrawlers? Does anyone know if they feel better?
  • Hi there, yes I have done this, I used a large funnel, got myself in a postion where my back was proped against the wall, I put the funnel in me, then carefully lifted the tub with the worms up and let them drop in the funnel, I had a mirror so I could see them, with the help of a blunt pencil I got them in to my but hole, got about 15 in there, they were not large worm ( shame) but when you lay them flat they were about 4 inch ,once I had them in me, pulled the funnel out, and went for a slow walk to the shops,( clothed) I could feel them moving in me, by the time I got home, got naked got in postion only 3 were still alive, but what a feeling having them crawl out of me.
    I would say this, if you are thinking of doing it DO, had a very nice pull afterwards.
  • I have done this a lot over time, in fact I am addicted to it really, but mainly alone in it :(
    I use a funnell, lube, mirror.
    I get on my back against a wall to keep my legs up over my head, inster the funnell, a down the wrigglers.

    Wishing there were more people in London UK to do it with me
    • Tried it this last weekend... I think I need a better funnel. Was lovely feeling them on my asshole though..
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        New to this site! I'm glad to know there are other people on this earth who's tried the same things I have.
        I've done the worms in my ass numerous times!!! LOVED it.

        This is what I do;

        Wal-Mart sells the Fat Canadian night crawlers in the fishing section.
        Go home and wash them out with COLD water (this gets the dirt out)
        Place a handful in a BIG salad bowl...they tend to squirm away while you're being "eaten" by their friends
        Strip down to your underwear only (be sure to wear a very tight pair) DON'T WEAR BOXERS / BRIEFS ONLY
        Lay down on your belly on the floor or bed
        Reach over and grab a good dozen or so and place them inside your underwear near your anus.
        DO NOT SQUEEZE YOUR ASS CHEEKS! In fact spread your legs apart just a little
        When some of them fall down near your crotch, they will tend to slither up your ass crack and try to wiggle and squirm inside your anus!!!
        When they are inside your rectum, I guess it's too hot for them inside, remember it's at least 100 degrees in your ass, they will "panic" and try to wiggle and squirm and fight their way back out.
        • Maybe try African night crawlers. I read where they like much higher temperatures and are
          much more active than Canadian night crawlers, which prefer cool temperatures. Either
          way, sounds like your idea would be good to try. I'll give it a shot and hope for the same
          "orgasmic feeling" you achieved.
  • Hi boys.

    I did it today. I racked earthworms at work in the garden. I went in the bathroom, I undressed me. I made a specially funnel for this. I cut the top of a plastic bottle and a piece of plastic tubing (from wather distribution pipe 3/4" diameter). Both parts i bonded with adhesive tape. I was lying on my stomach. I put the end of the funnel on my anal and nice press him in my asshole. Funnel penetrate me 5-6cm. Then i give in funnel a handfull earthworms. The rough marker was used for pushing worms inside the body.
    After inserting earthworms I pulled out the empty tube. I waited when it will feel as earthworms in me moving.
    I did not feel anything inside. Small portion of worms? Only when I released my anus the worms come out from me. He climbed from the anus, I felt like there irritates me. It was nice act.
    Can i upload here short video with extrusion of worms from my anus?
    Have all nice sunday.
  • Hi all, I'm Roxxie a cross dresser from the uk. Iv been putting worms in my ass for quite a few years now. Iv only just joined tribe but I will get uploading pics from my playtime as soon as I can. I'm quite lucky I can gape my hole open so I can just lye on my shoulders and neck with my ass in the air and literally drop them in by the handful :) iv had a good 50 or so worms inside me before. And a whole pints worth of maggots. Keep an eye on my blog for updates :) if anyone wants to chat privately about this then please send me a message. Pictures I post will be friends only I'm afraid, but all you gotta do is send a friend request.
    • That is hot, Roxxie! I would love to see your hole stuffed full of the slimy creatures :)
      I too have had worms and maggots in my ass, and it totally turns me on. Even if you can't feel them moving around very much, just the thought of having all those creatures inside gets me off. My dream is to figure out a way to get them (worms and/or maggots) to crawl inside on their own, like people have done with the cool-cock method for worms. I want to try putting raw hamburger in my ass, and then see if a bunch of hungry maggots will force themselves inside, but I have not got around to ordering more maggots :(

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