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the last time that i played with maggots i find a medium size maggot to play with on the garbage, i was looking for more to play but i didn't find any other so i run to the bathroom and pull my dick out that it was hard already, so i tuck my dick opener and i penetrate my dick very deep so i started to feel a little pain because the dick opener was hurting me a little bit so i take the maggot that was moving like crazy on my palm and put it on the head of my dick, so i waited to see if the maggot find my opening after some minutes the damn maggot find it and start crawling deep on my dick it's look like my dick opener work's very well after that i let the maggot do his work without stooping him and without touching my dick to feel better the maggot moving deep inside i could feel him moving very close to my balls and when he was just between my balls, i could feel him sliding inside my prostate and making my dick so hard that it's hurt me a little the dick opener so i tuck it away and let my pee hole rest from that pain jeje after that i feel like wanted to make pee so badly that's was because the maggot was trying to enter my bladder but it's look like by erection wasn't helping him to reach his objective so i grab my dick and pull it down to a position were the head of my dick was looking down but still hard as hell so that help a lot the maggot to continue his way in and i felt him sliding inside my bladder entrance and then it disappear inside half an hour latter i felt something moving on my bladder walls it was the maggot trying to find some air to breath that make me cum very hard every load of semen hit the wall of my bathroom making a sound of a water jet, then an hour latter i decide that was the time to release the maggot from me so i grab my dick that was all flaccid by that moment and i make a lot of pee but the maggot didn't came out, so i waited more till my bladder were full of piss again but before i pee again i felt the maggot trying to pass my bladder entrance so he did pass after some failed tries and i barely could feel him moving inside i think it was because was exhaust and was trying to catch some air but i enjoyed every minute were the maggot was moving from the deeper part of my dick to my pee hole when he went out it could barely move so i tuck him off my dick and put him away to let him breath on the next morning i go out again to see if i could find any other maggot but the ones that i found were all turned into brown eggs :/
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    Fri, July 29, 2011 - 11:13 PM
    hot hot hot!!!
    damn !!!
    wish i was there to see it happen >.<
    i cummed to ur story man :P
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      Fri, July 29, 2011 - 11:20 PM
      that was the first time that i let a maggot enter my bladder
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    Sat, July 30, 2011 - 9:46 AM
    kevyn, this was so hot, i came so hard to this...i feel like i have to try it now lol. man you have the best experiences!
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      Sat, July 30, 2011 - 12:28 PM
      Hehehe i like to take risk when im turned on :p
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    Mon, August 15, 2011 - 8:56 AM
    (Sadly this is just a story, not a memory, but I hope to make it reality soon enough!)

    It was a another hot sommer's day, and I had noticed I had been getting rather... pale, recently. So i decided to make a change to that. Since my backyard is fenced in, and not exactly the closest to anyone else's I decided to just tan in my birthday suit, lathering on a bit of sunscreen onto my sleek curvy body (I'm what you'd call an "effeminate male" or "Trap/boi," just look at my profile pic) After reaching everywhere I could, being especially sure to sunscreen my soft cock and balls, I laid out my towel in the little garden because it was he most peaceful there, and closed my eyes as I let the sun slowly toast my body to a different shade.

    After laying there for around two hours, I was getting rather hot, both of my sides having been glazed with heat, and a decent bit of sweat from the intense rays, so I decided to be done for the day, as I got up slowly, I noticed a worm wiggling and squirming in the heat of the sun next to my towel, so I carefully picked him up, and my towel up, and went inside, having forgot about the worm in my hand until after i had used the towel to clean off most of my sweat. Re-realizing the writhing little thing after I felt him wedge between my fingers a little... It made me think. I really love anime, and I really loves tentacles in anime... this small thing, was practically a tiny, living replica of an amazing fantasy! After my epiphany I grabbed a little plastic bowl, and put a little water in it, to keep my new friend all clean, and hydrated, and I put a pot on the stove to boil some water to give him a true cleaning as I quickly dashed upstairs and got on one of my favorite pairs of panties, the frilly, sheer black ones~ and stepped outside to look for more friends.

    Squatting down near the place where I had been tanning a few minutes ago, I began to carefully fan through and inspect the grass to look for more worms, I searched for nearly twenty minutes, and only found one more... bigger than his friend, but after only finding two, I gave up. Pity really. I headed back inside carrying wormie number two who was a little thicker than the first, and reaching about 4 inches, compared to his companion's three. I placed them both into the plastic container, which was barely filled with water so they would not drown, and looked to the pot to see if the water was boiling yet, which it was. I then pulled it off the heat, and poured it carefully into a large mixing bowl, to get the water off the hot metal so it would cool quicker and still be sterile. Once it was cool enough for me and the worms to be ok to touch it, I carefully scooped them out of their other container, and dunked them into the lukewarm purified water, gently rubbing and cleaning them off, my panties quickly bulging as I felt them squirm and wriggle in my hands, knowing exactly where they were headed... It only made me throb harder and harder to my full length.

    After pulling them out of the water and ever so gently patting them dry with a rag, I quickly rummaged through my "junk drawer" which was full of odds and ends for a paperclip, a small one. Delighted that I found one, I carefully and quickly made the urethra spreader we all love so much, picked up my two little friends, and headed up to the bedroom, laying down and slipping my panties down a bit to give my throbbing length some breathing room as I carefully stretched my hol with the paperclip tool. Blushing with a soft gasp as I could see inside my cock, which I thought was a rather erotic sight. With my wormie pals laying on my tummy exploring a bit near my bellybutton, I carefully lifted the thicker one and placed him gingerly on my throbbing shaft as I angled it towards the ceiling, letting him crawl around my head.

    Near instantly I let out a soft little moan feeling the wiggling crawling sensations on my cockhead, It would be the waiting game now, waiting for hi to begin to dry out a bit and need my moist hot inside to crawl into. I could feel every little ridge of his earthworm body slither and snake about on my cockhead, he seemed a bit worried he'd fall off so he stayed on, inspecting my hole once or twice, barely poking in, but deeming he didn't want to go yet... it was driving me mad as I fought the urge to wiggle and squirm right along with him and his buddy on my belly. Then suddenly, it happened! I arched my back with a long hot gasping moan as I felt him pile-drive straight down into my cock. I could feel him stretching my urethra, bulging the underbelly of my cock as every little ridge on his body seemed to feel like it was a spark of bliss shooting through my body, I could hardly believe what I was feeling, but it was incredible! I bit my lip to stop myself from being too loud as I felt him dive deeper and deeper into my cock, not caring how deep he went, letting him do his thing as I moaned and trembled. I then shakily picked up his friend and placed him head first into my urethra as well, hoping he would join his buddy inside my dick as I felt him crawl between my balls and deeper... deeper.. I was in heaven! A minute or so later, which felt like hours from the amazing sensations coursing through me, his friend finally decided to join him crawling deep into my throbbing cock, my sensations renewed as I had two squirming lovely little entities inside my shaft, I could barely hold on to my own sanity as they both crawled deeper and deeper... I felt the first forcing his way into my bladder-neck, making me only love my throes of ecstasy even further as I pulled the paperclip out, and sealed them inside of my pulsating cock, and pulled my panties up.

    After a minute or so of the first one trying to force inside of my bladder, he finally managed to, making me buck my hips and gasp as I writhed and clutched the sheets, amazed that I hadn't cum yet, feeling his friend squirm in deeper to where the first was and suddenly his friend decided he didn't like my bladder so much, and with his tail still in the opening, he found his way out, which was beyond incredible. Now there was a bit of a problem, both wormies were wedged in practically the same spot, they were tightly packed, but it felt oh so good... Feeling the bigger of the two begin to crawl back out, I got pushed over the edge, my breath coming in short quick gasps as I lifted my hips as high as I could manage as I came, my cum flooding the bigger worm out of m cock right into my panties, a good bit of cum forcing out through the fabric, but most stayed tucked within my panties as he wiggled about my throbbing, tired cock, the other still inside near my bladder as I carefully scooped the big wormie out, gave him a soft nuzzle to my cheek, and a bit wobbly-legged headed out to the garden and placed him back into a flowerbed.

    I ended up having the other worm in me for another good hour or so before I had to pee something fierce. knowing he was still inside me, I grabbed a large bowl, the same I had poured the boiled water into, and later dumped, and squatted over it, aiming directly into it as I began to release my gold. I winced a little because my cock was sore, and it burned a little bit, but it felt oh so good to finally ge out of my system. Just as I was finishing up, I gasped and dropped to my knees from my squatting position as I felt the second worm shoot out with the last of my piss. Panting softly I smiled, and scooped him up, out of the bowl, and dumped the bowl down the sink, and returned my last wormie buddy for a while to the same flowerbed I put his companion... Oh, and did I mention that after I went inside after putting the first worm back, I smeared my hot cum all over my flat stomach and chest and let it dry there~?

    Well, I hope you enjoyed my fantasy, and that a lot of you will cum to it many times over. ^_~
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    Wed, August 17, 2011 - 8:01 AM
    Time for another story, eh wot? Get your dicks-a-ready, for this one's slimy...

    After having my first experience with insects/bugs, I decided.. perhaps, I would try another kind, instead of simply worms. Though worms are lovely yes, there were so many other kinds... This time I waited until nightfall to harvest my little toys after doing a little research... Waiting out on my pato for a while as I read a good book, keeping my bait in view, I had a jar ready. and by the time I had caught a few of my little friends, I knew exactly what to do...

    I had caught around five slippery slimy slugs! They had had a little bite to eat from the bait, but not enough to be full for sure, so I happily obliged them by sliding my lower apparel off, and gliding my rock hard dick into the jar, up to my hips and sealing it off. I moaned softly when the first daring one began to creep onto my balls... the little hermaphrodite (Most slugs can change their gender to be whatever is needed, or both if they choose so! THE MORE YOU KNOW) seemed to like it there, clinging to it, and I occasionally felt odd little.. very slight arousing pinches. They didn't really hurt, they were just kind of sudden little surprises. Soon I felt the other four begin to cautiously climb onto my sac and meat, nibbling here and there, their weight, sliminess and tiny little bites making me tremble in bliss a bit as I slipped my shaft out of the jar to let them hang on me in the open air as I stumbled back and pressed my back to the glass sliding door while they worked, my chest heaving.

    Since I had 5 slugs ever so slowly gliding over and glazing my cock and balls, I was rather weighed down by them, my meat drooping even though I was at full hardness as they softly bit and nibbled. My cock was beginning to get a little sore as they had been working on me for around twenty minutes, slowly making me inch closer, just like them, to my orgasm. I could practically feel my cum brewing in my balls waiting to be released all over the wooden deck as my quintuplet of friends teased my nether regions. I decided to speed them up a little by carefully prying one off of my cock, who wasn't doing the most, and placed it right overtop of my tight little asshole. Oh my god~! The cold, yet hot gooeyness and tiny nibbling there felt absolutely lovely... making me get a jumpstart closer to my orgasm as I panted rolling my hips to further speed myself up when suddenly I felt one of them crawl overtop of my cockslit, oooh boy, that made me get sent over the edge~

    As I came I practically collapsed onto the deck had I not been leaning heavily against the window, the one that was over my cockslit managed to hold fast as I gushed my seed, it seeping out under it and dripping down my shaft to my balls. My dick was throbbing so hard it actually hurt soe as I pulled the one off of my asshole and placed it with it's friends to feast on my cum a bit, they seemed to at least taste test it. And after a few minutes of catching my breath, I carefully pulled them off, and put them back in the garden, smearing their slime all over my still cummy cock before I went inside to wash up and go to bed for the night.

    I hope you guys like this one too ^^ I know it's shorter, but I couldn't really find more room in my mind to expand it further. Anyway, an orgasm a day, or more ^_~ Keeps the insects at play!
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      Wed, August 17, 2011 - 11:19 AM
      mm nice story
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        Wed, August 17, 2011 - 11:24 AM
        Glad you like it hon.
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          Fri, August 19, 2011 - 1:51 AM
          hahah cool!! next time make it more extreme :) winks*
          • Re: stories

            Fri, August 19, 2011 - 7:12 AM
            oh~? Well tell me what you mean by that and I'll do my best!
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              Re: stories

              Sat, August 20, 2011 - 2:02 AM
              hahaa erm worm going in staying longer there or something like that hahaha xD
              • Re: stories

                Sat, August 20, 2011 - 7:42 AM
                You got it hon ^^ I'll be writing another tomorrow, but i'd like your feedback, shall I go with worms again, or maggots this time?
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                  Re: stories

                  Sat, August 20, 2011 - 11:11 PM
                  both!!! hahaha maggots in cock worms in ass xD
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                    Re: stories

                    Sat, August 20, 2011 - 11:43 PM
                    XD deal! also sadly the story will be delayed till monday. And come on man, why dont you accept my friend request? I have a stache of pics XD (no creepy crawlies sadly... yet)
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    Thu, August 25, 2011 - 2:28 PM
    Who wants another story? :D Well good, this one contains maggots and wormies together.

    After my first few experiences with my newfound little larvae like friends, I had decided to try and do some more fun involving them, and worms too. I didn't really feel like trying to dig up dozens of worms, or harvesting my own maggots and wasting some good meat, so I decided to head to my closest tackle and bait shop, which was several miles away. After the annoying drive which had me nearly squirming in anticipation, I finally arrived, quickly scooping up the biggest containers of maggots and earthworms they carried, and a few small lures, as to not look suspicious. As soon as I got into the car, I wanted to just play with them so damn bad right then and there... but.. i knew they all needed to be cleaned, else I might have a very awkward hospital trip.

    When i got back home after what seemed like forever, though it was only a few minutes, I carried them in and practically stripped nude on the spot. I boiled some water as I left their containers open, but watched them so they couldn't escape, then let the water cool before I cleaned the worms first, free of dirt, and put them writhing back into their container. And then the same with the maggots and into theirs. I also grabbed a funnel for the worms, as I had different plans for them this time as I headed up to my room, licking my lips in sheer sexual apprehension.

    Upon getting to my bed, I got on my hands and knees with the perhaps pint containers of each creepy crawlie, I didn't care how much the thing could hold, only of what was within as I opened up my tight little apple bottom ass with the funnel, and pressed my chest to the bed as I lifted the worms up to their new home for the next several hours. Dumping the container and feeling their cold sleek bodies in my ass a little bit, squirming and wriggling, one already trying to get inside I let out a soft sweet moan as I clenched my teeth and tugged at the sheets slightly, reaching back with one hand and helping "guide" my long wiggling worm friends inside my hole... there were so many of them, and all of them seeming to enjoy my warmth, those that were inside were crawling deeper, I felt so full, and only about half were inside of me! After I managed to finally get the rest of them inside my hole, feeling stuffed to the brim, I carefully pulled the funnel out, and let my little star close up around them, locking them inside my hot and now wriggling depths.

    As soon as my little hole closed up, I practically collapsed as I rubbed my stomach and squirmed feeling them move and slide around inside, they were like thousands of tiny tendrils of bliss, all for me~ But I knew I wasn't done yet... Panting I got up, shaky legged as my cock throbbed and leaked it's sweet precum all the way to the floor, I grabbed a thin almost extended shotglass sort of cup which would fit around my cock snugly, but still leave a little room for the maggots, and much more room at the top for them to squirm. It was around a foot and a half long glass, and I forget how I came across it, perhaps a yardsale or something, but it didn't matter. I slipped my dick opener into my cock carefully, and dumped all the maggots inside the glass. they were nice and plump, and I hoped some still had their crazy energy that I found they have sometimes as I slipped my dick into the glass, pushing against them lightly, I angled it and shook it slightly so i didn't smush any, and managed to press the glass rim to my crotch, laying on my back as I let them do their magic by wiggling crawling and a few lightly nibbling my dick, I didn't care, it felt amazing... And because of the amount of them on top, some were finding their way inside as well.

    I laid there for what seemed like forever, letting the worms wiggle and move around inside my ass, teasing my insides and my prostate more than i could imagine as i felt from time to time a maggot crawl down my dick eagerly, even though I was practically leaking pre, since their were so many, they found their way inside anyway, I probably had a dozen in my bladder. by now, and I had orgasmed twice. I decided I would stay here like this until the maggots either just went idle and stopped, or I had a bladder full of them. Each of my orgasms felt mindblowing... making my eyes roll from the excessive amount of things moving on around and inside me all at once. I ended up having a total of seven, yes seven cumshots from this crazy experience. Though all good things must come to an end, so before I passed out, I carefully dumped the maggots into their container, and off my cock, but kept the ones inside me, and gave them some hamburger meat, and kept the worms inside of me as well. As they seemed to have acted up more over time because of the heat of my body. I sealed up the maggot's container, as I would definitely play with the remaining ones some other time. And there were so many maggots inside my bladder and dick, I had to pee terribly bad. So i decided to finally free my tiny captives of my bladder, cock and ass.

    I stepped into the bathroom, and aimed my limp cock at the bowl, blushing as I took a deep breath and began to force myself to try and pee as hard as I could manage, nothing came at first... but suddenly I felt a sort of sudden rush as I moaned and felt not piss coming out, but just a string of small lumps. The maggots were coming out in single file like my dick was giving birth to them or something, and it felt amazing as they all plopped into the water one by one, by the time I was done, I scooped them out carefully and washed my hands, only a few were dead out of the around fifty I had found were cozy in my bladder. I took them back to their friends and went out into the garden and took a squat in the bushes, I bet I looked downright silly doing it, but I knew I had to get them out somehow. It took around twenty minutes, but the feel of taking a wiggly squirming release, with minimal poo, and maximum worm, is quite a feeling, happily letting them burrow into the ground after they were free, I went back inside, cleaned myself up a bit, and slipped into bed, exhausted, but very pleased. And I hope my worm and maggot friends had fun too.
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      Thu, August 25, 2011 - 7:35 PM
      i just cum twice with you story after that experience how many maggot were left inside you bladder i mean if any one came out at the next day and how big those maggots was
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        Thu, August 25, 2011 - 8:12 PM
        Sadly, my stories are simply fantasy, for the time being anyhow. I need to find ways to get my buddies, and to work up the courage to do so. But I'm very glad my story is of help to you hon ^_~
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          Re: stories

          Thu, August 25, 2011 - 8:16 PM
          ah but still it was awesome :P
          • Re: stories

            Thu, August 25, 2011 - 8:24 PM
            ^///^ I thank you. I make more every couple of days, keep in closer touch with the tribe and you'll be very pleased I'm sure.
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              Re: stories

              Sat, August 27, 2011 - 9:54 AM
              awsome story man ^^ yeah try make it more exciting with kinky twist like kado asked would be nice to hear that magotts were still inside u when u went to work or something hahaha xD
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                Sat, August 27, 2011 - 1:03 PM
                XD well sorry that I don't think ahead that much when typing out my stories, you could say, i write them... on the fly... *shot for the awful pun*

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