What is best worm to make u cum?

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Hi, a friend kinda introduce me to this and showing me a video with a guy with his cock in a pint full of maggot in which he came. I haven't tried it out and never thought it would get me horny but it give me hard on's seeing it. What worm would be best, cause more sensation to lead to an orgasm. Another question I heard eart worm can make you cock swollen after you use them.

Has anyone here tried the pint glass full of maggots method, if so what was it like?
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    Re: What is best worm to make u cum?

    Sun, September 25, 2011 - 8:34 PM
    i've been playing with maggots for 6 years and they can make you cum easy you should try what you saw on that video i recommend you that , i dont know if an earth worm can do that do your dick maybe is because the worm wasn't clean or it was too fat to enter on the pee hole

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