cigarette play

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anyone here who does cigarette play?
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    Cigar play--had my piss slit spread open and ash from a burning cigar tipped in, no gag but bound. Was near cumming--almost shot while screaming. Then he moved on to my tits & asshole...

    Cigar tops rule.
  • The sottosctitto bedere like that a number of people say all four women smoke many sifarette head and shut them down in my ashtray, then it would be a blast to hear their words as they continue to put out cigarettes until they cover the bottom and I like the thought excites aaaaaaahhhhhhhh
  • Love having my nips, areolas and tits burned w/ cigs and cigars... Have scars... Like burnin my pubic area, and butt--really want to try my pisshole and butthole...
  • I started not long ago with burns ... For now I read with cigarette burns .. but the nice thing is that give me the very strong orgasms! For now I hold ... I will not even leave permanent scars ... I leave the penis to a Master who does a destructive job ...
  • I'll light a cigarette then stick it in my anus by the filter end. then I'll walk around as it burns down to the flesh & the heat gets worse til it reaches flesh & the pain is bad as I cum. I also will insert it in my anus then go sit on the toilet & watch the smoke roll up between my legs &over my hard cock as again the heat gets hotter & closer then cum as the pain really hits me. Also like to use a needle to pin a lit cig to my nipples & sit & watch them burn down while I try to stay calm & dignified facing oncoming pain. Like to play like I'm being interrogated & won't talk in spite of the painful burns.
    took part in a contest once on pain tolerance against a woman & we both got burned many times also whipped & beaten. I lasted 7 hr & won, she broke at 6:55min! Lit cigs are lots of fun as they are slow to watch pain grow.
  • I love this and have some great photos of my dick being used as the central stubber-out in an ashtray for cockheads. I made. I don't know how to upload them to this thread (can you do this?) but I can try and put them on my profile. Fantastic session, getting fisted at the same time by the smoker.
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    I've had women stub cigarettes out on my shoulder, around my nipples and between my legs. First time was on my shoulder, LOVED IT, suggested to others to make the scar their own and stub their cigarettes out directly on the scar, which a few have.
    I suggested to my last owner (now regretably owner less) to do it between my legs, one night without warning she spread my legs put the cigarette end between my balls and hole, slowly pressing in until she had stubbed it out, IT WAS AMAZING, she did it a few times after that.
    I'd love to find a woman or guy in UK (Worcs/West Mids) to take me as their sexslave and do more cigarette or burning especoially around my junk.
    • Am in UK & waiting for my ultimate sessionn If you really want this done message me I will do it to you. Maybe you vould do a few where I like them as well on me
      • What a scene! You & Danny torturing each other with lit cigarettes, a contest! your dicks hard, your tits red from burns, also sac & dick & belly, all over you. Don't forget a lit cig put out in the navel-hard! Sure sounds exciting & painful then whoever gives in first gets fucked by the winner, and more torture too.
        Have to stop, my dick is hard & wife's nipples are too! Hope you 2 can meet for a pain party soon!
        • I am up for entering contest anytime. Am willing to put my cock against anyone. The pain threshold of my cock I believe will surpass anybody elses. Making me the winner of course. Any challengers???
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            Sounds interesting but I'm totally passive/sub I wouldn't want to hurt anyone. Keeth if your wif wants to do it to me; thats different.
  • I would systematically burned his dick cigarettes. But need a friend who would constantly demanded of me photos - I'm doing it. I agree on this pleasant torture. Respond !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hello. I love cig-play. I've posted some photos on my profile of a session when it was done to me in a cock-stub ashtray, built for the sole purpose of wrecking a cockhead.

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