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Same old topic, I guess.. I have a big nylon tent, but as this is my first burning man, I read that people think the canvas tents hold up better to the duststorms, etc, I was checking out kodiak tents when I came across the yurt idea..

Does anyone have any experience with these:

My main concern would be that all the tie offs would make the whole outside tricky to walk around without tripping.. But I guess if the tent is out of the way enough it won't be a big deal???

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  • yurts have no ropes coming out from the tent walls like that. this tent is sort of yurt-shaped, but doesn't have the same frame. we bolt our yurt directly to the earth by the frame.
    if you bring a tent with outside ropes, mark them with bright streamers or strands of solar powered christmas lights and cover the stakes with potatoes or something that will keep people from impaling themselves.
    • or old yellow tennis balls (that your rich friends have worn out), with a 1" X 1" criss cross cut into any part. push the ball onto the top of the rebar or tent pet or etc, and it was cling and show up pretty well, even by moonlight.
      • while setting up, I drink beer from cans, and then put the cans over the rebar...

        • Unsu...
          "while setting up, I drink beer from cans, and then put the cans over the rebar... "

          Which isn't really alot of help on a dark night at any velocity...

          I used to take that year's old athletic socks and wrap them around the heads of my stakes before zip tying them on.

          These days I use "Carpenter's Spikes" from Lowes or Home Despot and I pound then in until their head is flush with the ground. As they are essentially large nails, an ordinary claw hammer is terrific for removing them (as opposed to a tire jack or vise grip grunt work for most rebar).

          • I use bright-colored pool noodles, cut into about thirds and duck-taped to the stake. Works well and kinda gives my tent a circus feel. ;-)
            • I like a white LED solar path lights duct taped or tie wired to the stakes. Lights up the area around my tent for all kinds of good reasons like finding it and keeping "dark spot pissers" away.
    • yes, the ropes coming out from any test are my issue there (of course I'd love to have an RV, but I'm not in that place yet)... Stakes to impale, ropes to trip :( All sorts of non-fun......
      • I have a 10X10, 6 person Cabelas Lodge Tent, it is a pyramid shape. It has 4 small poles one each corner and one center pole, which is just over 8 feet tall.

        I pitch it inside of my Costco Carport which is 10X20. Instead of the center pole, I tie the peak of the tent to the center rib of the carport giving me totally open inside tent space.

        Since I put the tent in the back of the carport, I still have a 10X10 space in the front which I lay carpet in and have my lounge with stereo and alter, coolers, coffee table and couch. I run any tent ropes to the carport frame, eliminating any outside lines as trip hazards.

        The tent is inside so it's protected from sun and wind, it stays cool. Works great.
        • Hi Bobzilla, how well does it repel dust?
          • repel dust....that is sooooooooooooo cute!!!!!! you mean keep the dust storms out, right?

            OTHErWISE: the dust is everywhere, just roll around in it, eat a tablespoon full and forget about it.
            • NOTHING will keep dust out entirely. The tent has a mesh vent at the top. I cut up an old sheet and use painters tape to seal the vents off both inside and outside. I also spread a huge sheet over my bed so that any dust that settles on it will get on the sheet which I remove and shake outside before I crash.
              • 1. Insert pillow into sleeping bag.
                2. Fold bottom of bag over top and over mattress area where your face and arms will be.
                3. At night, unfold the bag and pull out the pillow. Relatively dust free.
                4. When it's dark, pick those Playa-Boogers till the cows come home. heh
  • if anyone knows of a better place to post this, pls let me know.
    I now have several tents that have spent time on the playa and are in need of some TLC to get them out there again. I've moved on to a dome structure so am wanting to give these tents to anyone wanting to salvage the parts--for the most part various poles are cracked/broken, and some zippers. One is a largish 2 room deal, another a smaller 4' center, the third mid sized 6' center, all nylon. I'm in the SF Bay area (peninsula) - not something I'd want to mail.

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