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I've heard rumors of Peruvian shamans coming to California to do ayahuasca ceremonies...I was interested to see if anyone knows of any in Southern California. If you do here's my email:
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  • Ditto. I have been looking a real, serious Ayahuasca ceremony locally (I live in Los Angeles) for years.

    I know I can order the materials and cook this up on my own, but I would really like the experience of being guided by someone who has been down this path before me. Either a genuine Master Ayahuascero or at least someone from my world who has done this a number of times and knows the process well and has genuine empathy. What I don't want is a very bad trip around people who don't care or don't know what they are doing.

    Please, if anyone hears about something like this in the near future in Southern Cali or the Bay Area, do give me a call. I am sincere and would like to see if this path could be a healing one for me.


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    I am very interested as well. I'm located in SoCal. It would be great in a yoga studio, too bad I don't own one yet. I would have to meet the shaman first as I've heard that there are some charlatans out there. Can't believe our gov. refuses to allow us to do this legally- total control freaks.
  • Hi Liviu,

    I'm a Brit who is about to start travelling...I am desperate to find a recommended genuine ayahuasca ceremony. My first stop is CA landing in LA on 27 Nov trekking to San Fran for New Year. I'll be in the region of San Diego from approx 7 Dec.

    If anybody has any information about forthcoming ceremonies or other similar groups/activities please let me know.

    Thank you so much & I'm looking fwd to landing in your state!

  • Hi I live in the LA area. I'm extremely curious about ayahuasca for spiritual experience/healing. I would really love to get in on an event. I've gone through a lot of things, and feel ayahuasca is the best way to explore everything. I would love information on attending a ceremony.
  • Late.
    But any info would be appreciated.
    Thank You.
    • Hi, did you get any information? I would love to have the experience.

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        we will be having a ceremony in temecula next month (june) if you would like to participate, let me know. Also I was wondering if you can briefly explain your interest in attending. The person who will be running the ceremony has more than 17 yrs making ceremonies. Any questions please ask and only reply if you are serious.

        • Hi,

          This may sound strange, but I was sitting at my desk and for no reason in particular felt like I needed to search "Ayahuasca California". That is how I came across this forum. I am 40 years old and a searcher. I have friends who have experienced ayahuasca in Central America and recommend it highly. I have experienced other hallucinogens, but I feel that maybe I could learn more about myself from ayahuasca. Again, I wasn't actively pursuing this, but I must admit that the timing of my google search is a bit "coincidental" since it sounds like you will be having a ceremony sometime this month in Temecula. I live in North County San Diego so Temecula is only about a half hour from home. If there is still room in the ceremony and if you feel that I may be someone the others would be okay with (and vice versa), please let me know. Feel free to contact me directly at 760 844 4091.

          Greetings, Jesse
        • Hi Ama,
          My name is Justin. I've been researching ayahuasca and dmt for last 2-3 years for help with personal growth. I've wanted to go to Peru but simply cannot afford it right now in my life. My friend and I visited California (we're from NJ) last summer and absolutely fell in love. Eventually I've heard of ceremonies in cali ( just in last few months ago actually)

          I would just need a few months advance for time off request, plane ticket, etc... I am very interested in this as I've hit a wall in life and believe this would really help me and also my friend. I hope to hear from you and we are serious about coming out. Not to mention its Cali. Beautiful state. Thank you very much

          -Justin my email is
        • I know I'm quite a bit late to reply to this post but I am very interested in any future upcoming events that you might have planned. A Friend told me about her experience with ayahuasca and it brought back memories of my experience with mushrooms and the one trip that truly changed my life and gave it purpose and inspiration. That trip sent me to design school at 26 and now at 31 I'm searching for a stronger way to self heal and to obtain a better awareness of self so I can maximize my true potential. Please please please include me in your future mailings!!!

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      we will be having a ceremony in temecula next month (june) if you would like to participate, let me know. Also I was wondering if you can briefly explain your interest in attending. The person who will be running the ceremony has more than 17 yrs making ceremonies. Any questions please ask and only reply if you are serious.

      • Hello and thank you for putting this word out, im looking to achieve a higher level of spirituality. I have never tried Aya..but have been doing my homework and educating a mature 39 year old who once suffered from PTSD, life is beautiful and has new meaning very intrigued by this..and how awesome, a ceremony lead by someone with many years of experience..i reside in the San Diego
  • Hi Everyone,
    There is a group that meets in the Los Angeles area about once a month. The next Circle is May 9th-11th in Joshua Tree. Here are more details:
    Our next Circle will be in Joshua Tree May 9 – May 11, 2014.

    The Circle of Love is a two nights and two days transformational workshop to heal and open your heart, receive sacred visions, enter in a new state of awareness and consciousness, combining yoga meditation and music with the shamanic Amazonian traditions. During the workshop we will work on resolving issues with love and relationships that seem impossible to heal and align with your life purpose and mission creating a more fulfilling life.

    We would like everyone to arrive by 7 and the Circle will start 8 on Friday night. Typically we will close the Circle by 11AM Sunday.

    The cost for both nights is $400 plus accommodations which will be ~$50-$70 for the weekend depending on the house we settle on.

    The Shaman has lead many circles in California and has done intense healing work since a young age.

    Our groups consist of mainly women and sometimes a few men. We are a warm, friendly, supportive group that has drank together a few times. Most people are in the age group of late 30s to early 40s. With a few in the late 20s. We are mainly professionals that have been on a spiritual path. Working with the sacred medicine is a way for us to go even deeper in seeing what we have not been able to see about ourselves as well as receive divine messages and guidance with whatever challenges we are facing at the time. The medicine also helps heal deep wounds that we are not even aware of and heals the heart.

    Please let me know if you are interested in the May 9th weekend or for future circles. We do one about once a month. If so we will contact you for a phone interview to make sure we are a good fit for you on your journey. Email:

    Warmest Regards,

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