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topic posted Fri, February 20, 2009 - 6:12 AM by  Lekker!
Hey all!

It has been very quiet, but we are now at the burnal equinox.... 6 months left! So i think it's time to start planning... and I think the first thing to plan is how we're going to plan. I think Tribe sucks... I think the forums are difficult to follow and Tribe is often down or very slow... So... I have a couple of ideas:

google groups
+ It's decent... allows for sharing of documents, calendar, etc...
- Conversation isn't very secure. This is true of Tribes also...

facebook group
+ Also pretty decent.
+ Most of us are already on facebook... so easy to handle
- Some may not want their family or colleagues to know about their Beaverton / burningMan alter egos...
- Not secure, private.

private forum
+ private.... can avoid being googlable.
+ Pretty good forums easily configurable
- A bit of work to get it set up (by me probably... and any other techies who want to get involved?)
- probably not as simple to get calendars, etc integrated, but we could use a combination of this and google groups/docs.

I've started working on a web project anyway, and it'll be fun for me to make something for the Beavers.

but... to get started... I don't have anyone's information... i figure we'll start with a googlegroup and take it from there. I am cariserene at gmail dot com Add me (let me know who you are, or I might deny the invite)

I'm also on Facebook. i think a simple search of "Cari Amsterdam" will find me. I'm wearing a pirate hat. :D

I hope to hear from you!

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