The Crabs and the Scorpion match

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The attraction is utterly magnetic! This connection is so profound you'll barely be able to keep your hands off each other. With the sublime Scorpion, the extended sexual bliss is so fulfilling as to be truly transcendent. The two of you should be, could be and would be soul-mates, so long as the time is right.

Cancer and Scorpio are one of the ideal combinations of the zodiac. Because both are Water Signs, the emotional connection is deep and wide. There is an instant rapport between you; this attraction can grow into a deep and abiding love that is based in passion, but reinforced by mutual understanding and soul-friendship.

Mysterious Scorpio, a Fixed Sign, is ruled by passionate Mars, crown prince of desire and seething Pluto, lord of the underworld. Moon-ruled Cancer is drawn to the strength and bridled power of the Scorpion, who in turn finds a refuge in your emotional commitment. Your primitive sensuality is ignited by your Scorpion lover's dynamic passions and, because you are endlessly loyal, Scorpio's jealousy is not so easily aroused. Your need to engulf your loved one, your desire to own and possess is not feared by the Scorpion, who feels secure in your warm, cosy abode.

You are both deeply intuitive and can naturally sense what will please the other. Your communication on intimate mode is wordless and so intense as to be almost psychic, even telepathic. This magical world is a mutual joy that the two of you can build, decorate and expand, as the depths of the Scorpion are plumbed and the heights of the Eagle are attained.

One thing you must keep in mind, Cancer. The Scorpion is a complex soul and always retains a secret part of his or her heart, to retreat to so as to be able to mull over serious Scorpion matters. Entrance not for everybody. You too will be kept out of this sanctum, no matter how close you become. Scorpio however has a strong sixth sense and will probably know if you are trying to hide something, so communicate openly and honestly. Beware, unevolved Scorpions are capable of major deception and will accuse you of doing the very things they are guilty of. If you've become involved with a dark-side Scorpio, get out while you still can.

This said, your excellent ideas and money-sense will be appreciated by the usual Scorp, who will provide strength and drive when you get tired or lose focus. Your emotional commitment and Scorpio's profound understanding can form an indissoluble bond. This is a perfect match.
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Enigmatic Creature
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    Fri, March 7, 2008 - 11:22 AM
    My boyfriend is a Cancer (I'm a Scorp) and we have been together for over two years. We have our ups and downs, but we actually fit together pretty well. It's the best relationship either of us have been in. We do know each other pretty well, and he understands and respects my need for privacy and secrecy as well. And while we do get along, sometimes I question if we should still be together. Sometimes his loyalty drives me up the wall. Haha. I want him in my life forever because I know that we are meant to have each other in our lives.
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    Re: The Crabs and the Scorpion match

    Fri, March 7, 2008 - 4:25 PM
    how come there's no Pisces - Cancer analysis?

    One of my best friends is a Cancer, and her boyfriend is a Pisces, and his best friend is a Cancer, and his girlfriend is a Pisces, and they all go out together. So freaky.
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    Re: The Crabs and the Scorpion match

    Fri, March 7, 2008 - 7:17 PM
    thank you for this, grappling with my own cancer/scorp issues at the moment.... and in more than one relationship! I, Scorpio, am emotionally involved with 2 cancerians. In one case I have all the power of the relationship, in the other case, I have NONE. Both of these relationships have floored me more than any other, ever. I concur with your posting. Thank you.
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    Tue, March 11, 2008 - 6:40 PM
    Pisces and Scorpio are better matched. I think Cancer mates better with Taurus. Just my observations.
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      Re: The Crabs and the Scorpion match

      Tue, March 11, 2008 - 6:46 PM
      i think each has an equal chance of a good match -- it just depends on the personality. ^_^
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        Re: The Crabs and the Scorpion match

        Tue, March 11, 2008 - 8:59 PM
        I agree.. I love Cancer men (and they love me too :)) and we get along really well =) It could be because there's so many Cancers in my family (plus I'm a Cancer rising). I haven't met a lot of Scorpios though so I'm not sure if I feel the same connection with them or not.
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          Re: The Crabs and the Scorpion match

          Wed, March 12, 2008 - 10:03 AM
          Ive met a few women, and a few men, who I knew were born with Cancer sun signs and most of them I felt some noticeable quality of familiarity & comfort with. Unless they were just mentally screwy.

          A couple come to quickly to mind.
          One I only knew and related with a little. She was a close friend of my girlfriend of the time ( a Taurus sun. And I think Cancer Ascendent or moon? ) around 1996 when I lived in Eugene, Oregon. Always felt some type of undercurrent of comfort, attraction or pleasing energetic resonance with her friend. But I steered clear of getting close with her as I felt I would likely end up feeling quite interested in her, which from a couple conversations we had seemed like it would have likely been mutual. And I did not want to create any complications for them or myself.
          She ended up moving to Portland to go to acupuncture school. The relationship with the beautiful taurean dissolved. We tried to become friends again, but she cancelled our first plan to meet again at the last minute to keep hanging out with other friends which disinterested me from trying any further. And she was pretty into pot which I had lost personal interest in years before.

          Other Cancer connection was more recent. About a year and a half ago. We met in bodywork school. Long story short, she was married to someone she had been with since early 20s. We ended up developing a rather intense and empathetic emotional connection and bond. Shared a fair amount with each other about our lives, feelings, and traded bodywork sometimes. I knew she was married, and yet found myself deeply emotionally / spiritually and in some ways mentally empathetic and connecting with each other.
          According to what she shared after a while, it was very mutual. She was from Canada, and was going to be moving back soon. We both got to a point where just being next to each other was a quiet yet deep pleasure and feeling connection.

          We almost were more intimate physically / sexually, but as much as i wanted to I also felt empathetic with her husband and wanted to respect their relationship so refrained from overtly sexual relations. One of the last times we saw each other was in a bodywork class, a couple days before she and her husband moved back to Canada. We partnered with each other for the class to practice together. That day was filled with love, open hearted vulnerability, appreciation & sadness.

          They moved back to Canada. We continued writing, e-mailing and talking on the phone with each other for months. But I was feeling uncomfortable with knowing that she had lied via omission to her husband about our relationship and sexual relations she had had with a past lover over a ten year period while with her current husband. And I ended up telling her I was not comfortable with what began to feel like partaking in an ongoing lie with her and her husband, and stopped communicating with her. We spoke briefly again after a few months then stopped again because as much as I loved & missed relating with her / each other, and still do, I only want to do it in a way that is totally honest, clean & transparent for everyone involved. And to me, her husband is involved even if he is not given the respect of full honest disclosure to be knowingly involved.

          I still feel & think about her frequently. At least a couple times a week on average. Miss her and our connection quite a bit.
          Honesty is very important to me though, for the far reaching spiritual & wholistic effects it has on life and our beings. And this requires respecting her husbands right to full truth as well. Even if he may not know enough to care, or care enough to know himself. Something about honesty is very enlightening, liberating and clear.

          There have been a couple other people I've known as acquaintances or friends who have had cancer suns.
          One of them who I began my tai chi, qigong, yiquan development, as well as wing chun & some bagua zhang, with. Energetically we were alike in many ways. Had received a number of comments after demonstrations or simply being in class learning from him, of having very complimentary or beautiful energy together. Or simply looking beautiful together in a movement and energetic sense.
          That was a very formational, treasured and intense time in my life. Lasted in morphing ways for many years, that relationship. Suffice to say we all have quirks, and our relationship and his in his life were no exception. I have a lot of respect for what he did share with me that was positive, and my own growth in independence, maturity and self reliance that has emerged.

          I dont know if i get along better in a general way with cancer than scorpio or pisces energy? Likely comes down to the person.
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        Wed, March 12, 2008 - 6:33 PM
        Yes of course that's true. Just the Taurean and Cancerian traits of loving home and family and possessions and good food etc. seem to have always linked that pair very nicely. Scorpion traits of posessing and protecting their loved one is nice for both but Pisces tends to deal with it better when the Scorpion does his own thing because she is usually in her own watery creative world anyway. And the Cancer lady is more sensitive to that and tends to get her feelings hurt, where us Fish gals are usually too wrapped up in our own reality to get our feelings that hurt when the Scorpion is wrapped up in his work or brooding about something intensly. =) Again, this is just all from my personal observations and experiences.
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          Re: The Crabs and the Scorpion match

          Wed, March 12, 2008 - 6:47 PM

          I might like Cancer men so much because I also love home and family life, good food, etc. I have to be a maternal, family oriented type because I work in a childcare center and love it lol.. I love to be around babies and children all day :) (It could be my Cancer rising that makes me like that too.) I also appreciate the Scorpio trait of being possessive and protective too, but I think Cancers are usually like that too.
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          Wed, March 12, 2008 - 7:26 PM
          the last pisces gf I had used to always tell me that she loved that i was posessive of her and so on ... the cancer ex too ... so yes this is definetly good when complimentary water signs can be in that same headspace without having a hissy fit that someone's too posessive or whatever ...
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            Re: The Crabs and the Scorpion match

            Wed, March 12, 2008 - 7:33 PM
            Haha yea I love possessive guys :D
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              Re: The Crabs and the Scorpion match

              Wed, March 12, 2008 - 10:59 PM
              What do you mean by possessive in that sense?
              What about their being possessive do you like?

              That is something I am much less so than I used to be. Deliberately so, as valuing everyones freedom is very important to me. But for me to feel a relationship is worthwhile relating with a specific person I do prefer and require that both people are openly, fully honest with each other.
              Using freedom and "non-possessiveness" as an excuse to lie and withhold the full truth of our relationships, choices, manifest values and actions with those who we relate in otherwise intimate ways with seems fairly shallow & narcissistic to me.

              Being intimate physically without really being intimate. And full honesty in relationships as to who we are being and whether we have other attractions and intimate or sexual relationships with other people nurtures a clearer, more loving energy of Truth within our own beings which is very valuable. At least this is my feeling. The world and people overall can use more manifest, integrated honesty and truth in our relationships and communications with each other.

              Monogamy Ive often valued and chosen for myself in many relationships. Though right now prefer a more open type of intimate and sexually loving relationships with women. Maybe I'm a bit jaded on the monogamy from past experiences? But for now Im fairly busy as well with school and focused on gradually developing my bodywork & qigong passions into a self-supporting financial, business realm as well. So would be happy with one or several compatible close women friends where we also share more intimate loving sexual affection.
              I can not predict the present future of course. For now though a few intimate friendships are an enjoyable & nurturing choice for my life.

              What ways were you all referring to enjoying possessive companions?
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                Re: The Crabs and the Scorpion match

                Wed, March 12, 2008 - 11:10 PM
                "What do you mean by possessive in that sense?
                What about their being possessive do you like?"

                Well when I say I like possessive guys, I guess I just feel like I must mean a lot to them if they feel possessive of me. I also like guys who are a little bit controlling for some reason. Not harsh or mean though, just a little 'bossy' lol. I'm not really sure why though. It might be because in some ways I feel a little bit out of control myself, or like I need direction. So I feel like I need someone to 'control me' in that way.
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                  Re: The Crabs and the Scorpion match

                  Fri, March 14, 2008 - 11:33 AM

                  My sister (cancer) dated a pisces guy before. He fell in love with another girl but was afraid to tell her, so he double crossed for 5 months......... In the end, my sister found out and he broke up with her.
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                    Re: The Crabs and the Scorpion match

                    Fri, March 14, 2008 - 3:44 PM
                    "He fell in love with another girl but was afraid to tell her"

                    Something we can learn to get good at, confession. Five months isn't generally long but when someone is wasting your time, love and energy, even 5 minutes is too long.
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                      Re: The Crabs and the Scorpion match

                      Tue, March 18, 2008 - 12:37 AM
                      Yes Yes! So true Enigmatic.

                      Truth and honesty fully lived and expressed including in relationships is such a beautiful, loving gift to all. Even when its something like that, it nurtures, reflects & expresses fundamental respect, trust & Love.
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    Re: The Crabs and the Scorpion match

    Sun, March 23, 2008 - 7:52 AM
    It is interesting that I was invited to this tribe...
    \I am involved with a cancer man . the first in my life ever, he has had the most powerful impact on me... Im crazy about him but this super intense connection wehave has brought alot of heart ache to me too.. yet im willing to forgive it all because we connect so beautifully...its a a connection that makes me feel no one will eve rlive up to it.. but i do think the part about if the time is right... applies....if it isnt it can be very debilitating.. the intensity of th emotions, the sexual addiction the affection and ot being able to let go... but man i love him soooooo much..... and i so want him to trust me and open up... they said scorpios are control freaks.... but he is the real control freak... i know he is afraid of being hurt but it kills me to be held at an arms length while I pour my heart and soul.. I uess how spiritual a person is affects the dynamics too....
    Thnaks for inviting me here I hope to undertsand this realtionship... im torn between feeling he is the ultimate man of my dreams and the worst possible person for me... as having had a taste of him... no ne will ever compare... im afraid of that because he is afraid of committment.... but he also will not let me go...... and keeps fgivig in to my neediness, he almost maqkes me needy, needs me to be needy, LOL.... crazy stuff....maybe I should have stuck to my fire sign guy!

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