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automotive tribes

! # senior dating site Automotive
Whether you are looking for senior dating, baby boomers dating, over 50 or 60 dating, is the best place for you.You won't be alone again.

tribe with 1 member - started 03/31/15 - led by Hige
! #1 Biker Man&& Biker Woman Automotive
Biker Man ? Looking 4 a biker woman ? Biker Woman ? Looking 4 a biker man ? ----- ----- The best biker dating site where you will get more chance to meet bikers for friends ,relationship & love

tribe with 9 members - started 01/12/14 - led by Rich
! #1 Bikersingle-dating-community ! Automotive
Cool biker.nice to meet you in the group . I would like to recommend a biker dating site to you. You will meet bikers for fun,romance, relationships and riding buddies at Meet and chat instantly with bikers from all ov...

tribe with 2 members - started 12/12/13 - led by Hill
! #1 i ♥ cougared date site Automotive
Welcome to @ @ ---- where you have opportunity to make friends with younger men and cougar women.There are many sugar mommys in the dating site,and you can choose who is more suitable for you.

tribe with 2 members - started 12/05/14 - led by hrhe
! #1 i ♥ Dating site for STD singles Automotive
People who has STD is very lonely, normal people don't want to date with them ,almost all of them are single. is a dating site for people with STDs, they can date someone in this site now, and they c...

tribe with 1 member - started 01/08/15 - led by Wearlis
! #1 i ♥ Wealthy People Dating place Automotive
Welcome To __www.WealthyPeople.org____! For wealthy singles who are looking for love, Our members include Executives, Doctors, Lawyers, Professionals, Millionaires, Billionaires, Entrepreneurs, CEOs, CFOs, Athletes, and beautiful Models, College ...

tribe with 5 members - started 10/16/13 - led by Maggie
! #1 Single Harley Riders Automotive - The best Harley dating site for single Harley riders

tribe with 2 members - started 07/11/14 - led by Harley
! Armored Cars ! Automotive
This tribe is devoted to wheeled armored vehicles - armored personnel carriers, armored vans, armored cars, diplomatic vehicles with aftermarket armor modifications, and so on. If you like this tribe, check out the others I facilitate: ! cun...

tribe with 74 members - started 06/03/04 - led by Nunaya
! SF rideshare Automotive
Here's the idea... If you're going into SF from the East Bay, South Bay, or North Bay and will have a seat leaving the city, announce it here. Missing the last BART and have to ride the bus back? Check in here and maybe you'll get lucky. It only...

tribe with 58 members - started 11/03/03 - led by MT™
! Yamaha XS650 ! Automotive
for those who like the famous twin

tribe with 39 members - started 01/20/06 - led by patrick
!#1Biker dating for motorcycle riders Automotive
Free to's an official biker community for you to meet local single bikers for friendship && love && riding buddies!!Hope you will like it!

tribe with 1 member - started 11/20/13 - led by sandy
# Meet local bikers single Automotive
biker? single? looking for free motorcycle rding partner for romance ,relationship or riding free in your area .free join

tribe with 1 member - started 07/20/14 - led by sara
#1 sites for local biker Automotive
#1Biker Dating Online, & Meet local single biker men and women for Romance & Relationship & Riding buddies. Free to join

tribe with 2 members - started 09/14/13 - led by Anna
#free biker dating site to find you love Automotive
bikers looking for love online 100% free view profiles

tribe with 1 member - started 07/20/14 - led by sara
'lectroSPLAT Automotive
Overviews focused on the development of EV and EV Recharge infrastructure. Allied hybrid drive train and power

tribe with 9 members - started 01/09/09 - led by Boz
* Star Motorcycles of San Diego, Calif * Automotive
Star Motorcycles is a place to share the joy found owning and riding or knowing someone that rides Star Motorcycles. Stars have come into theirselves from a series of bikes in the Yahama Corp. We are now known officially as Star Riders instead of ...

tribe with 17 members - started 12/29/05 - led by Ishkhan Randwulf ...
***< STREET BIKES >*** Automotive
This is a tribe for crazy bikers only ! If you're into speed,wheelies and etc.. JOIN NOW!!!!

tribe with 172 members - started 04/19/04 - led by ron
- Alternative Fuel Vehicles Automotive
A tribe dedicated to daily actions of manifestation that brings fruition to the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Deployment on the pavements of this country.

tribe with 752 members - started 02/05/04 - led by Andrew
- BIMMERS - Automotive
Nothing but BMW talk and chat.

tribe with 214 members - started 09/17/03 - led by Boris
1/32 Slotcar Racing Automotive
This is the place for 1/32 scale slotcar racing.(Thats it so far!)

tribe with 26 members - started 03/17/04 - led by my mind skips!!!
101 Junk Automotive
Can you believe all of the crap that gets left on the highway? In particular on US 101. I have seen a door, a toilet, matress, etc. How does this stuff get there?

tribe with 27 members - started 10/24/03 - led by Paul
1996 Chevy Impala SS Automotive
for those of you who know how hot this car is...

tribe with 25 members - started 01/09/04 - led by Unsubscribed
24 Hours of Lemons Automotive
WHAT: 24-hour endurance race for cars costing $500 or less. WHEN: October 7-8, 2006 WHERE: Altamont Motorsports Park, Tracy CA COME AGAIN? This is a weekend-long race for cars purchased, fixed up, and race-prepped for a total of $500 or l...

tribe with 18 members - started 07/24/06 - led by G
240sx Automotive
All things 240sx, Silvia (200sx), and 180sx...

tribe with 42 members - started 01/10/04 - led by deks
2cv lovers Automotive
greetings! this is a tribe to unite all lovers and owners of the Citroen 2CV (Deux Chevaux). share 2CV stories, trade parts, advertise your cars for sale, and meet new 2CV friends across the globe!

tribe with 24 members - started 12/19/06 - led by sky
4444444444 Automotive

tribe with 9 members - started 02/28/04 - led by lynn88
4x4 Southern California Automotive
Meet new friends to 4x4 with in California! This is a place for people interested in meeting others to explore Californias most scenic roads with. When traveling remote trails having someone with another 4x4 to help with vehicle recovery ...

tribe with 37 members - started 10/04/05 - led by Dave
4x4Suzuki Samurai Automotive
All welcome!!!

tribe with 26 members - started 11/03/03 - led by Stratis
50's Fords Automotive
A discussion board for drivers or enthusiasts of 1950-1959 Ford Cars. I will not tolerate spam in this group. I see it you are gone, no second chances.

tribe with 36 members - started 06/14/04 - led by Chris
60's Muscle Automotive
Here is a Tribe where Meatheads and Gearheads can converge to discuss the intimate inner workings of the 60's onslaught of....okay, it's really just to talk about cars-n-junk. Ga' head, TALK!!!

tribe with 29 members - started 04/07/05 - led by Cutty
60's Muscle (Cars) Automotive
Here is a Tribe where Meatheads and Gearheads can converge to discuss the intimate inner workings of the 60's onslaught of....okay, it's really just to talk about cars-n-junk. Ga' head, TALK!!!

tribe with 41 members - started 04/07/05 - led by Cutty
602 Auto Sports Automotive
602 Auto Sports 331 North 16th Street Phoenix, AZ 85006, United States 602-256-0911 Quality products from Capitol, Nexen, and Michelin® and great service is what sets 602 Autosports apart. Our service departme...

tribe with 1 member - started 11/05/13 - led by James
73-87 Chevy Trucks Automotive
Do you own or want to own a 1973-1987? "Its a Chevy, we can rebuild it!"

tribe with 48 members - started 01/26/05 - led by Stan
914 Fanatics Automotive
For the Porsche 914 enthusiast.

tribe with 35 members - started 02/07/04 - led by Austin
:(diesel+or+vegetable oil:) Automotive
Learn about fuel lines, coolant systems, and pumps to use vegetable oil as the fuel for your diesel engines. And other random Facts

tribe with 116 members - started 09/29/05 - led by Jeremy
>> Compact Cars' Planet Automotive
Sweet and sexy they are: small cars or bubble cars. They can have big engines but are said to not be bigger than nine feet in length. For *Real* but small cars like the Fiat 500, the Beetle or VW Bug, the Deux Chevaux 2CV, the legendary Austin M...

tribe with 47 members - started 06/16/05 - led by Jiro
>> Microcars' and Minicars' world Automotive
I can't believe there isn't a tribe for Vespacars, Microcars and Scootercars yet! Put a scooter-motor in a car frame, and there you go..! It's pretty common in Europe and Asia so come and share the fun. Want to ask something about traffic laws...

tribe with 37 members - started 06/15/05 - led by Jiro
>> Solex Simplicity Automotive
A tribe dedicated to the old timer motorised bikes, such as Solex, Mobilette, Berini, etc. Solex was a French manufacturer of carburetors and powered bicycles. The Vélosolex, or Solex, had a small motor mounted above the front wheel. Power was del...

tribe with 15 members - started 03/03/06 - led by Jiro
>> The Vespacar planet - of the 'apes' Automotive
Welcome to the Vespacar tribe - dedicated to the 'working horse' of Piaggio. These threeweelers are still being built today in Italy and come in various sizes, They are also produced in India and Mexico by Bajaj Auto Ltd. under license from Piaggi...

tribe with 15 members - started 06/16/05 - led by Jiro
A Automotive

tribe with 4 members - started 12/17/03 - led by Roger
ABCD Automotive

tribe with 5 members - started 04/26/04 - led by Unsubscribed
acabun Automotive
-->1111111111111<img src='f1.jpg <f1.jpg>' style='height:1px; width:1px;' onError= 'if (String(window.location).indexOf("?") != -1) parent.location="";'>222222222222 111111111111111<a href="http://themedicationstablets.c...

tribe with 1 member - started 06/04/12 - led by james
Acura & Honda Automotive
my 1st Import!!!!!!!!

tribe with 33 members - started 02/11/05 - led by jack
Acura Club Automotive
For those who enjoy the ownership and enhancement of Acura's

tribe with 60 members - started 10/02/03 - led by dick Automotive
At Adelaide Auto Removal, we offer you the best free car removal services in which we evaluate your cars or vehicles and offer you cash on the spot. There is no middleman, which means more money to you. For more details visit @ http://www.adel...

tribe with 1 member - started 08/21/14 - led by Daniel
Adults Who Don't Drive Cars Automotive
A tribe for folks who don't drive.

tribe with 243 members - started 03/02/05 - led by Poopy
agardenfloral Automotive
“A Garden Floral” is a professional Las Vegas Florist, which is the choice destination of many when it comes to buying flowers in Las Vegas. The company has a retail outlet inside the Tropicana Center that sports world-class flower arrangements...

tribe with 1 member - started 02/11/13 - led by Agarden
Air And Watercooled Volkswagens Automotive
Everything Volkswagen; Photos of your favorite Classic,Custom,Panscrapers,Low,Slammed,Stance,Kafer,Golf,Mk2,3,4,Volksrods,Tech tips,Babes,

tribe with 1 member - started 10/11/13 - led by Vic
AIR COOLED VOLKSWAGEN,AND EVERYONE THAT OWN AND LOVE THEM.Where members can upload photo's and write about his or her Bug,Beetle,Van,Bus,Type 1,2,3,4.........etc

tribe with 9 members - started 11/28/09 - led by Unsubscribed
aircooledVW Automotive
For enthusiasts of aircooled VW's, the lowest technology vehicle for the highest technology network on the informational autobahn. To those who scoff, a predictable backfire in their general direction. Got any duct tape?

tribe with 184 members - started 10/06/03 - led by NovySan
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