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! 200* Election ! Government & Politics
Discuss electoral politics and all the issues that surrounds it. Real change. (otherwise known as: "ranting retards without recourse to reason")

tribe with 462 members - started 07/28/03 - led by cDub
! #1 i A♥Best Dating Community for HIV Government & Politics
Whether you are looking for Herpes dating, HPV dating, HIV AIDS dating, or any other STD dating, is the best place for you.You won't be alone again.

tribe with 1 member - started 01/10/15 - led by Wearlis
! #1 i ♥ Best dating site for singles Government & Politics is a wonderful dating site for singles who want to find sugar mommy,cougar,millionaire,senior.

tribe with 1 member - started 12/18/14 - led by Jeea
! * Environmental Protection * ! Government & Politics
Environmental degradation seems to be accelerating and has assumed planetary scope – mass extinctions (human activity equaling an asteroid hit), oceanic “dead zones,” global warming, bleached coral reefs, vanished rainforests, watersheds poisoned ...

tribe with 346 members - started 02/05/06 - led by Jimbo
! * POLITICS * ! Government & Politics
see: Here in !* POLITICS *! you will find an exceptionally open forum for discussing all variety of political and social issues. Please come to this tribe with an open min...

tribe with 1849 members - started 02/08/04 - led by Gerbil
! * POLITICS * ! Victims Support Group Government & Politics
This tribe is for all the poor put-upon people who were traumatized by the big mean bullies in ! * POLITICS * ! Come on in, get a free beer and cry in it. We're here to help!

tribe with 18 members - started 05/11/09 - led by Le Jacquelope
! *Survival Cache* ! Government & Politics
The purpose of this tribe is to discuss what types of items or skills would be useful to have on hand in the event of an emergency that shuts down vital services or makes travel difficult or impossible. Emergencies can range from tornadoes, hurric...

tribe with 238 members - started 09/01/07 - led by Sean
! 2257: NO MORE DENIAL ! Government & Politics
Created to crackdown on child pornography, US Code 2257 has been changed in a way that has the US government coming after any website with sexually explicit content. If you want to discuss it, this is the place. Full text of 2257 can be found here...

tribe with 95 members - started 12/07/05 - led by slavegirl debbie
! Social Entrepreneurs Government & Politics
This is a forum to discuss international development and methods to bridge today's global inequities. (Topics include: Appropriate Technologies, Grassroots, Health, Education, Conflict Resolution, World Bank Group, UN, IT, Energy)

tribe with 149 members - started 04/01/04 - led by Eric
! ►The Info Bunker◄ ! Government & Politics
"Look, if you think any American official is going to tell you the truth, then you're stupid. Did you hear that? -- stupid." - Sec. of Defense for Public Affairs, Arthur Sylvester, 1966. Links: Documentary listing thread: http://tribes.tribe.n...

tribe with 471 members - started 09/16/05 - led by Will
!! Dieing of Public Services !! Government & Politics
Detroiters' water purity depletes and many other variables are changing; acknowledge them here. HOW DO YOU VIEW DETROIT AND ITS WAYS?

tribe with 5 members - started 11/28/05 - led by Windex
!! TILMA - WTF ?! Government & Politics
TILMA... What is it? That's what many people, even those generally interested in political matters, have been asking (including myself, two weeks ago). It's the Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement. Think of it as NAFTA for British C...

tribe with 9 members - started 12/31/06 - led by starling
!!Detroit-Dieing of Public Services!! Government & Politics
Detroiters' water purity depletes and many other variables are changing; acknowledge them here. HOW DO YOU VIEW DETROIT AND ITS WAYS?

tribe with 9 members - started 11/28/05 - led by Windex
!!Dissidents!! Government & Politics

tribe with 8 members - started 08/05/05 - led by Holly
!FREE SUZANNE SWIFT! Government & Politics
My daughter Suzanne is an Iraq veteran who was sexually harassed and abused daily during her deployment. When the Army forced her to redeploy she went AWOL. She was arrested 6 months later on a Sunday night in my home where she was taken to jail f...

tribe with 73 members - started 07/30/06 - led by Mermaid
!NO G W BUSH - Action Group Government & Politics
There is always a next action.

tribe with 564 members - started 01/25/04 - led by Ralph
!The Institution of Advanced Diplomacy Government & Politics
Welcome to the Institution of Advanced Diplomacy. Our near future is a complex remainder of many problems that our past leaders and generations have set forth for us. The next 30 years are predicted to be the toughest and most problematic in recor...

tribe with 37 members - started 03/28/04 - led by Christopher
$? Work Less Party ?$ Government & Politics
Work Less, Consume Less, Live More. 1. Reduce our environmental footprint. 2. Reduce unemployment and increase the minimum wage. 3. Decentralize decision making. 4. Promote community, arts, music, health, culture and education.

tribe with 182 members - started 06/02/05 - led by ben
<--<<World Natives United>>--> Government & Politics
We are all family here on this Earth... This tribe is dedicated to all our Ancestors and all the children here now and to come... There are many ancient ways in our blood and blood of all others, our blood is all the same color... Loving ...

tribe with 118 members - started 06/12/04 - led by Jahsah
<|> Voluntary Exile <|> Government & Politics
If Bush is Re-Elected, are you considering Voluntary Exile in Canada, Costa Rica or elsewhere? Join the emrging VE movement. If that event indeed happens, do you need a place to plan, discuss and openly consider viable alternative to living unde...

tribe with 22 members - started 06/22/04 - led by Micah
"The whole world is watching." Government & Politics
Do something! People have gone to jail for what they believe in. But this gen. is lost to the past and slow to change the future. If we can't stand up for our rights and beliefs then we can at least talk about them here.

tribe with 21 members - started 02/22/05 - led by joshua
"Unified_World" Government & Politics
We The People of wholesome world! Have common basic needs and dreams! We want true love! We want beautiful and understanding life partner! We want beautiful Life! We want to be respected and loved by the World around us! We wish to be remembered...

tribe with 19 members - started 02/25/06 - led by Vittal
(|~ American Patriot vs. Bush Co. ~|) Government & Politics
An open forum for discussing 2004 presidential election issues. In this tribe you will have to defend yourself. Start a thread. Please come here with an open mind and a *respect* for different points of view on the issues. I will not moderate yo...

tribe with 236 members - started 08/28/04 - led by Teri
* 2257 SUCKS * Government & Politics
Don't hate the game hate the Gov't. The changes to and other web sites on restricting what you feel like expressing and showing in the name of "protecting" those that might be offended is the work of an over fascist gov't. If you wan...

tribe with 91 members - started 12/07/05 - led by Unsubscribed
* Serious Politics For Serious People * Government & Politics
For people who want what's best for the country, without all the partisan nonsense. No "Vince Foster" OR "Bush stole the election" conspiracy theories.

tribe with 55 members - started 11/03/04 - led by Genghis "Doh!"
** Burning Bush ** Government & Politics
Same rules apply, if you join, PARTICIPATE. A pro-Burning Man people tribe to express your positions on the current political environment and its most notable character...George Bush. Since politics is such an ugly thing to talk about in person ...

tribe with 75 members - started 01/11/04 - led by ©ĥ®ĩ§ŧØþĦέr
****Redemption - Warriors**** Government & Politics
Within this Tribe you will find and use the tools to redeem yourself within the commercial run judicial system on the federal and state levels.

tribe with 13 members - started 06/01/06 - led by Unsubscribed
***Republicans Unite*** Government & Politics
Democrats are full of crap dont you fall in their trap!!!!--Clense your soul join the repuplicans unite clan!!!

tribe with 32 members - started 02/24/04 - led by Robert
**Anarchism** Government & Politics
Yes, it may seem antithetical to have a anarchist tribe that is moderated. This tribe was created after a few anarchist find that open tribes get hijacked, so the only way is to have a safekeeping system to keep that from happening. There i...

tribe with 20 members - started 08/23/08 - led by grouchosuave
**MIDEAST POLITICS** Government & Politics
Play nice. Personal insults (ie name calling) won't be tolerated. The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation. - Bertrand Russell It's such a fine line between stupid and clever. -Nigel Tufnel, Spinal Tap http://english.a...

tribe with 101 members - started 07/26/06 - led by Brent
**Republicans Unite*** Government & Politics
Democrats are full of crap dont you fall in their trap!!!!--Clense your soul join the repuplicans unite clan!!!

tribe with 4 members - started 02/24/04 - led by Robert
*2005 Inauguration Protesters* Government & Politics
Action planning and and meeting up with activists going to Washington D.C. on January 20th 2005 to protest George W. Bush's Inauguration.

tribe with 30 members - started 11/08/04 - led by Lizzy-Q
*Activists* Government & Politics
For all activists! Environmental, Gay rights, Human rights, WTO, Women's Rights, Anti-Nuclear, Peace and Anti-War... anything and everything you are passionate about!

tribe with 486 members - started 04/23/04 - led by Lizzy-Q
*Californians 4 the *2005 Inauguration P Government & Politics
Californians going to the *2005 Inauguration Protest* network! Let others know your plan, plan to meet up in DC, share your resources!

tribe with 4 members - started 12/06/04 - led by Shawn
*Global Politics Government & Politics
A tribe for people of all nationalities and all political views (or even those with none at all to learn something) to openly discuss real political issues from around the globe. This is not an American oriented tribe, as there are plenty of th...

tribe with 126 members - started 11/18/06 - led by Stickboy
*Gold Bugs* Government & Politics
The Gold Bugs tribe is a place to discuss and learn about fun topics such as economics, inflation, deflation, the federal reserve, central banking, expansions, contractions, money, monetary policy, the dollar, the euro, paper currencies, interest ...

tribe with 57 members - started 11/29/05 - led by Scott
*Night Politics* Government & Politics
Politics for those who have a life. This tribe is for those that either work or do many things durring the day (Like have a life.) and dont have the time to engage with the everyday politics of politics and want to participate with the everyda...

tribe with 12 members - started 03/15/07 - led by DVDBurner
*Politics* Government & Politics

tribe with 2 members - started 07/19/07 - led by C
*~The Cool Earth Party~* Government & Politics
The Democrats and Republicans are the paid agents of the oil, armament, and insurance industries. Their continued rule of America will assure a future of more imperialist war, a healthcare system that doesn't work, and no meaningful action on glo...

tribe with 85 members - started 04/18/08 - led by Unsubscribed
*~U.S. and Allies Out of Afghanistan!!~* Government & Politics
Massive U.S. intervention in Afghanistan began in 1978 and continues to this day. The ongoing war in Afghanistan continues to kill thousands of Afghan civilians and cause extreme suffering due to horrendous injuries, the displacement of people fro...

tribe with 43 members - started 07/26/08 - led by Unsubscribed
++Guardians Of Democracy And Freedom++ Government & Politics
A group of like-minded people who want to preserve Freedom, Equality and Democracy in America from anyone anywhere not just Texas or the United States.

tribe with 76 members - started 09/19/05 - led by Bob
------------------ Government & Politics
erase this please

tribe with 3 members - started 06/30/04 - led by Unsubscribed
................... Government & Politics

tribe with 3 members - started 10/08/04 - led by Little Boys On Cr...
//class war// Government & Politics
No war but class war... The gap between rich and poor is greater than it's been in 50 years -- the worst inequality among all western nations. We will feature a new article, issue or group each month. Come discuss anecdotes and tactics, ask ...

tribe with 242 members - started 07/01/04 - led by césar
1 Dolphin Protection Coalition Government & Politics
This tribe is dedicated to connect those people who wish to protect dolphins from harm. International Day of Protest Against the Japanese Dolphin Slaughter is coming quickly... As most of you know, the largest slaughter of dolphins and other smal...

tribe with 144 members - started 08/22/05 - led by Unsubscribed
1/20/09: BUSH'S LAST DAY Government & Politics
A long eight years. Let's look forward to the end!

tribe with 5 members - started 10/29/06 - led by Katie
10 People Doing 5 Things Government & Politics
Kucinich for President in 2008!

tribe with 4 members - started 01/13/07 - led by Dylan
12 Step Program For Liberals Government & Politics
Reformed Addicts of Progressive Governement and Liberalism

tribe with 12 members - started 11/23/04 - led by T_B_P
1984... a little behind schedule Government & Politics
In 1949, George Orwell had a terrifying vision for a future in which all thought was controlled by an omnipotent mega- totalitarian state by means of twisting the nature of reality. Now we are moving towards such a society thanks to George W. Bush...

tribe with 64 members - started 02/13/05 - led by Audio
2008 Election Government & Politics
Isn't it about time? I mean, let's start predicting people! Who will be the next President of the United States and why? Who's going to be nominated? Who do you want to win? Who's the spoiler? Will we have another publicly un-elected prez?

tribe with 9 members - started 05/12/06 - led by douglas
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