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music tribes

Cooker baby, COOKER!!!

tribe with 122 members - started 10/11/03 - led by Cooker
fans of the mars volta Music
haha, i screwed up... i accidently created two tribes... the real tribe is "the tremulants"... join that one instead

tribe with 152 members - started 10/28/03 - led by zero
! < Dr. Abacus > Music
"Complete with their own version of the Sesame Street theme, Dr. Abacus is puttin' it down with what we lovingly call cartoon jazz, Zappa jazz or just crazy jazz. Unleashing an unabashedly quirky, flamboyant and caffeinated weird Jazz composite wi...

tribe with 75 members - started 01/17/04 - led by Espie
! ! ~ A Place For Vinyl Records Collecto Music
Looking for that elusive collectible? Follow the link shown below for more details !! SpinAuctions Vinyl Records & Music Magazines - >>> <<< Record collecting has always been a popular pastime and ...

tribe with 204 members - started 05/16/05 - led by Vinyl Records Greg
! ! ~ ` A § ------ Music Maker ------ Music
Song writers seeking musicians / Musicians seeking song writers / All Music discussion...

tribe with 377 members - started 09/25/03 - led by Decollo
! ! ~` A - [ - Perfect - Circle ] § - Music
All about APC.

tribe with 332 members - started 11/10/03 - led by Decollo
! ! ~` Creative Song\Poetry Writers & Vi Music
Anyone who is or wants to be a songwriter\poet. Post your *own* songs\poetry for discussion.

tribe with 315 members - started 01/28/04 - led by Decollo
! #1 i ♥ cougar dating for you Music
Have you been looking for Cougar woman to date that are more experienced? All you'll need is right at here. ? ? is Cougar Dating Site. Create Your Profile For Free and find a friend or the possible love of your life.

tribe with 4 members - started 12/18/14 - led by Jeea
! < #1 Motorcycle Biker community > Music is a popular motorcycle biker dating site that makes your online dating journey fun and exciting. The motorcycle biker brother and biker women at are seeking for friendship, dates, romance and ev...

tribe with 3 members - started 02/18/14 - led by Hill
! < Mr. Bungle > Music
For all Mr. Bungle's lovers

tribe with 144 members - started 07/22/05 - led by HOLEHEAD
! * fractal forest * ! Music
our tribe is dedicated to all the fans of the fractal forest at Shambhala. most of our members have either played music or enjoyed music in this truly magical enviroment. Please feel free to join our tribe!

tribe with 726 members - started 01/05/05 - led by Rich-e-Rich
! ** Left Coast EDM Culture ** ! Music
Formerly known as South of SF Dance Music... I just decided to change the name and type of this tribe, because A - I haven't been on tribe in a while, and B - I would like to have a group that represents the Left Coast Electronic Music Communi...

tribe with 303 members - started 04/18/05 - led by Jamie
! . Aussie & World Rock Music Share Info Music
Australian & World Rock & Roll .... Rock Music 50s60s70s80s90s Todays Music. Favorite groups singers bands cds rocords 45s 33s 78s Video's Hard to find music and links. Rock related culture Hot Rods Fords Chevs Holdens ... Popular music & car site...

tribe with 11 members - started 04/06/06 - led by Michael Tri
Have you ever felt something magical while listening to or playing music? Well, we're here to share the experience and perhaps get closer to uncovering the secret of this magic.

tribe with 383 members - started 02/04/04 - led by Black
! 3 PAGANINI Music
Legendary violinist Niccolo Paganini (1782-1840) Perhaps the greatest performer who ever lived. There are mysteries surrounding his magnetic personality, his history and talent. Until today, his phenomenon is an unsolved enigma.

tribe with 76 members - started 01/15/04 - led by Black
Electric violin players, music and technology...

tribe with 79 members - started 01/19/04 - led by Black
! AMBIENCE for ALL ! Music Any links i put up that are to do with MUSIC you do not have to discuss(unless you want to).MUSIC SPEAKS FOR IT'S SELF. Enjoy Rob.

tribe with 117 members - started 02/17/05 - led by ! Rob
! Baby Seal Club ! Music
Visit us at ... Baby Seal Club conjures a musical alchemy of the most whimsical sort. Shades of playa-scopic, 60’s rock and ear-candy harmonies flirt with the quirkiest post-modern, indie art-pop. Delicious costuming wi...

tribe with 63 members - started 10/26/06 - led by Choklit
! Box of Rain ! Music
24 hour a day online Grateful Dead/Phish and more.

tribe with 216 members - started 01/25/05 - led by ! Rob
! Crooners & Songbirds ! Music
ON THIS DAY IN JAZZ AGE MUSIC: croon    ( P )  Pronunciation Key  (krn) v. crooned, croon·ing, croons v. intr. 1. To hum or sing softly. 2. To sing popular songs in a soft, sentimental manner. 3. Scot...

tribe with 184 members - started 09/11/04 - led by Confetta
! Interface Oblivion ! Music
IO is a 3-piece live band playing an eclectic collection of beats, bass, melodies and electronics. Interface Oblivion has been playing & producing events in the San Francisco bay area since 2000.

tribe with 22 members - started 04/27/05 - led by Unsubscribed
! Jackie Blue Music
Jackie Blue--Funk 'n Roll Music Picture the misguided notion of Janis Joplin as lead singer of Led Zeppelin and you'll have the essence of Jackie Blue.

tribe with 299 members - started 10/04/03 - led by Jackie
! Quinto Brax ! Music
qb - Quinto Brax - qb

tribe with 2 members - started 09/30/05 - led by Unsubscribed
! The GITS ! Music
A tribe for all fans of the GITS. Fronted by vocalist Mia Zapata, guitarist Joe Spleen, bass player Matthew Fred Dresdner and drummer Steve Moriarty. Join up and let's hear it for one of the most inspiring bands ever formed. From OHIO to SEA...

tribe with 32 members - started 10/08/05 - led by Venom
! The Invisible Cities ! Music
Tribe for gathering friends and fans of the band called The Invisible Cities

tribe with 21 members - started 01/04/05 - led by Han
! Twisted Sister ! Music
For those who're Not Gonna Take It, Wanna Rock, and are Gonna Burn In Hell! If you like this tribe, check out the others I facilitate: ! Armored Cars ! ! cunt ! ! FLUID ...

tribe with 54 members - started 11/17/03 - led by Nunaya
! Vegan Musicians ! Music
Are you a vegan musician, producer, DJ, singer, or songwriter? Are you looking for others? Do your allergies to cruelty protest the idea of spending your touring life in a bus surrounded by those products? Here is our place to musically connect...

tribe with 6 members - started 08/10/08 - led by Unsubscribed
!! Electronic Musika !! Music
Electronic music, musical hardware & software.

tribe with 1747 members - started 10/17/03 - led by Seven
!! Gypsy Musicians Music
For those who want to perform in any place on this planet...streets, planes, ships or desserts... on the stage or in the alley... in and heart and mind... I have played on the streets of New York & San Francisco,Los Angeles a...

tribe with 800 members - started 12/14/03 - led by Estas
!!!*--PsycadelicTrancePeople--*!!! Music
this tribe is for psycadelic people promote and recommend psy-party´s, talk about the party´s,and post some photos . make friends here and talk,talk,talk about your favorite psy music.........................:-)

tribe with 65 members - started 02/28/07 - led by Ana Rita
!!!1manBanjo!!! Music
Sean Lee a.k.a. !1manBanjo! ->x<- !!! check out !!! ->x<- also note & hell, check out & the players: me=M....

tribe with 156 members - started 10/21/04 - led by drum stringer
!!!drink*heavy*liquid!!! Music
in support for our very bitchin brother, larry steiner, and his awsome band "heavy liquid", i have been asked by larry to find some sort of venue or back yard for them to perform for us. i've never been asked for such a thing, and have no idea how...

tribe with 3 members - started 07/27/08 - led by dogboy
!!drink*heavy*liquid!! Music
in support for our very bitchin brother, larry steiner, and his awsome band "heavy liquid", i have been asked by larry to find some sort of venue or back yard for them to perform for us. i've never been asked for such a thing, and have no idea how...

tribe with 26 members - started 07/27/08 - led by dogboy
!!punk**rok**show!! Music
mxpx, dashboard confessional, blink 182 and more.

tribe with 1 member - started 02/04/04 - led by iceman
!(( Cultivated Audio ))! Music
Electronica reviewed and recommended for the discriminating ear. Find out whats considered the best and learn from a worldwide community of appreciators of great electronic music.

tribe with 211 members - started 11/30/03 - led by isaac joseph
!***1015 Folsom Lovers***! Music
1015 is San Francisco's definitive nocturnal destination featuring the world's top DJs on five electrifying dance floors that will compel you through the morning hours...1015 is also noted as winning the award as best danceclub in america (Dancest...

tribe with 22 members - started 03/28/07 - led by 1015 Folsom
!*::<karaoke Rock Stars>:: Music
This tribe is the meeting place of great and bad singers to connect and share there love of Karaoke .....

tribe with 63 members - started 03/17/05 - led by Aspen
!..ambient music..! Music
Ambient music links for online listening. Please feel free to add your recommendations.

tribe with 845 members - started 01/12/04 - led by Parasme
Strictly for the BASSCADETS!

tribe with 81 members - started 05/19/05 - led by NoMe
!Colorado Music! Music
Here was can collaborate on the musical mayhem that is the Mecca of Music, Denver/Boulder/Ft. Collins. Summit County, Grand Junction, Telluride, even all the way down in Crestonia! There are so many different types of music that come through and...

tribe with 417 members - started 01/31/05 - led by Goat
!LA Promoters United!~ Music
For all those envolved in organizing events/clubs/gatherings/parties/one offs/underground happenings in the City of Angels! Feel free to come share your success and/or problems/issues concerning your events. Everyone wants to meet the DJ and eve...

tribe with 124 members - started 04/27/05 - led by GOMES
!Loud Ass Bastards! Music
DNB.JUNGLE.IDM.BREAKCORE.TRIP-HOP.HARDCORE (Santa Barbara/SF/LA/Portland) "666 dBSPL!" Email/booking:, Sun 6-8pm PST. Hosted by I Wright. Sound enthusiasts, djs, promoters, producers, playaz. Mul...

tribe with 195 members - started 09/12/04 - led by Cumulus/Am I Sam?
!Momentary Prophets! Music
Here's a redirection tribe for fans looking for information and connection. These are three super-talented young men starting up a career in music by launching a CD and tour straight from college graduation at Christopher Newport University in ...

tribe with 5 members - started 09/18/09 - led by Baya
!Music Tour Network! Music Our goal is to provide musicians with a place to organize and trade shows throughout the world.

tribe with 95 members - started 11/05/03 - led by Jackie
!ndivisible !nc. Music
Underground Sound Forge formed by Rodman a.k.a. LuX, Sly Baba, Cheyenne Sun, and Sage a.k.a. the LonesomeDivine

tribe with 68 members - started 05/27/05 - led by pUrEvФl
!~QUEEN~! Music

tribe with 94 members - started 07/26/05 - led by Zebra3
!ђ "“Of Sound Mind™”" Tribe Music
The Of Sound Mind™ Tribe is here for networking and connection between musicians and music lovers interested in expanding their appreciation and depth of experience with music. This program applies to any and all instruments or style of music and...

tribe with 39 members - started 10/09/07 - led by Unsubscribed
" K-OS " Music
Those who know..know. Those who don't know will know soon.

tribe with 45 members - started 09/16/04 - led by ~!~ IamNaked~!~
"ShamRock 'n' Roll" Music
A friendly place where tribesters can chat about bands and artistes who are from or are based in Ireland. Music from the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's is all good!

tribe with 25 members - started 10/25/04 - led by Unsubscribed
###HIGH ON FIRE### Music
The greatest band on Earth right now is HIGH ON FIRE. They are the be-all, end-all of metal in early 2002, and their singer/guitarist Matt Pike is infamous in his quest to "BATTER SLAY PUNISH"; it's his raison d'etre, and he has a Rumsfeldian "tak...

tribe with 108 members - started 01/13/04 - led by iamverymetal
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