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music tribes

*Invest In Music* Music
give us links to your music. if you really like a certain musician, and you happen to have a lot of money to invest...give that musician their lucky break. most talented musicians go unnoticed because they don't have the money to promote and make ...

tribe with 108 members - started 10/22/03 - led by Nobody
*JaCk OfF JiLL* Music
Pay tribute to one of my all time favorite bands.....Jack Off Jill....

tribe with 57 members - started 01/08/04 - led by *Oz™

tribe with 60 members - started 03/13/06 - led by ૐBOYD۞
*Loreena McKennitt* Music
This is a tribe for fans of the very lovely and talented Loreena McKennitt. (This is not an official group. This tribe has been created by a fan of hers - me! ) Been to a concert? Have all her albums? Got her autograph? Feel free to chat abo...

tribe with 18 members - started 05/14/07 - led by *SilverUnicorn*
*Music Millennium* Music
The best in Music, Movies, and Concert DVD's with Live in-store performances daily. Signings and autograph sessions with top artists as well as outstanding customer service 1969! It was The Ides of March, March 15th of 1969, when Don MacLeod, h...

tribe with 4 members - started 06/18/07 - led by MusicMillennium
*Rammstein* Music
they are a german goth rock band…and the kick ass!

tribe with 56 members - started 11/19/04 - led by Zebra3
*south* Music
A tribe for those of you who have requested it... shows I promote, recommend, will be at or wish I could be at. Feel free to discuss bands, music, performances, post your classifieds for bandmates, studio mates, instruments or what have you.

tribe with 20 members - started 10/07/04 - led by Annie
*T*T*s NEWS and CUT radio show Music
A new radio show is online. Enjoy the fine music of these artists here: JAZZJOYTOO By: SLAROU Carol of the Bells By: William Happy New Year 2006 By: michael palmieri (I m) Seeing You Seeing Me By: Hidden ...

tribe with 8 members - started 01/21/06 - led by Tim
For all fans of "The Shroud" and to share the talents of our beloved, beautiful, LYDIA! Post news, Pic's or anything The Shroud!......

tribe with 46 members - started 04/06/05 - led by *NEECE*
*The White Trash Niggers* Music
This a new and progressive band who's topic of choice is rather political. Post as you like about any idea. This is a creative forum.

tribe with 4 members - started 07/15/07 - led by DVDBurner
*ZoSo* Music
If there 's a bustle in our hedgerow. let us not be alarmed now .. it's just a spring clean for the May Queen Page designed his own symbol (Zoso). Though it resembles the alchemical symbol for mercury, its meaning remains a mystery. The mos...

tribe with 44 members - started 05/07/06 - led by
*~Saturn Returns~* Music
Saturn Returns exists in service to the Goddess. We offer support services for those who wish to honor Her through music and dance. At this point in time we are dormant, having taken on many other projects. But... just like Saturn..... we...

tribe with 167 members - started 08/20/05 - led by Unsubscribed
*¨`* { EARRITATION } *¨`* Music
This is a place where people who play or enjoy different styles of music making fusion, build a network and share ideas or plan collaborations.

tribe with 4 members - started 08/24/06 - led by Earritation
+++ SPUN ACADEMY +++ Music
Spun DJ Academy is a Private Non-Profit Music Academy. The Academy is Portland's premiere music institution that specializes in personalized instruction for mastering the art of turntablism and music production. Our mission is to provide studen...

tribe with 30 members - started 11/01/06 - led by Spun Academy
- Empty - Music Empty is a Dark-Electro music act from Sydney, Australia. Band members Aaron Potter and Daniel Brunet have been collectively writing and recording dark-electronic industrial music sin...

tribe with 7 members - started 08/05/05 - led by Unsubscribed
-<((NAKED_FUNK))>- Music
Word Up and Thanks Everybody! For reasons beyond our control a great run at the Chop House has ended. We invite you to stay tuned for our next chapter when we re-emerge from the underground to bring you the ultimate in breakalicious-teknofunkyn...

tribe with 133 members - started 05/06/04 - led by MarkAmeba
-+ faded +- Music
the band faded. and any of our fans too I guess, but we are horrible drunks, so if you like the music, this may kill it for you. Course, maybe it will make it better. IF WE HAD SOME BITCHES IT WOULD BE BETTER. Crap I hope I can change that later, ...

tribe with 7 members - started 04/24/04 - led by Chris
-=<(((HowWeird)))>=- Music
YES, THANK YOU ONE AND ALL, and a big up's to Mother Nature for kicking down such an awesome day!!! UNBELIEVABLE, OFF THE HOOK, AMAZING !!! If you missed it, SEE YA NEXT YEAR, if ya were there, POST A PIC, or invite a friend.... Lot's more ...

tribe with 222 members - started 03/20/05 - led by MarkAmeba
-In The Shadow Of The Pine- Music
A tribe dedicated to the history, culture and music of Classic Country, Western Swing, Old Timey, Appalachian, Bluegrass, Hillbilly & Rockabilly 1920's to 1960's and beyond. Keep informed about local shows and exchange ideas about this unique and ...

tribe with 103 members - started 03/09/04 - led by TOM LG
-{> ZILLA <}- Music
all things ZILLA ***for tourdates, music, photos, and info check out*** zilla on myspace: also check out other related sites... jamie's solo realms can be perused here: www.m...

tribe with 497 members - started 01/29/05 - led by Aaron
. x PSYCHOBILLY x . Music
show listings. bands. discussion. psychobillies. punks. rockabillies. deathrockers. etc.

tribe with 683 members - started 09/18/03 - led by Motorpsycho
... singer/songwriter, dark folk, etc... Music
Discussion, live show reviews, show promotion for musicians of these genres and the people that love/support them. Come on down....

tribe with 176 members - started 10/28/03 - led by Annie
......KISS™ GODS OF THUNDER !! Music
For Fans Of KISS ....its the loudest and greatest show on earth!!If your a fan of KISS,this is thr place to be!!!THE HOTTEST BAND IN THE WORLD....

tribe with 73 members - started 04/17/04 - led by MADMARK ™
....:[-_uber_-underground-]:.... Music
this is the true underground that has been spread to you by word-of-mouth. Website is on the way, authorization and validation is required. "You can't stop tha force when I'm stompin' to muh beat..jus put tha needle on tha rekkid and let the ...

tribe with 36 members - started 01/28/04 - led by Selekta Music
great web site

tribe with 15 members - started 03/09/05 - led by mike
...of a revolution (O.A.R.) Music
O.A.R. (...of a revolution) Fans

tribe with 7 members - started 07/23/05 - led by Christopher
..TOM wAITS dIVINE.. Music
when the sky is cold, who is there to meet you? the piano troubadour of our hearts. tears fall and soften the sad soil betwixt our toes. when the blood in our hearts runs with spirit, he knows the words trickling in our saliva. the poison of sadn...

tribe with 64 members - started 07/26/05 - led by Unsubscribed
..ºFeed the Flameº.. Music
This tribe is about psytrance......what else did you need? I make psy for a living...among other kinds of music...and it is an all day every day thing...It is my favorite thing to share psy with makes me so happy!!! so when we ar...

tribe with 32 members - started 08/16/06 - led by Shiva Shaktal
.: Hux Flux :. Music
the originator of the Swedish psychedelic trance sound. In 1999 Hux Flux released his well-received debut album Cryptic Crunch and he became one of the most popular names in the psychedelic trance scene. Many have attempted to copy his unique soun...

tribe with 116 members - started 05/17/04 - led by Unsubscribed
.:. atom heart .:. Music
for those who love uwe, senior, atom, and all of his collaborative works and modes of expression...

tribe with 52 members - started 03/25/04 - led by .:mx:d:.
.:.::BreakCore::.:. Music
Breakcore is a loosely defined electronic music style that brings together elements of jungle, hardcore techno and rhythmic noise, into a breakbeat-oriented sound that encourages speed, complexity, and maximum sonic density. The style began to ...

tribe with 216 members - started 04/07/06 - led by ANiMA
.::\Tribale Elements/::.. Music
..::Tribal Elements consists of Musicians / DJs / Artists / Performance Artists...we look to extend good Music & Art mixed with a high-quality relaxed atmosphere. Most all of our events are "family" friendly...from our small gatherings lakeside to...

tribe with 24 members - started 05/22/08 - led by Soleil Psychédélique
Meet people in your area that share an affinity towards Roots, Dub, Dancehall etc. Post up flyers of any shows/gatherings that will be happening in your area.

tribe with 21 members - started 06/26/08 - led by .:R O O T S Y:.
A place on the net to give recognition to the selfless woman behind the shaving cream and electrical tape. To Wedy O. Williams who paved the way for anticensorship for generations to come.

tribe with 51 members - started 03/25/05 - led by Frankenhooker
.x|Ontario|Music|x. Music
The name pretty much speaks for itself... bands, musicians, or just general interest are welcome. Feel free to post anything about ontario music, shows or bands that you know of. Or even if you just want to know whats up...

tribe with 14 members - started 12/09/03 - led by Unsubscribed
//////////////////////// Music

tribe with 4 members - started 06/30/04 - led by tibee
/^A^\ Music
A discussion of the music of the Greatest Band of All Time, Aerosmith.

tribe with 14 members - started 05/21/04 - led by Spartakeith
1.FM ReggaeTrade Music
The best of classic and contemporary reggae with DJ SassoReggae

tribe with 7 members - started 02/26/07 - led by Richardson
10 cent depozit Music
this tribe is about breathing and feeling alive in a world that is depressing at times, living through music, djs, breakers, emeeing, graffiti, hip hip , underground, anti global domination, fuck G Dubya, dont be a number, uncontroled substances, ...

tribe with 34 members - started 12/17/03 - led by Skin
10,000 light years and the Gothic Shower Music
Please analize songs such as Let it Bleed. What does you can bleed on me mean?

tribe with 8 members - started 07/06/05 - led by (Mr)
10000 Lakes Festi Music
For all who love 10K and all it offers. Great music, Great people, Great temperatures. Overall greatness!

tribe with 9 members - started 02/08/07 - led by Uncle Jhish
106.7 The End Music
A tribe for fans of 106.7 The End, a modern rock station in New Orleans.

tribe with 34 members - started 03/27/04 - led by Wolfgang
10cc injection Music
10cc fans. For those of us who can name the sequel to "Clockwork Creep".

tribe with 5 members - started 11/06/03 - led by Groucho
10K lakes festival Music
For anyone who is going to the 10k lakes festival and enjoys having fun.

tribe with 15 members - started 04/12/06 - led by Alex
10KLF (10,000 Lakes Festival) Music
A place to meet others who are going, find a ride, ask questions, and just discuss everything 10KLF. 10,000 Lakes Festival July 18-21 2007 Detroit Lakes, MN Artists TBA - SOON!

tribe with 37 members - started 04/27/06 - led by sugaree
1111dance Music
one movement one door one being one world

tribe with 9 members - started 08/13/05 - led by Ben
12 Majestik Music
Fans of 12 Majestik...

tribe with 8 members - started 03/02/06 - led by J-Red
13 Point Family Music
Yo kids, brothers, sisters, momma's and poppa's. If you don't feel at home unless you are surrounded by a parking lot or in a hotel room, this is your home away from home away from home. This is the 13 Point Family. Hopefully we can form a soli...

tribe with 16 members - started 02/15/06 - led by Mathew
15 Times Dead Music
15 Times Dead, Glasgow's self-proclaimed Godfathers of Girth Metal, formed in April 2004 and take their speed, power and melody from some of the major rock and metal bands of the past thirty years The Godfathers of Girth Metal arrived onto the ...

tribe with 5 members - started 03/30/06 - led by Scott
16 Horsepower/Woven Hand Music
For those of us who love the music of David Eugene Edwards either with 16 Horsepower or Woven Hand

tribe with 19 members - started 12/13/05 - led by Bobby
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