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music tribes

Alien Aum Adventure planning Music
This is a forum to exchange ideas and plans for your cross country trip to the A.U.M. festival... Also, this is a great place to find rides and carpools, as well as places to meet on the way to A.U.M festival

tribe with 37 members - started 06/27/07 - led by DylaN
Alien Sex Fiend Music
Legendary band spanning over 20 year history.....with 12 studio albums and four live albums to date.... Join this to keep updated on the latest musical ventures of the infamous Nik Fiend and Mrs Fiend. Also updates on Fiend art.

tribe with 53 members - started 07/06/04 - led by Damon
Alison Moyet Music
From Yazoo to solo career... the Diva lives on in all her glory~!

tribe with 33 members - started 08/21/04 - led by Unsubscribed
Alive & Direct Music
This is a Thursday night where djs come together to preserve the music of our past. Strictly vinyl. Alive & Direct- Thursday Nights @ Proof Bar in Santa Ana with rotating djs-Soluz,Poppa,Mr.Goodbar,Shaun Velarde,JusTodd +gue...

tribe with 6 members - started 01/21/07 - led by knoe
Alix Olson lovers Music
This is a place for those who love and support Alix Olson and her work to ummm...drool...I mean carry on discussions if wanted. If you don't know of must check her out!

tribe with 24 members - started 11/29/04 - led by Lisa
Alk3 AND HWM Music
For fans of Alkaline Trio, Hot Water Music, Skiba's solo stuff, etc.

tribe with 33 members - started 12/01/03 - led by Eric
ALL Music
Go for ALL and ALL will set you free.

tribe with 3 members - started 11/09/05 - led by john
All about the carpenters Music
All about Richard & karen carpenter Tribe

tribe with 9 members - started 04/15/05 - led by Unsubscribed
All Day And All of the Night Music
For those who love the Kinks

tribe with 44 members - started 12/02/03 - led by Daron
All I Want is Joni... Music
Joni Mitchell appreciation tribe

tribe with 97 members - started 01/07/04 - led by ks
All Natural Lemon and Lime Flavors Music
One of the greatest bands I've ever heard and you should hear. Put down the My Bloody Valentine and get with this.

tribe with 6 members - started 12/30/03 - led by erik
All That Saz Music
For anyone interested in playing the Saz.

tribe with 140 members - started 12/23/06 - led by Brian
All things good! Music
this is for them people who want things to do, no time wasting just looking for them vibes that are good! make sure you share them vibes with others and they ll share there vibes with U! all things good!

tribe with 4 members - started 05/06/06 - led by 2 step edz
Your leg came to rest against mine then you lounged with knees up and apart and me and my heart we knew, we just knew forevermore

tribe with 265 members - started 09/24/03 - led by Dina
AllAfrican Music Music
Can you Define

tribe with 2 members - started 06/19/07 - led by Eddie
Allan Holdsworth Music

tribe with 7 members - started 01/01/04 - led by qwertyuiop
AllHipHopHeads Music
For the true hip hop fan

tribe with 358 members - started 12/08/03 - led by Samson
Allien/Kittin Music
Tribe dedicated to two popular electro queens, Ellen Allien and Miss Kittin. Discussions on similar topics and like-minded artists also encouraged.

tribe with 54 members - started 06/04/04 - led by D.A.
Alloy Trex Music
News and Information on the psy-downtempo live act Alloy Trex.

tribe with 20 members - started 03/23/05 - led by troy
Alluvium Festival Music
Alluvium Festival (May long weekend) / British Columbia, Canada

tribe with 15 members - started 12/05/06 - led by Unsubscribed
Alma Melodiosa Music
Alma Melodiosa is a band from California that has been mixing Flamenco, Rock, Belly Dance, Reggae and Cutting Edge World Beats for over 7 years touring Internationally and recording innovative Albums.

tribe with 26 members - started 03/01/04 - led by Alma
ALO *Animal Liberation Orchestra* Music
"Our goal and our hope is that people will come to our show and we'll start playing and they'll get liberated" It's time to liberate the animal in You!

tribe with 486 members - started 04/07/05 - led by Chad Galactic

tribe with 4 members - started 04/27/09 - led by ANA
AlohaGroove Music
Aloha Groovers, To Sign up for the AlohaGroove Presents Street Team, sent your name, phone number, and mailing address to If you have a MySpace account please add AlohaGroove Presents as your friend. (

tribe with 57 members - started 09/25/05 - led by AlohaGroove
Alphaville & Marian Gold Music
A tribe for those who appreciate the music of Alphaville and Marian Gold (Hartwig Schierbaum). Share links, images, lore and connect with others who love Alphaville & Marian Gold. Alphaville's official website:

tribe with 3 members - started 07/24/09 - led by
alt. country Music
a group for fans of music often called 'alt country', 'freak folk' and such like.

tribe with 17 members - started 09/05/05 - led by Nicholas
Altar of Sound Music
Altar of Sound is a production company based out of San Diego. We are currently promoting Basis @ marin lounge in downtown San Diego and "Altar of Sound presents" internet radio show on Our residents DJs are Andrew Muchmore and Garre...

tribe with 3 members - started 08/01/05 - led by Garrett
Alternative Rock Music
A tribe comprised of rock, metal, punk, industrial, grunge, ska, crack rock, psychobilly, and any other form of rock you can suggest

tribe with 30 members - started 06/22/05 - led by Smokey The Pyro
AmaizingWomenMusic Music
Amaizing music from female musicians, composers singers,performers, Dj's, and more!!!

tribe with 18 members - started 03/05/05 - led by Salena
AMARAKA United Mudsic Foundation Music
Harmonic alignment of conscious love intenntions for the world.

tribe with 2 members - started 06/02/07 - led by Zion
AMARAKA United Music Foundation Music
Harmonic alignment of conscious love intentions for the world.

tribe with 2 members - started 06/02/07 - led by Zion
Amaris Records - India Music
In the last several years, the talent available within the Psy Trance world has escalated to extraordinary levels. All the released and unreleased music available makes producing and giving it an additional arena to perform, an asset to our lives....

tribe with 7 members - started 03/01/07 - led by Amaris Records
Amateur instrument players Music
Anybody who plays an instrument can join!

tribe with 1 member - started 05/16/16 - led by Becky
AMAZING LIVE SHOW-THINK PINK FLOYD Music Think Pink Floyd The national touring Pink Floyd tribute band from the Philadelphia area delivers a true replication of a Pink Floyd concert. THINK PINK FLOYD have an a...

tribe with 2 members - started 07/21/11 - led by THINKPINKFLOYD
Amber Lee and the Anomalies Music
**Neo-Folkloric Accordion Charm** Singer-songwriter and accordion-ista Amber Lee Baker. For the most current information, please go to: or

tribe with 18 members - started 07/25/07 - led by Amber
Ambience de Sylvian Music

tribe with 34 members - started 01/29/05 - led by ! Rob
A Tribe for everyone ambient,chill,downtempo,dub,atmospheric avant garde,jazz, minimal, psychedelic ,lounge,dark, drum n bass and whatever else you chill with

tribe with 2161 members - started 10/09/03 - led by DF Tram
Ambient Music Producers Music
its time for some serious ambient jamming

tribe with 55 members - started 02/08/04 - led by El Magnifico
Ambient Music Trade System Music
This tribe revolves around trading different kinds of music. As I mean in trading, I mean sharing ambient, electronic, ambient/post, or anything chill artist to create a diverse system of finding new kinds of artist. What more do you want to ask f...

tribe with 5 members - started 10/14/10 - led by Unsubscribed
Ambient, Electronic, Chill-Out Music Music
Just wanted to start a tribe to connect with people that like ambient, chill-out, world-beat, electronic, trance-dance, healing, yoga, reiki, and drumming music! Of course all other related music is welcome!

tribe with 4 members - started 05/14/07 - led by Sequoia Records
ambientlounge room Music
software reviews :: ableton live + reason monthly selection downloads :: djs and producers club scene and festivals :: information & reports recomended only :: tips noncharts for our guests electronic culture :: gadgets technology domotic

tribe with 5 members - started 03/04/06 - led by menino
AmbiLoop Music
Tribe for users of AmbiLoop, the free looping software

tribe with 11 members - started 04/01/04 - led by cpr
Ambisonics Music
A tribe dedicated to true ambient sound recording, reproduction and manipulation!

tribe with 11 members - started 04/06/05 - led by Misinterpret
Ambitionn Street Promotional Teams Music
This tribe is for individuals who which to become a member of a street promotional team. Receive monetary compensation, discounted services and products, prizes, VIP status, free tickets and more (varies per project) for passing out flyers and pro...

tribe with 3 members - started 08/08/05 - led by ambitionn
Ambitious Outsiders Music
A place for straight and gay Morrissey fans of all genders, colours and ages to worship the Moz!

tribe with 14 members - started 11/03/04 - led by Unsubscribed
Amel Larrieux Crew Music
A tribe for all the Amel Larrieux fans out there... past, present, and future!

tribe with 3 members - started 09/25/06 - led by Karleigh
Casey and the band are tearing the shit out of the fabric that binds (serious)punk ideologies with metal casings. This is the sound of dark warning... sending a violent 'fuck you' towards the lies we are supposed to endure, and call "life". "Abo...

tribe with 1 member - started 06/04/05 - led by Unsubscribed
American all-leather sofas you deserve Music
<p>1, when moving the sofa to be lifted from the bottom, light moving light, not Chela sofa to avoid damage. Prohibit sitting on the couch back and armrests, or crashing the sofa, so as to avoid damage to the sofa inside the frame.</p> &l...

tribe with 1 member - started 06/29/15 - led by Danying
American Gypsies Music
Tony Furtado fans unite!

tribe with 5 members - started 05/06/06 - led by Philip
AMERICAN HARDCORE: 1980-1996 Music
For those who grew up on the eve of hardcore punk or like the music/era.

tribe with 13 members - started 09/28/06 - led by Unsubscribed
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