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! ! Outside of the Box Thinkers ! ! Science & History
Outside-of-the box thinking requires an openness to new ways of seeing the world and a willingness to explore. Outside-of-the box thinkers know that new ideas need nurturing and support. They also know that having an idea is good but acting on it ...

tribe with 582 members - started 04/06/05 - led by Serendipity
! # Dating site for people over 50 Science & History
still searching for the right match for yourself? This might be the very place you need try. which opens an entirely new and ever growing world of online dating community (meeting senior people, baby boomers and old...

tribe with 1 member - started 04/02/15 - led by Dfer
! #1 i ♥ cougar dating place Science & History
Mature women looking for younger man is a trend in future. is the hottest dating site for Younger Men & Older Women. It is the premier cougar dating site for single guys looking to meet a rich older cougar who lik...

tribe with 3 members - started 12/18/14 - led by Jeea
! #1 i ♥ Older women dating younger man Science & History
Welcom to Have you been looking for Cougar woman to date that are more experienced? All you'll need is right at here. ? ? is Cougar Dating Site. Create Your Profile For F...

tribe with 3 members - started 12/07/14 - led by Niav
! #1 i ♥ STDs meet community Science & History
welcome to the best STD dating site.there are many singles with Herpes (HSV-1, HSV-2), HPV (Human Papillomavirus), HIV or any other STD for dating,click here>>>

tribe with 1 member - started 01/12/15 - led by Hige
! Philosophy in Los Angeles ! Science & History
A forum for all who want to talk Philosophy. This tribe is also the webpage for the "Philosophy in L.A." discussion group, which meets every month (an actual, old-fashioned, face-to-face get together), usually on 2nd or 3rd Sunday at 5:00 PM in S...

tribe with 346 members - started 08/20/04 - led by ScreamBrian
!!!! Save the Octopuses Now !!!! Science & History
The Gindaco food corporation of Japan is planning to saturate the American fast food market with quick-fried octopus dumplings -- called takoyaki. This is their answer to MacDonald's hamburgers. We think that this is reprehensible since the oct...

tribe with 23 members - started 06/26/06 - led by WIZARD
!Mayan (not 13 Moons) Calendar! Science & History
The 13 Moons calendar is not "the Mayan calendar" and does not align with the dates still kept by Mayan descendants in the Guatemalan highlands (let alone anthropologists with differing ideas). It does not align very well with the rotation of t...

tribe with 99 members - started 04/20/06 - led by Devon
#nexus Science & History

tribe with 1 member - started 10/06/03 - led by jason
""Conspiracy theories" Science & History
Moon landings? Roswell? Area 51?The lone gunman? Planet X? Are we being watched? What are governments keeping from us and why?And so many much for us to get out teeth into and get really paranoid about!

tribe with 225 members - started 03/31/05 - led by Bobs
""The power & beauty of Nature Science & History
If Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Geysers, Lightning, The Auroras Borealis and Australis, Freak Waves, Maelstroms, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, ( Twisters),Storms, Glaciers, Freak Weather, el Nino, Climate change or any natural phenomena ( and not just on our ...

tribe with 577 members - started 08/24/04 - led by Bobs
........................ Science & History

tribe with 21 members - started 06/29/04 - led by Steven
.:Visionary Reapers:. Holographics Science & History
This Ongoing Digital Document Discusses The Illusionary Bermuda Triangle Of Life, How To Deal With It And Move Forward, Consciously, Sub-Consciously, Super-Consciously. Self Mastery Is Inevitable. Subjects At Hand; Inner Power, Paranormal Research...

tribe with 217 members - started 09/16/04 - led by Akiw
0110001001101001011011100110000101110010 Science & History

tribe with 2 members - started 11/04/03 - led by Nathan
12th Planet Nibiru Science & History
Zecharia Sitchin's Earth Chronicles and related theories, Ancient Cosmic/Planetary History, The 12th Planet ~ Nibiru, Mythology, NASA miss-information, and anything remotely shapeshifting in origin.

tribe with 248 members - started 04/09/04 - led by Akiw
172 Hertz Science & History
Join the movement to change the worlds dominant power frequencies from the stress producing 50 and 60 Hertz to the fundamental frequency of nature: 172 Hz that harmonizes with the angels of all life according to my recent research, and led to 1000...

tribe with 23 members - started 10/28/06 - led by Doctor Glen
2012 News Science & History
In affiliatiion with, this forum is to collect any News on the year 2012 and network and discuss all aspects of the forthcoming "transition" and discuss the book, Beyond 2012 and other media on 2012. This is the unm...

tribe with 109 members - started 08/09/06 - led by Dire
20th Century German History Science & History
For all those interested in the study of 20th century German history -- including WWI, the Freicorps, the Weimar Republic, UFa, Fascism (theories of, rise of), the Third Reich, WWII, the Holocaust, Stunde Null, divided Germany, DDR (GDR), DEFA, Ho...

tribe with 74 members - started 06/18/04 - led by Ida
5 Science & History
I don't know

tribe with 9 members - started 09/23/03 - led by Master
6th MASS EXTINCTION Science & History
The worlds scientists agree that we are in the middle of a mass extinction, which is the 6th in earth's history. The 5th was the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Experts predict that 1/2 of all life on earth will be extinct within...

tribe with 316 members - started 07/19/04 - led by Unsubscribed
82ND Living History Association Science & History
Dedicated to preserving the history of the 82D Airborne durring WWII.

tribe with 0 members - started 08/30/06 - led by Unsubscribed
:::---FREE ENERGY ---::: Science & History
Free Energy is the way of the future.. there will be no monoploly over energy and it will be pollution free... It Exists and its up to our generation to reveal it and enable it......

tribe with 376 members - started 09/27/04 - led by DaviD SatoRi
::transhuman:: Science & History
Transhumanism: the philosophies of life (such as extropian perspectives) that seek the continuation and acceleration of the evolution of intelligent life beyond its currently human form and human limitations by means of science and technology, gui...

tribe with 266 members - started 10/14/03 - led by dimi3
?@COSMIC MAYA@? Science & History
A place for all followers of the Cosmic Maya . . . prophesy, history, culture, arts, cosmology, and math . . . all kin welcome :-)

tribe with 124 members - started 07/12/05 - led by white wizard
a dolphin's view Science & History
for people who love dolphin's and other sea life!

tribe with 131 members - started 05/02/04 - led by Unsubscribed
A place for thinking Science & History
An alternative to philosophy forums where people write but don't read. Admittance requires an example of work (i.e. an academic paper - or be creative!),

tribe with 4 members - started 03/18/06 - led by Tristan
A Seashell Tribe Science & History
Conchology, Malacology, Shell Collecting & Beachcombing. Because there is more than one way to be a geek. And to help you find us via tribe search: collect collections mollusk mollusks seashell seashells snail snails gastropod gastropods bival...

tribe with 93 members - started 12/05/03 - led by Unsubscribed
Adolf Hitler Science & History
Period 4 project.

tribe with 1 member - started 12/08/08 - led by Suzy
Adrian Empire Science & History
We are a non - profit medieval reenactment group. We do Reine Faires and go to shools and teach. We like to have fun banging on drums, making costumes, steel fighting and more.

tribe with 9 members - started 06/13/06 - led by Annette
ADYTUM (Transdimensional Origami Palace) Science & History
this place is boundless. create it as you go. trad carefully in the mysts, for who knows what you may encounter. speak freely, with bright eyes. oh, and, have some tea.

tribe with 15 members - started 05/09/05 - led by Unsubscribed
aeroponics Science & History
a place to discuss the nuts and bolts of DIY aeroponic systems.

tribe with 5 members - started 12/04/06 - led by michael
Aetheric Sciences Science & History
Science is not the property of an institutionally sanctified elite with a big budget for controlled experimentation. Science is the property of open-minded free-thinking people with a facility for both logical analysis, and aetheric intuition. ...

tribe with 10 members - started 01/15/08 - led by Leslie
african share circle Science & History
A place where Africans of all nationalities and levels,etc can come and view their opinions facts and build themselves up mentaly and spiritually holistically with out any bias,etc... A place to come and learn About that which was taken from you....

tribe with 15 members - started 03/06/04 - led by Robert
Agricultural Soil Science (ASS) Science & History
Agricultural Soil Science. A place to do dirty science and throw mud at each others theories. No slackers only people who want to kick ASS up the agenda. Lets face it we all know that the world is currently, or at least appears to be, neck dee...

tribe with 116 members - started 02/10/04 - led by Unsubscribed
alien abduction host sickness I feel ... Science & History
If you have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, or any sickness that can not be explained by medicine and you begin to question you might have been abducted or hosted by an unknown force, alien, or non-human being, we need to hear from you. If you are ...

tribe with 14 members - started 10/30/05 - led by Goku
alienhunters Science & History
anything paranormal, i.e. ufos, ghosts, monsters,or other strange and crazy stuff.

tribe with 7 members - started 12/17/10 - led by jesse
all newbies in wingmaking Science & History
Talk about what you just or are learning now, and chat about where and why to go to new wingmaker sites obout how to use wingmaking.

tribe with 5 members - started 09/10/05 - led by Dallas
All things Entomology Science & History
A tribe for anyone with an interest in entomology, arachnology, or entomophagy

tribe with 258 members - started 12/02/03 - led by Chili
All Warfare and Tactics Science & History
This is my first attempt at creating a tribe, so we'll see how this goes. This tribe is for military discussion. In politics, war is an extention of negotiations and regardless of wrong or happens. This tribe is not meant to discuss the...

tribe with 89 members - started 03/02/04 - led by Mayo
Alternate Histories Discussion Science & History
DISCLAIMER: I am glib. I do not have a degree in any of the disciplines I mention here. I have read lots of science fiction, I have "studied" laymen's texts on this stuff, but I DO NOT PROFESS TO KNOW WHAT THE HELL I'M TALKING ABOUT. _________...

tribe with 57 members - started 08/27/05 - led by Dave
Alternative Conspiracy Science & History
This is a place to discuss alterative information that may be linked to conspiracy or part of a conspiracy.

tribe with 13 members - started 10/25/05 - led by Thomas
Alternative NRG Science & History
Primarily, alternative energy vehicles

tribe with 24 members - started 12/23/04 - led by Unsubscribed
Alton Metro East Paranormal Research Science & History
Alton Metro East Paranormal Research is the old Litchfield Ghost Trackers Group. I recently moved back to my hometown of Alton Ill., and building a new group. Our goal is to prove that they exist and to educate the public on them. Secondly, we are...

tribe with 3 members - started 11/12/11 - led by Jack
Amateur Astronomy Science & History
We are here to discuss and share all things related to amateur astronomy.

tribe with 83 members - started 08/26/06 - led by Starstuffed
Amateur Telescope Makers Science & History
A tribe organized to help those interested in building telescopes.

tribe with 28 members - started 01/11/04 - led by Gregory
amatuer dragonology Science & History
study of hisoric dragons.

tribe with 1 member - started 04/14/06 - led by dylan
amatuerdragonology Science & History
study of hisoric dragons.

tribe with 1 member - started 04/14/06 - led by dylan
American Archaeology Science & History
This tribe is for dicsussing any aspect of American archaeology, be it theory or grumbings, archaeology as a profession (CRM, Academic and Museum; from PI to Field/Lab Tech), Academics (from High School to Ph.D.), subdiciplines (from geoarchaeolo...

tribe with 151 members - started 03/14/05 - led by
American History Science & History
"American history is longer, larger, more various, more beautiful, and more terrible than anything anyone has ever said about it." ~ James Baldwin

tribe with 31 members - started 06/22/07 - led by Joe
American Indian/Native American 1st Nati Science & History
You must include this entire description when applying for membershp: Before entry read all of this:This is a tribe dedicated to those who wish to learn about tradition....that has been researched. This is no place for New agers..I am sorry..pleas...

tribe with 180 members - started 06/13/04 - led by Kalonapossessorof...
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