Urethra Inflation for stretching

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I'm looking for something to insert in the urethra, that can be inflated. Thus stretching the urethra without pumping air into the bladder.
I've thought about those long, skinny balloons, used to make balloon animals and a pump. Just wondering if you guys had any other suggestions, ideas, or know of a device specifically designed for such play.
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    Re: Urethra Inflation for stretching

    Thu, November 15, 2012 - 3:23 PM
    Don't want to be a party pooper, but a word of warning about urethral inflatables.
    In my medical career on urology I once came across a patient who had similar ideas about stretching his urethra.
    Unfortunately he used a Foley catheter. He inserted it in the normal way and inflated the ballon inside his bladder. Then with the balloon still inflated he pulled out the catheter.
    I can only imagine the pain and blood at the time. Anyway he didn't go to Accident & Emergency at the time and left it a few days before seeking medical help. I can't remember all the details now, but several operations were needed for the ruptured sphincter and urethra and the gangrene that was already developing on admission. Gangrene is a difficult thing to treat and when it's inside your cock n bladder that difficulty just increases. This case turned out to be fatal.

    Sounding is the best way to go I think, unless it it something specially designed for the job.

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