Stretched Pee Hole

topic posted Mon, August 26, 2013 - 10:15 PM by  Don
I have recently started sounding, right now I'm using small objects I can find around the house. The biggest thing I have inserted into my cock is the diameter of a drinking straw. It took a bit of time to even get to point where I can now pee without the burning sensation. I'm sure as time goes that diameter will seem small and I will be trying to go bigger. I love sounding and already the visual of having something even larger stuffed down my cock excites me. Looking at some of the pictures that guys have posted with their Pee Holes (torn open) seems the best way to describe it, does the excitement outweigh the pain and problems associated with going that far? Surely taking a Pee must be like a human "sprinkler" and I can imagine the leakage after you have put it back in your underwear after you are done. I would like to hear from you, tell me if "Extreme Sounding" has really been worth it or not? Thanks
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