Ever got caught masterbating?

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Have you ever got caught masterbating and didn't want to get caught in the first place? What happened?
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    I did get caught a few times...couple times by my mom...i was around 9...first time while i was masturbating in the thub, and the other time whem i was masturbating in the garage...Both times, she was so surprised, she never said a word, turned around, and left.
    I kept masturbating, and had dry orgasms.
    I also got caught masturbating few times by my older gay brother. I was around 11.
    Each time he caught me, i was in my room, door open, totally naked on my bed, and i knew he was coming around but kept masturbating.
    He usually stopped in front of my door, looking at my hairless genitals, rubbing and grabing himself, and leave to his room to masturbate too.
    I have to admit, i really enjoyed being caught and watched. I still do with other males and neighbor who enjoy watching me...
  • I was babysitting this young girl. It was my day off and was horny and got naked. I was about to cum when the front door opened and she came in, dress up under her arms, thumbs hooked in the waistband of her panties as she was on the way to pee. I didn't stop as she watched me cum.
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    Well I was caught leaving the toilet with my cousin when we were 8, when I was 13 My mum caught me in the middle of my wank.and when I was 17 my Mum and my older brother caught me jerking off with a rubber glove.
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      Oh and when I was 16 and with my ex. It was in the evening and we were in his garage which had a cinema type of thing set up, he wasn't out yet "I was just his "friend" where his parents were concerned, we were watching a movie and I was giving him a head job, when suddenly we heard a couple knocks on the see through glass sliding door. Was his mum and she saw everything, but thankfully didn't say anything.
  • Yes I got caught masturbating by my brother when I was about 12 and when I tried to cover up wheat I was doing he said it's ok, everyone does it, and he pulled out his dick and we jacked off together. We used to see sho could shoot the farthest. After that I realized that I liked getting caught and would wank all over the house for the specific purpose of getting caught. Probably the boldest I ever was was one summer morning when i masturbated and came while lying on a picnic table in our back yard while my mom watched through as she washing dishes after breakfast.
  • I was caught by my father. I was in the sleeper of his Kenworth truck, on our way to Houston, Texas. I was back there in the dark hauling ass on my cock. I didn't take note that he had pulled the truck to the side of the road, and had opened the flap of the sleeper. The outside light shone on my cock. When I opened my eyes after cumming; I stared into my Dad's face. It was once of pride that I could shoot so much cum. He didn't say a word other than that we were going to eat at the next travel plaza. He grabbed a rag and handed it to me. I smiled. Dad just turned around and let me clean up and drove to the travel center where we ate and then showered. Instead of paying for two showers, Dad and I just shared. That was the first time, I got to see his cock. Since then, I'd jack off to the time; Dad caught me.
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    As a kid I was caught by my dad and as a dad I have caught my son quite a few times. My dad just said Oh and walked out, as a father would.
    One time I came home from work and my son had not mowed the yard. He had all day. I stormed in his room, he was JO, I yelled at him to stop screwing around and get out and mow the yard. I yelled then entire time as he flew out of bed, put shorts on and flew outside. He mowed the yard.
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    A few times, yes lol. 1 of my earliest (if not the first) was when I was 12yrs old. I was in the enclosed stairwell of my apartment complex at the very bottom. I heard people above come and go as I kept stroking my dick. About 15mins passed when the landlord opened the door from the buildings basement. With out thinking I just pulled my shorts up and reached for a piece of wood. When he realized it was me he just smirked and said "Were you jerking it?" I guess my quick breathing and sweaty forehead gave me away. I just nodded in agreement. He invited me in the basement and locked the door. Mins later I was jerking off again, only this time I was laying on my back on his desk as he was fucking me.
  • I didn't just get caught jacking off ... it's a long story. .... This HS friend of mine, we used to walk to school together and hang out as friends ... one day we had smuggled some beer up into his room and I don''t know how we got on the subject, but we got talking bout porn, and then decided to shoot some of our own. He got out his camera ( he was a pretty good amateur/pro photographer). and I posed in various stages of shorts down, hard on showing, grabbing, jerking off, etc. No intent of ever seeing these pictures come out (This is long before digital photography and selfies, remember). Many months go by and I'm walking with a girl friend, and she tells me that I'm very luck to be so endowed, and I stop in my tracks... My friend had mailed her some photos from our shoot. I was petrified. I demanded all the pics from him and threatened to beat the crap out of him. He gave me the pics and the negatives. I locked them up in my safest spot which turned out NOT to be that safe (Teenagers are stupid, really). My dad found them and had a long talk with me, as I burned them in the back yard burn barrel. I was still secretly proud that she thought I was well endowed !!
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    I got caught a lot of times.
    When I am at a gay cruising area i love to be behind some bushes and Jack off. Sometimes I get visitors.
    I got caught by my mum and my dad. A lot of times. Once i did it with lights on so neighbours could watch. I did it also in a public cubicle where I got caught by a boy who got red. But looked several times interested back. Then came a man who asked, if i want to get sucked and suck his.

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