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Cock and Ball Torture. This tribe is for those interested in rough play with the sensitive male bits. ;-),,,,,,,,,,,,Remember this tribe is for CBT. Please Read entire Intro

If your profile is over a week Old and is incomplete, it tells me you are either lazy or looking of masturbation Fodder. In either case am not really hopeful you will contribute to this Tribe and i will remove you from the membership roll as soon as I identify you have no photo or other icon and 0 connections as well.

Also Spam is removed from the Tribe Topics as soon as it is noted, if the spammer continues to spam in the future, most likely I will also remove them from the membership roll of the Tribe too.

Other than these two pet peeves, have at it and have fun. If anyone disagrees with these rules I understand, but I am Moderating this Tribe for the active members that wish to discuss the topic not lurkers or spammers. I care nothing about these people that Spam and do not invest in their profiles, I view them as nothing more than just time and space wasters. RSS Feed what is XML?

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ballbusting's videos  topic
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ballbusting's videos  topic
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Tingling in my naked glans as I post.  photo flag
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Crusher  photo flag
Crusher  photo flag