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I have a humbler and was wondering what other kind of play do you include when you use your humbler.

I recently added one eye bolt on each side so I can hang weights on them. I can place the same weight on each side or off set so one side pulls more than the other. Max weight so far is 10lbs.

The other kind of play I been blessed to have is wax play but I am looking foward to other ideas. Not to mention giving this group a kick to get it started again.
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    I *think* the idea is that the man cannot stand up and must crawl around, thereby being made "humble". Of course you are showing some additional creativity :)

    My Wife just likes to tighten the screws ;-)

  • My wife, and her friends, like to flick rubber bands against the tip of my cock whilst wearing my humbler. Another favourite is to cane my bottom and whip my balls.
  • I think a great use for a humbler is some predicament bondage. You wife and bind you and give you a task (licking her feet, pussy or ass) and force you to strain against your bonds and the humbler to complete the assigned task.

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    I'm very new to

    i have looked all over the net for plans to make a humbler in english. i have all kinds of wood and hinges and other things in my shop... just need step by step plans.. Mistress really wants to enclose my balls in a Humbler.. i want to make one and put Her intials in it.
    i'm sure after She has one in Her posession.. i will spend alot of time locked in on on my hands and knees...

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      I just took two 1x2 Cut a little area out and drilled holes in each end. You can check out the pictures in my profile. I will send a friend request so you can view my pics
      Its very simple


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