Insect lover stories and experiences

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anywhere to find stories about what is done here? Or maybe u can post your own stories here :)
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    Re: Insect lover stories and experiences

    Fri, April 29, 2011 - 11:07 AM

    It started a long time ago when i was about 16 being a teenager full of testosterone i was always fucking horny 24/7. As a high school teen and a linebacker of my team u can say i am well buffed with lean toned arms, legs and abs. With a well-defined face, bright blue eyes and my punk short and spiky black hair i of course was one of the popular guys in high school. All the girls will go gaga for me. It would be a sad thing if they knew i wasn't as straight as i acted to be. Well this isn’t about them, it’s about me and that one night that changed my life forever and I could never forget it.

    Being young and horny I frequented those websites a lot and jerked off like 3 times a day if I had the mood. However as months pass by I became tired of watching man on man sex, somehow it seemed too plain. I wanted the thrill of doing something wild and forbidden so I looked and looked on the web for something nice and wild to do. Exhibitionism really turned me on and really wanted to try this but being in a small countryside town there wasn’t much of a place or the people to do it with so I am left with the only option to do it by myself and start small I may add. But where the heck was i supposed to start? I decided to take a step forward when my parents went on their usual summer vacation themselves and my younger brother was in summer camp. The whole house to myself, I could do almost anything 9including a bit of exhibitionism fun. On the day I had the house to myself, I stripped naked and paraded around the house naked. The thrill was so intense and exciting that for the next few days I tried to walk out to get the newspaper naked or worked out naked. Wanking in the backyard garden became a regular thing. However I was a sloppy person, I never bother to clean up and all my takeout food and dirty dishes was unwashed. A week into my exhibitionism, my housed smelled of week old pizza and Chinese food. But that night, while I was jerking off in the leaving room, it dawn in me to try something new, food fetish so I thought to myself what the heck and took one of the left over pizzas from a week ago and started jerking off with it. Little did I know that pizza housed something that will change my life forever.

    While I was jerking with the pizza, I was in cloud nine it felt good. But as time went on I began to feel a strange sensation. Something was wriggling on my cock. When I came out of my testosterone fueled high, I looked down. And to my shock and horror my dick was squirming with maggots. At least two were squirming towards my balls while three were franticly climbing towards my cock head. Instinctively, I reached to pick them off. But still in a horny mood, the movements of the maggots made my dick feel good. So cautiously I let them play on my cock. And boy do they feel good. After a good few minutes I picked them up and placed them in a jar. I looked around to see if there was more and not to my surprise there was! In every rotten food takeout there. I smiled deviously and collected as many as I could fine into a jar and took them up to my bed room.

    Looking at them squirming in jar gave me all sorts of erotic imaginations while I played with myself on the bed. I desperately wanted to try letting them squirm on my dick again but I was afraid. So, I went online to search. See if I was the only person who wanted to play using maggots. At last after hours of searching I found a site where people discussed their most bizarre sex experience and so happened I chanced upon a guy about 30 who tried maggots. He wrote that maggots are the best, especially when they crawled into your pee hole. I was instantly rock hard reading what he wrote so I messaged him and hope he was online. Thank my stars he was! I chatted with him for at least an hour on what I could do with maggots and everything he said made me hornier and hornier. I couldn’t take it anymore I just had to try it and with a guy who did it before guiding me I wasn’t so scared anymore.

    I went over to my bed took the jar of maggots and sat back at the computer screen. I waited for his instructions eagerly. He told me to get hard which was of no use as I was already freaking hard and leaking precum like a faucet. Next, he told me to take the plumpest maggot in the jar. It was tricky maggots are amazing at dogging your fingers. When finally I had one I placed it on my cock and pinned it down with my thumb as instructed. Then came the part that changed my life, he ordered me to place the maggot near my piss hole and watch it do its magic. So, that’s what I did. The maggot squirmed here and there tickling my cock head and I was getting high on the sensation. Suddenly the maggot found my piss hole and tried entering it. I quickly pressed it down before it could get in and I began having second toughts. But the guy on the screen assured me then it was going to me the best thing I would ever experience so I slowly lifted my shaking finger and as soon as my finger was lifted the maggot squirmed in to my piss hole. I grabbed the base of my cock as he instructed and then the most awesome and wonderful feeling hit me. I was on the verge of cumming as the maggot crawled about in my piss tube. I was in heaven! The feeling indescribable and to my surprise I wanted more! Still grabbing the base of my cock, I used the other hand to reach in the jar and grab another maggot. This time I wasn’t going to let it squirm around took it and directly placed it on my pee hole and in no time my maggot friend in my dick had a play mate. I did this till like there were 6 maggots inside my dick. Then instinctively I began to stroke my rock hard cock furiously till I really couldn’t help cumming. I came so hard and so much I thought I was gonna faint. When my dazed was over I looked around and counted only 4 maggots were out I began to panicked and franticly messaged the guy.

    To my horror he just laughed and said to put more in. I was in a state of panic what would happen if the maggot crawled and multiplied inside me and suddenly burst forth like those horror movies on late nite tv. All I could do was sit there still holding on to my dick which was still rock hard for some bizzare reason which I came to realize soon enough. But, at the moment I sat there staring in to the screen hoping the other guy would just fucking tell me what to do. While I was waiting I began to feel something moving at the base of my balls near my taint. I knew it was the rogue maggots so I franticly tried to jerk them out with to no avail. Then the wriggling sensation grew and grew and my panic began to turn in to ecstasy once more. To what I can infer the maggots were slowly making their way to my ureter and most probably up into my bladder. But at that moment I could not careless I was in total bliss from the feeling they were creating. Before I knew it I was cumming and I didn’t even apply any hands on momentum. I realized about a couple seconds after I cummed that my mentor had stopped laughing and told me what to do which quite caught me off guard, he told me that when I peed they would just come out. Lucky for me Im quite the drinker and I could pee gallons. Quickly I rushed to the bathroom calmed myself down and just let it flow. After what seem liked hours standing in front of the toilet i started to piss and to my relief my two maggoty friends came gushing out.

    After my piss was over, I went to tell him the good news. He just laughed again at my annoyance and then he asked if I wanted to really feel what it is like to play with maggots. All I had to do was to meet him and submit to him. I didn’t know what to say. It was one hell of an experience with one hell of a scare but the pleasure was also so intense that my judgment was clouded and I without any second thought agreed to meet him.

    Lying on my bed thinking through my not so past experience I was terrified and yet excited to what is going to happen next. Had I make a huge mistake or is he going to change my life forever. Well first things first I needed to catch some Zzs.
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    Re: Insect lover stories and experiences

    Fri, May 20, 2011 - 12:53 PM
    [ Second part of the story] please leave comments :)

    Before going out, Cleaning up the house was necessary. Wouldn’t want to come back to a house full of maggots would you, or tough that thought now seemed really tantalizing to consider. As u can recall, last night, I found out that maggots can be really fun to play with in ways you can’t imagine. I recalled back last night as I ran around the house tidying up. Owh… the pleasure that arose from the experience. As I thought about this, my cock started to wake up and yearn for pleasure. Quickly I finished up what I needed to do and threw into my gym bag a few days’ worth of clothing. I was out of the door in no time locking up and taking one last breath, fear and excitement grew in me. I couldn’t wait to meet up with the guy who is going to train me in the art of maggot play. I got on my bike and I speeded of to our rondevue point.

    When I arrived at the small rest stop dine-in-restaurant I chained my bike and went inside with no clue to who I am to look for. Apparently, he would be the guy in a red and yellow T-shirt and shorts which wasn’t very hard to find as folks here loved the soft toned colors which seem to puzzle me all the time. Well we introduced ourselves and found out his name was Ben. From what I can deduce he is tall, muscular, clean shaven, and really handsome with brown short hair and blue eyes. Apparently he is from the city nearby. We ordered lunch and started talking about stuff….boring stuff…or well to what I had in mind to talk about that is. Surprisingly tough we seemed to click, chatted on an on for that seemed like hours. Ben, 28 years old, Works in the sales and marketing line, loves comedy and hates books.
    “OK …well I think I got to know you now… so bring on the maggot play already SHEESH!!!” or so I really wanted say….. But……. Got tongue tied buy his good looks…well sooner or later his gonna bring it up or at least I really hope so.

    “Hey Darren ( F.Y.I. that’s my name ) all that coke is filling my bladder fast, mind if we took a leak before we move on to my place?”

    “FINALLY!” screamed my inner horny conscience
    “Yeah…sure. I gotta take a leak myself.”

    We both got up and proceeded to the bathroom. Small, smelly and dirty, is there any other way a Dine-in restroom should look like? And lucky for me it was empty! We both headed for the urinal and stood there. I became a little bit self-conscience and decided to let him unzip first. And Boy !!! did I get a surprise!!A 5-inch pile of pure uncut man-meat came peeking out of his pants!! Wow!! I wondered to myself how long it would be erected!! Suddenly I looked up and he was grinning at me. Immediately I blushed.

    “Not used to seeing what a grown men’s cock looks like eh… Darren” was his cheeky reply.

    “Well it’s not like that tiny wiener is worth displaying. It might be blown away by the breeze” I quickly replied.

    “ OOooh….. Cheeky little bastard we got here.” Smiled Ben “well no point hiding that stick of yours, whip it out dude let me see.”

    I did exactly just that, pulled my cock out tough it was getting hard but still flaccid enough. Though not as big as his, but it was still fairly big even among the school boys I so secretly peeked in the locker room.

    “Well… we came here to piss right and not to stare at each other cocks” I said as ‘a matter of factly’, while I took my piss.

    “Well? Aren’t u going to take a leak too?” was what I said after I finished and caught him still starring at me.

    “Yes I do, But I want u to see me piss!” he replied

    Before I could mouth a quirky remark Ben let loose his golden stream. Something got me, the way he said what he me very curious so I looked…well…it seemed like an ordinary piss till I caught him let a faint soft moan and then…. I saw it!!!

    “FUCK!! WHAT THE HELL!! Did u just pissed out a maggot!!!” apparently I was wrong…it was freaking 4 maggots then came out!! One after the other, into the urinal. After he was done I just couldn’t help at stare at the urinal, my mind processing what just happen a moment ago. The maggots still alive squirmed in the urinal trying to stay alive.
    And then… I squeaked a small frail “What the?” and faced his now devious grin that gave me a clue I just involved myself in something beyond my imagination.

    “Well been picturing that face of yours a thousand times before I came to meet you!! And boy!! U should look at yourself now.. u horny little bastard!!” he smirked.

    “How? When? How did u…”

    “In all due time Darren, Now let’s head to my car and we shall be off,” he said as he walked out the bathroom door.

    Quickly I followed him behind, my mind still fixated on that moment. What’s more surprising is, I was rock hard from what I just saw.

    We got into the car and he drove off. We remained silent trough out the journey back to his house. Anticipation building up in me, I was about to explode till we pulled in the driveway of a house and went through the garage door.

    “This is it. no turning back. Are you sure u want to continue?” HE said snapping me out of my bewilderment state.
    I mumbled a simple yes.
    Without any warning he leaned towards me and kissed me. Boy did his mouth feel good…
    He pulled away finally after a few minutes of passionate kissing whispered into my ears.
    “Been wanting to kiss that luscious lips of yours ever since I laid my eyes on you.”

    We entered the house. He led me to the sofa in the living room and went to the kitchen to fetch some beer. I took in my surrounding, a normal savvy bachelor’s den I concluded. To my surprise he came back with the beer stark naked. Sat the beer cans down on the table and passed me one.

    “Well this house has a no clothes on a hottie policy and you are definitely hot! So start stripping!!”

    “Yes master” I sarcastically waved at him while I stood up and undressed.

    In a few minutes we were both naked on the couch drinking beer.

    “So, are you going to tell me what just fucking happened at the rest room?”

    “Well I had maggots inside my bladder and I had to piss… do the math.”

    “Argh!! Come on Ben!! Tell from the start!!”

    “OK OK!!! Here’s the 411 on what’s going on…as u know I love playing with maggots and had a lot of experience with them critters. I did my homework on them and know these critters inside out. Fortunately… long story short, I met this doctor who has a similar passion however he did not like to have them inside his urethra and bladder crawling about, so he used me as a lab rat for his experiment or so he called it. Well, let’s just say… now I can’t live without maggots.”

    “But….errr…isit safe? Don’t these maggots turn into flies and can cause infection?”

    “Well here is the part you gonna like the most. Yes, normal maggots do in fact they are devious little bastards that can squeeze through your other tiny tubes and cause infection if they weren’t sterile. However, thanks to my doctor friend he managed to genetically modify these maggots so they are plump and can’t squeeze into any other tubes other than into the bladder tube. They are perfectly sterile so no infection can occur and in the event they do get stuck, their skin is modified so it dissolves into protein and water substances that are not harmful to the human body within an hour after the die. Maggots can only last around 4 to 6 hours inside us. In other words it is perfectly safe and to prove it, I have been doing this for the past two years and nothing has happened to me.”

    “Well accept that you are now a psychopath freak that can’t live without maggots… I say everything looks normal.”

    “ Hey!! You mean boy!! Hahahahaha!!.... well… so do you still want to go ahead? I can tell u it is the best feeling to have them crawling inside you… helpless to do anything about it but to just let them do as they please.”

    “Well…Ben … im still scared but I really want to try!! What do I have to do?”

    “Darren, you just got to obey me! Listen to my instructions and obey them! Whatever I tell u to do; you must do it to the letter OK! Remember, I am here to make you feel good and not to harm you. So…Shall we start?”
    “Yeah ok…Ben... Sure!! this sound fun! What do I have to do now?”

    “Just seat back and relax” Ben smiled as he stood up and took off to somewhere and returned a few minutes later with what seemed like a jar of white moving mass just that it wasn’t a mass but lots and lots of maggots! He reached placed the stuff he went to take down and began stroking my cock. Ben didn’t need much of effort to get me hard. He then took a rubber sort of contraption and slowly fitted on my cock head.
    “This is to keep your piss hole open so that our friends can have a better access to you. It’s going to hurt a bit but just bear with it and it will soon go away.” Ben said as he forced the rubber center piece into by piss hole and attached it to the rubber piece around my cock head. My piss hole felt open and bare.
    “Ok now what Ben?” I said gazing at the enormous jar of maggots.

    “Don’t worry I am not going to let all those get inside you, then there wouldn’t be any left for me!” He said unscrewing the jar lid. “OK now here comes the fun part” Ben took a few of those maggots and placed them in a smaller glass contrapment with leather straps attached to it.
    “Well u know where this goes.” Ben said as he pulled my dick downwards towards him gave it a good lick and strapped it around my cock and tied it around my waist. “There you go! A piece I designed myself to allow maggots to play on my dick. A bit big for you but that’s not a problem.”

    I could feel them crawling along my cock now as Ben lifted my cock straight up and the maggots fall towards the base of my cock. From what I can deduce it’s a long glass casing that has enough space so that the maggots inside will always be in contact with the cock and the casing wall the front part however had a bigger space to allow the maggots to gather there and enter my cock. I counted at least 5 maggots were in there squirming about. “What now?” I asked. Ben gave a nudge and said “Now we enjoy. This is part of your training Darren I want you to get used to them crawling about your cock. You are not allowed to take it off till all the maggots enter your urethra got it? Owh… and also you are not allowed to cum either till I allow you so.” I gave a groan from the rules set before me and also partially the pleasure these maggots were giving me by crawling up and down. Ben opened another beer can and turned on the tv. He sat there watching tv as he took a clipper and picked up a maggot from the jar and stuffed it in his hard cock 8 inch now like it was normal daily habit. I sat there and stared, amazed… 1 maggot…2 maggots…5 maggots!! Got shoved into his piss tube before he screwed back the jar and relaxed back into the couch scrolling the channels.
    He looked at me then and grinned. “They are now squirming here.” He then pointed at the base of his cock. “Soon they are going here.” He pointed beyond his balls towards his taint. “And then into my bladder. Journey wise, it takes a fast maggot half an hour to reach the bladder but since maggots are so dumb they usually squirm here and there for hours before reaching which is the pleasurable part.
    “COOL!!” was all I could say!
    Then I felt it!! Two maggots had made it to my cock head and thanks to the rubber contraption one of the maggots went into my piss tube. I could feel it !! Crawling along my piss tube deeper and deeper, till I lost track of it but, still can feel the squirming sensation near my balls. Then a few minutes later the second one entered me, however these little maggot seemed to like crawling in and about my tube not going deeper in like the first one. The sensation was so awesome! I felt like I was on cloud nine! All I could do as sit there helplessly as the maggots had their way with me, and I loved every single minute of it. In half an hours’ time all of the maggots were inside my piss tube.
    Ben unstrapped the contraption and took out the rubber thing. My piss hole closed… now all my little friends are trapped inside me. As I grabbed my dick, I could actually feel them squirming inside my piss tube. I turned to ben and he smiled back. “Having fun I take it?” ben said.
    “yeah!! They feel so good!! What about yours?”

    Ben pointed to his balls and then towards his bladder then lastly towards his cock. “ I think one made it into my bladder tube. While two is having a party in my urethra and the other two is half way there hahaha!” We both laughed!! Suddenly I felt it! The sensation when a maggot finds your bladder tube. I almost cum there and then but luckily I didn’t. I nudged him saying one has found its way there and out of nowhere ben leaned and kissed me…. “Dude you r so fucking hot right now!”
    “You too,” I replied.
    He took my cock in his hands and stroke it. I was so horny that I could have cummed there and then but he didn’t let me. Teasing me as we French kissed. After what seems like hours I told him I really had to cum! The maggots were making me feel too good!!! Ben agreed took the glass contraption and placed it over my cock . Knowing that was my que to cum, I did ! the maggots were doing their job too well and I shot my cum 5 times and still felt like cumming again. Ben was now furiously stroking his cock now. Full 8’inches tall and hard. What a marvelous juicy piece of meat that was. I looked into the contraption and saw only 3 maggots were there meaning two was still inside me. Ben gave out a moan and he shot his load onto the table. Only 1 maggot came spewing out of his cock.

    “Wow…that was intense Darren. You make me so horny. Hmmm apparently I still have 4 maggots in me howbout you?”

    “I still have two in me” I replied and we continued making out while our maggot friends enjoyed their new home.

    To be continued….
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    Re: Insect lover stories and experiences

    Sun, May 29, 2011 - 9:22 AM
    last week I was camping with my wife in north carolina.we were at carolina beach family camp ground.I was siting outside in the lawn chair in shorts.a fly landed on my leg. it got closer to my cock and balls. then there were more. it felt like they were hummimgggg my cock n balls. so I got up and put some chocolate on my cock n balls. they went wild.I wanted it to last and last. the pre cum was leaking from my cock. I am in my 60s and it made me so wife was napping and I was glad. I could cummm so easy and they were inside my sohrts and on my cock n balls.there were not many people there at the time. so I stroked my cock.there hummed my balls more . like they knew what I needed.i strted to cummm and they were on the cumm on the ground and my made me stay hard. I took some pics with my cell phone camera. I wish I had used mt degital camera so I could post them.have anyone had it done to them and took pics? I woud love to see some. thanks for the posts alan.
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      Tue, November 25, 2014 - 8:03 AM
      I live in the country and every summer I enjoy feeding horse flies and the smaller blood sucking flies. I strip naked and use piss and fly attractant to bring the flies to feed on my flesh. I sometimes lay for hours gently stroking my cock while I savor the bite and watch hundreds of my lovers sucking out my life giving blood. I enjoy watching them land on my skin, force their sharp fang into my submissive flesh opening a wound to let my blood out to be sucked up. After the fly finishes filling up it flies away leaving a seeping wound which provides food for my next hungry pet. I have a set rule to never leave the feeding ground until less than 10 flies are nursing on me. Just wish I lived in a warm climate where I could nurse my pets year round.
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    Re: Insect lover stories and experiences

    Fri, June 24, 2011 - 2:05 PM
    once when i was 19 years old i was playing with some maggots that i found on the garbage, they was more bigger and fat that a rice so i put like 3 of them on the top of my dick and i let them do there, so one of them find my pee hole and decide to claw inside and the other decide to hide in my foreskin so i take them out and pull them inside my pee hole to join the other that it was on the middle of my dick already going deeper and i let them be there, i could feel how they was moving inside the first one was almost on the place between my balls but something was making him slowing down then he go back to the entrance of my pee hole with some pre-cum covering him so the others 2 maggots that was on the middle of my dick turned back too because my pre-cum so they went out and i put them away to extract my load of pre-cum (i have to say that it was a lot of pre-cum) so when i remove al thee pre-cum from my dick i put them back on the top of my dick again and let them play, this time the tree maggots was trying to enter at the same time, one of them that was moving like crazy, manage to enter on my dick very fast than the other 2 that was on my pee-hole so when the other two could enter on my dick the other was on the middle of my dick already moving very fast inside i think that my pre cum was working like a lube to the maggots because they was moving very quick on my urethra the one that went inside first was biting me a little bit when he was moving from the middle of my dick to the place between my balls that make it more ease for me to know were he was on my dick, then the others 2 maggots manage to reach the first maggot that was on the place between my balls already and they reach him very fast, then i could feel only one maggot moving inside between my balls and next i feel the urge of want to make pee so i was thinking that the maggots was reaching the entrance of my bladder so i was feeling so turned on that i jerk so fast that i forgot about those maggots and i cum a lot then i was searching on my cum and i saw only 2 maggots, i went very scared when i saw that one was missing so i ran to the toilet and i pee then i saw the missing maggot moving on the water of the toilet, the next night i play again with them but this time i put only one maggot on my dick
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    Re: Insect lover stories and experiences

    Sun, July 3, 2011 - 12:31 AM
    This is my dream I had about maggots hope u enjoy…

    I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock… it looked like any other day. I got up went to the sink to brush my teeth and get ready for work. I went downstairs naked as always to get a bite to eat before getting dressed and heading off. When I reached the kitchen I began to hear this sound badump* badump* I went looking for the sound and finaly found that it was coming from the trash bags I left near the kitchen door, it’s been a while since I took out the trash, I thought to myself I should take it out soon before anything starts growing in there. As I reach for the plastic bag’s knot … the plastic bag bursts open! And to my surprise hundreds of plump and huge maggots burst out to the floor! More and more keep spilling out of the trash bag. I looked around the floor and realized it is now covered in maggots! I tried to run but somehow I couldn’t move my legs. Then I realized the maggots were starting to crawl up my legs. I knew this could not be happening…and tried to swipe the maggots off with my hands, but it was futile.. the maggots were already up my thighs when suddenly I felt this great sensation! A maggot was trying to squeeze through my asshole!! As much a I resisted it squirmed more…owh how it felt like the best rimming ever!! And to my horror it got in!! I could feel the maggot crawling inside my ass…and that wasn’t it more started to penetrate my ass!! As I thought this couldn’t get any worse it did! Maggots started to enter my peephole!! Soon I was so full of maggots I collapsed to the floor and then all the maggots started entering me from both holes… I fainted from the overwhelming sensation these maggots were giving me… when I regained conscience… the kitchen looked so normal and usual… I looked around and no maggot could be seen…maybe it was my imagination and I just slipped and fell… then I looked at the clock… Oh Great!! Im late!! I yelled to myself as I quickly got up and dressed myself and rushed to work… At work I narrowly escaped being yelled at by my boss… went to my office room to do my work. It was then that I suddenly realized the tingling sensation coming from my dick and ass… It was a wonderful sensation indescribable. It was getting me hard!! Since I had my office room … and I wasn’t to be disturbed till lunch time I unbuttoned my pants and to my shock and horror as I pulled my underwear open I saw maggots crawling in and out of my cock ! and I even saw a maggot squirming its way out of my asscheeks!! I wasn’t imagining THINGS!! I really had don’t know how many maggots squirming inside me !! Surprisingly the maggots knew I was beginning to panic as they started to squirm more…making the sensational feeling increase… my mind began to dull…I know I should be panicking but I was rock hard and so damn horny… I could feel it now the massive amount of maggots in my ass moving up and down massaging my prostate and the maggots in my cock squirming here and there… I sat in my chair dazed with my pants and underwear at my legs looking as some maggots crawled out from my hole onto my thighs and exchanged places entering my peephole and vice versa… Before long I felt that I was on the verge to cum… the maggots somehow knew and then started to pick up pace! I just sat there and let them do their magic and in no time I was spewing my load all over my body I was so dazed and I could see I cummed a lot out as well as a lot of maggots came spewing out with my cum..however they just crawled down my body and back into my pee hole like as if that’s their home… Suddenly I heard footsteps heading to my office room so I quickly buttoned my shirt and pulled up my pants… Taking this as a signal the maggots quickly crawled back into the nearest hole… My assistant a damn fine hunk walked in with a cup of coffee.. he told me that I was having a bad day and maybe this would help… he blushed as I smiled at him, his cute rosy cheeks made him look so cute like a hunk teddy bear… I always wanted to screw his bubble butt that he so likes to flaunt off but never had the courage.. as I sat back in my chair… and he left the room I began to hear a voice inside my head…Breed …. Breed…Him… we will make him one of us…. I know I was just imagining it but it made me so horny…and I realized I was rock hard again… the maggots started moving again and the voice grew louder I was getting hornier and hornier by the second…I needed an ass to breed!!! And I knew which ass I wanted!!...

    To be continued
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    Re: Insect lover stories and experiences

    Sat, July 9, 2011 - 11:29 PM
    OMG!!! >.< yesterday i took a 4 inch earthworm and inserted it into my dick!!! it was hard at first the bugger didnt want to go in ...eventualy it realised it was the perfect hiding place so it did!! it pile drived through my peed hole into me!!! omg omg!! it felt so damn good!! And the best part is i was so caught in ecstacy that i forgot to hold its tail!! so it disapeared inside me!! >.< i tried getting it out but failed did the only thing i could do i left it!! that freaking bugger of a worm went so deep till it reached my bladder damn >.< but lucky it was too fat to enter ... so it just squirmed here and there!! it was inside me for a goddam 1 and a half hours!!! and in that time i think i came roughly around 5 times...and guess wad it came out eventualy on its own...damn it looked like my cock was giving birth to a worm >.< ...

    cant wait till next time ... i think i will just let it go inside me then leave it inside me while i go out to run some errands ..wonder how that will feel...
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    Re: Insect lover stories and experiences

    Tue, August 2, 2011 - 9:59 AM
    How to rear an Australian Giant Worm

    Hi before we get to the details let me introduce myself, my name is Tom a typical Aussie red head kid from Australia…yeah big surprise…my dad owns a crop field and it is a quiet and relaxed lifestyle for me… we are abt 2 hours drive from the main city so im not that outdated with news and what not. But the special thing abt me is that I love to rear worms. I am fascinated by how worms move and feed and its contribution towards crop yielding. My dad says without this creepy crawly friend we wouldn’t have a bountiful harvest every year. So now that the intro is out of the way I can happily begin my story. By the way I was 18 when this happened.

    It was a hot summer…. Definitely the hottest so far I have ever felt… and my dang father got me to go to the neighboring farm to collect some supplies that came in the morning. Sweating like there is no tomorrow, I just couldn’t take it anymore so I removed my t shirt and continued my way back from the neighboring farm… and let me tell u that I am well-built, all that farm work really made me chiseled.

    “What the hell man, this is gonna take forever!! Of all days for the truck to breakdown…”
    I reached a junction and thanks to my upbringing in this town I knew all the short cuts… So, I took the fastest one through an abandon farm plot not too far from my place. As I was walking along I noticed that the once luscious grass has turned pale yellow and withered in the hot sun… when I I could see my house in the distance I picked up the pace. Nearing the fence there was a patch of bare land which I have never seen before… probably because of the tall grass which have now all withered up… something caught my eye a slight movement on the ground in that bare patch that caught my attention. Being inquisitive and all… I dropped the load of stuff onto the ground and went to check the mysterious movement. Boy was I surprised to find out what it was. It was the rare elusive giant earthworm!! But this one looked rather petite compared to those I see on the internet…

    “Hey are u ok??” I said thinking why I said that to a worm… surprisingly the wormed turned its head towards me as tough it knew… I approached it cautiously. About 200 cm in length and not that thick roughly about a medium thick penis… Tough didn’t know why that popped into my head… The worm was dying the bare sun on it was killing it… with the spare water I had I drenched my t-shirt in it and wrapped the worm. I picked it up and took it back with me.

    For weeks I tried to nurture the worm back to health and with my obsession I tried almost every composition of soil and remedies my father had but the stubborn worm just didn’t get better. However during those times, I could always feel as though the worm could understand my thoughts. Being a stubborn fella this worm which I named Pete grew on me. Finally I gave up hope and in one last attempt I scoured the internet for a giant worm breeder… because they are so rare…. They weren’t many people who kept them… at last with some luck I found a guy who lived in the nearby town who breed them. So I messaged him hoping he would reply. And thank my stars he did!! He told me that if I really cared for the worm I need to bring it to him. Since it wasn’t that far and the trucked fixed,

    “What the hell gives me opportunity to meet a worm enthusiast like me” I said to myself as I got in the truck. The worm placed in an old fish tank all curled up in its usual state. When I reached the given address I was abit shocked to see how big the house was. A rich man I thought. I nervously walked up to the door and rang the bell.
    To my shock a young late twenties guy opened the door and greeted me. In the house tough was different from the outside. It looked so plain on the inside. But what was more fascinating was him. Clean shaven short hair man chiseled face which made me stare blue eyes and black hair. Through his clothes I could make out the outlines of a well-built body…wow… what a hottie, I said to myself.

    “well make yourself at home, u can place the tank over there and have a sit on the sofa. Owh, and the name is Stan,” he said with a charming smile. I did was I told quickly trying to hide my blush.
    “well here is a can of soda, chill here for a moment while I Take a look at Pete.”
    “Whats wrong with him Doc, I said teasingly as he examine Pete.”
    He took the worm out and amazingly stubborn pete which never moved when I wanted it began to crawl up his wrist.
    “ Tom, u don’t mind if I took Pete to a special room to examine him closely do you?” was stan’s reply as he was so fixiated with the worm.
    “ Sure thing anything to get him better.” I replied and in that moment he rushed off to a room which I couldn’t see even before I could mouth the word I wanna follow too..
    “ Well guess I will just wait here…” I mumbled…
    Half an hour passed before Stan appeared back into the living room. Pete was dangling around his neck like a scarf. He placed Pete back into the tank and sat right in front of me.
    He looked serious.
    “Well im going to tell you a big secret, You must promise me u wont tell anybody, got it!”
    Confused with the sudden change in atmosphere, “yeah sure. Why whats wrong ? is Pete going to die?” I squeaked.

    “well No….maybe Yes…it depends on u only Now Tom.” Stan said.

    “ What you mean? I Have tried everything to nurture pete back to health but he is one stubborn worm what more can I do?”

    “ well u see Tom this Giant worms are special they need a very special environment to grow..”

    “ I’ve tried everything ! damp wet dry humid… I just think it is one stubborn worm!”

    “ Listen here! The it is impossible to get the environment correctly. They are a creature of specific needs! They need warm sometimes humid and lots of other factors… to create an incubator suited for them is impossible even with our technology.”

    “ Then, how? You are supposed to be the expert breeder! Tell me what I can do to help pete?”
    “ Dun be shocked, but after all my trials and error to rare these worms I have come up with the only solution which help them!!The human anal cavity is the optimum place for these worms to recuperate and mature!”
    “ Huh?!! So you are gonna build a incubator in a shape of an ass??” I said… lost with the revealed info. Stan looked so hot with his serious face for some reason.

    “No, how do I put this… Tom… Pete needs to be kept inside u… specifically in ur ass… I know this is shocking! But think back these worms have a link with their breeders… u know that rite… u felt it too haven’t u!”
    Dazed and what Stan said.. however his words did make me realize..Pete always seemed to know what I was doing … and I sorta felt how he was… In a ways … I loved pete… then I knew what I had to do…
    “ What …. What do I have to do??”
    “Phew* U know, I was picturing getting punched in the face by a hot guy and you leaving just a while ago…” Stan sighed..
    it didn’t occur to me then but he just called me a hot guy…
    “ well I don’t know how to say this but over these past weeks I came to love Pete ..and I will do anything… erm…u know..” I said bowing my head…thinking to myself I just made a fool of myself infront of him..

    Stan lifted my head till our eyes met and we gaze …my heart skipped a beat
    “ I know how exactly u feel… “ he said smiling..

    “ok I don’t mean to be rude but ur worm is dieing and it gotta happen soon.. are you up for it??”

    I was still dazed by his smile that i just nodded. “ what do I have to do?”
    “Just sit back”
    And before I knew it! he was over me his musky man scent filled my nose as his armpits were directly on the left and right of my head as he stared into my eyes.I was intoxicated by his man smell and didn’t notice as he began to remove my t shirt and unbottened my jeans… Before I know it I was naked on the couch with a hot guy touching me…
    “Man u you are so cute Tom...the moment u walked through that door I wanted to hug u…”
    All I could reply was a small petite squeak of delight.. and my blushing cheeks..

    He laid me on the coffee table and spread my legs wide… he reached out and took Pete out of his tank and placed in between my legs he then reached over and ontop of me gave me a kiss… my mind swirreld as our lips touched ..

    “ Just relax and call out to him with ur mind… you and him have a special bond u know he whispered in my ear”
    I did as he said… and instantly I knew Pete understood.. .I could feel Pete at my vulnerable ass… searching for my hole… and I squeaked again when he found it and started to push himself in…

    “ Just relax… enjoy it.. for Pete will make it pleasurable if u let him” Stan whispered again and kissed me..
    All the while, while we were French kissing little by little Pete bore into my ass… The mucus Pete produced acted like lubricant to ease the entry.. In a few minutes My ass lips closed around the last inch of Pete and he was completely inside me… I felt full…but was high…Stan was so hot and here he was kissing me while somehow Pete knew I was in heat began moving around inside me massaging my prostate in such a way I came a few times without touching myself…From there on Pete and I were together and somehow I knew this was meant to be… When I regain myself after cumming Stan was wiping my cum of his body and sat back into the couch next to me…

    “So how does it feel? To have such a beauty inside you? They know and feel ur thoughts u know. “ He said.

    “ well I think I just found that out” I said as Pete gave my prostate a gentle nudge. “ so what is pete going to eat? I suddenly asked but somehow knew it as tough I was in Pete’s head.
    “ your excrement of course it full of nourishment!! U don’t have to go toilet for a week on end with Pete inside u!” he laughed.
    Then it occurred to me..
    “hey , stan if u knew all about this… and knew how to keep Pete why didn’t u just taken him and kept him urself?” I asked..
    With a stun look.. Stan said “Boy I got so caught up in the moment that I forgot to mention this… I already have one inside me too!! I can’t accommodate another worm it’s too much! “ he said smiling…

    I was shocked! Why didn’t I realized this sooner he knew so much…
    “SO.. whats its name??” curiosity got a hold of me..
    “Carl.. its name its Carl… and apparently Carl wants to say hello too!”
    To my further surprise he slid his trousers down and spread his legs and to my shock a big giant earthworm head began poking out of Stan’s ass…it was definately thicker than Pete and much longer.. it was half way out when it gave me a nudge with its head and in response to it I could feel Pete trying to stick its head out to greet its fellow mate.. so I too spread my legs wide as Pete peeked out of my ass and greeted Carl.. in a few moments Pete and Carl went back inside Us .
    We got dressed and I waved good bye to Stan… Stan told me to visit every 2 weeks so he can check up on Pete… I was sad…to be leaving stan…but I know this is not the last time I would be seeing him… I tapped my tummy and said to pete well time to go back home…

    I drove back….and headed to my room after being having a few condolences from my parents on how pete was a good pet and all little did they know… In my room… I recalled all the things that happened and my little brother became attentive… as I began to stroke myself pete began to get active moving inside me making feel good and before I knew it I was spewing cum all over my bed… As I laid there falling into sleep I thought to myself… This is how it should be me and pete …. Tomorrow is gonna be one hell of a new and exciting start!!
    • I found this story on one website. Pretty good.

      Fri, August 12, 2011 - 2:31 AM
      You tell me you want something new, exciting, something…unique. I ponder this for awhile, and then a wicked little smile crosses my face. The idea came to me several weeks ago, but the timing hasn’t been right – until now. I believe you are finally ready. I tell you that I indeed have something in mind, but it will require you to trust me completely…to give yourself over to me utterly and without reserve. I ask you, “Can you do this? Can you submit to me without question?” You nod silently. This pleases me to no end.
      I tell you to strip and lay on the bed spread eagle. You do so eagerly. I proceed to tie one wrist to the one bed post, and then the other. I look at you, smile, and gently brush your hair from your forehead. If only you knew what I had in store for you. I then tie your ankles to the other posts and check my knots to make sure they are secure. I bring out the blindfold and proceed to cover your eyes. It’s best if you don’t see what I bring into the room.
      I bring my lips to your ear and whisper softly, “I’ll be back in a few – have to run to the store to get your special surprise.” Your pulse quickens…I ask you if you trust me. You pause for a moment then a soft “yes” escapes your lips. I assure you that I will not be long and I am not abandoning you.
      With that I leave. I need you to stew in the anticipation…to allow both your arousal and anxiety levels to grow… for your will to diminish and be replaced by mine. I need you to surrender to me completely – without hesitation and restriction. Yes, not only will I have you submit to my wishes, but beg me to do so…
      You are not sure how long I am gone for, but it seems like an eternity. You thought you heard the front door, but no one came into the bedroom. Then five minutes later, you hear me enter the room. I walk over to you, lean down to your ear, and whisper gently, “Are you ready?”
      You nod your head once again. You hear something that sounds like a container being opened. Then you feel my fingers wrap around the based of your all ready fully erect cock. Something cool touches the tip, something that…moves on its own! You try and twist your hips out of the way. You feel the harsh sting of my hand as it strikes you across your face. “Do that again and I’ll use my stun gun on those balls of yours,” and you hear the ominous crackle of a stun gun being activated. You know that I will do it – happily. You immediately cease your straining against your bonds. “Good boy, now sit still, this will go more smoothly if you don’t struggle.”
      I take the squirming item that is still between my thumb and fore finger and bring it to your piss hole. Placing its head into the opening, it starts to make its way in and up your urethra. You are horrified as to what you are being subjected to – what manner of creature have I placed up your cock? And as horrified and terrified as you are, I am just as elated. You feel the, what must be some sort of worm, wriggle and twist within you piss hole, moving steadily upward. Then another enters you, and another.
      After what must be at least a dozen or so of these small, worm-like creatures are guided inside you, I pause – I tell you to breathe through it…to concentrate on the inner tickling sensations. These things, these worm types of bugs do not stop, nor slow their movement while they work their way in and up your warm, fleshy piss hole. They just continue to wriggle, squirm, and twist within your urethra. The sensation is oddly erogenous.
      As you settle into this new experience, you begin to loose yourself to it. Your breathing becomes labored and quickens. Your body betrays you as your excitement escalates. A guttural moan erupts from your throat. The more they writhe inside you, the higher your levels of pleasure soar. I laugh out loud as I see how quickly you have come to accept and enjoy these new sensations. “Ah, I knew you would like my little surprise, but I must admit, I didn’t realize how much of a Maggot Faggot you would be!”
      A look of horrific realization comes across your face as it seeps into your brain – there are maggots wriggling and writhing up your urethra – and you can’t get enough of this morbid pleasure. “Would you like more?” I ask you, and before you realize it, you hear yourself reply, “yes, oh yes…please Mistress, give me more!” Just the response I am looking for. I bring my face closer to yours and inform you “If you think this is intense, just wait until you experience the extraction process…”
      • Hi. Well, I gotta tell ya, I was a little surprised to hear/find MY story on here. Yes, I'm Maggie, and yes, I do indeed exist. The fact is is that I had written and posted his story on a blog or two (in two parts actually). I am a Fetish Mistress of sorts, and I had first heard of slipping maggots up into ones urethra on a medical forum years ago. It fascinated me to no end (apparently a patient had let more then a few of the lil bugger up his piss hole while fishing - he loved the sensation - and they had actually laid eggs up there according to the treating physician). This is the birth of the little story you just read (just an FYI - It's title is "Maggot Faggot")

        Since publishing my story, I have finally found a "piglet" to fulfill my curiosity, and more then willing to subject his cock to my slightly sadistic tendencies, lol.

        If you would like to read the story in it original format, by all means check it out -

        I first posted it here (part I) [url] [/url]
        (part II) [url] [/url]

        and I have since re-posted the story on this blog site: [url][/url]

        (you can peruse some of my other interests as well, hehehe)
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    Re: Insect lover stories and experiences

    Fri, August 12, 2011 - 2:24 PM
    when I decided to play with maggots I first had to grow them after a few days I had a good supply of maggots then I seperated them from the container I was growing them in and washed them in water which worked good and did not hurt them. Next I got a small vid cam and tripod to mount it to. Now I was ready to have some fun with the maggots in my pee hole.Since I have a forskin I have a natural house for to play in.
    Since I had at least 75 maggots and started to put them into my forskin and let them find my pee hole, they had no problem finding the hole because my hole is cut to act like a funnel and stays open for them to find there way in. I video taped as much as I could but it was a cheap cam. I played with the maggots for hours it was so much fun they started out white but when I was done they had found areas in my cock that were tender enough to draw blood so they drank it and they started turnning red. I have not had any infections from the maggots so far which makes me want them more and more. After a few hours I just peed them out with no problems.
  • Re: Insect lover stories and experiences

    Tue, August 16, 2011 - 12:43 PM
    Did you every time you wank your foreskin travels around 30 metres (200 strokes?).
    Over your lifetime you would average three wanks a day.
    My meat is 70 years old and has been masturbated for the last 60 years.
    Masturbated, beaten, eaten, bitten, burnt & waxed etc etc. It still hardens up for more, self abuse or third party abuse it never seems to want to stop.
    Now of course if I get it to cum three times in a day I am lucky although it does respond to out-side intervention.
    My ideal method of edging is by feeding my meat to any insect or maggot that eats meat or likes blood. I find it a turn on at just the thought of it.
    On a hot summers day, in the country, naked, with a cock ring, hard, on the grass near an ants nest, after 10 minutes or so the flies and other insects start to arrive. Soon the now flowing pre-cum has attracted so many that the head of my cock and it’s eye is out of sight. I can feel small jaws biting and as the smell of old cum and fresh pre-cum pervades the area the ants start to visit.
    My anus is crawling with insects and now biting ants, they soon find that the softer meat is higher. My Cock. I shudder as the pain of insect bites increase, small pin head sized drops of blood are starting to appear and mix with its pre-cum. The pain and lust increase as I fight the urge to give my meat a quick wank.
    I can now feel something trying to crawl down it’s eye. God my meat is so hard its turned purple and I daren’t take the cock ring off. My hips are beginning to thrust as I try to make my meat even more available.
    I want to cum, I need to cum badly but I don’t want the pain and pleasure to stop. I realise I am moaning and telling my cock to cum, cum and feed the animals. Suddenly a wasp lands and for no reason sting my meat right on its bloated and engorged helmet.
    The pain is exquisite as is the subsequent ejaculation, My meat fountains cum and the slowly pulses itself empty.
  • Re: Insect lover stories and experiences, leaches

    Fri, October 7, 2011 - 9:59 PM
    I am new to this site, but am very excited to have an opportunity to share some of my experiences without the fear of being shamed. I grew up wit a mother that was very protective and very afraid of diseases. For some reason I took her fear and turned it into a huge turn on. I was scared of diseases too but the idea of them became a weird turn on, the idea of exposing myself to them. My first experience with the feeling of being vulnerable, exposed was when I was in Jr. High and worked on our farm. There was lots of animals, lots of work and a whole lot of private time, times when I was out on the farm all by myself. There was a pond out in the back of our farm that we were not allowed to swim in because it was infested with leaches. I was in the pond once and when I got out, my mom asked me what I did to my foot, it was bleeding. When I lifted up my foot, my mom let out a yelp, there were a couple of leaches attached to my foot. They were around a cut that was about to heal, but they had found still unhealed enough for them to get to my blood. I ripped them off, and that was it for the pond, no more was I allowed in there. A few months later I was out at the barn, working hard, it was very hot, and I was home alone. I so wanted to go for a swim, but was concerned about the leaches. I though I did not have any cuts, so I would be ok. I stripped off my cloth ( I would have left my underwear on, but the water was muddy and I did not want to have to explain how they got that way, I liked the feeling of being nude anyway) and stepped into the pond. The water was warm and muddy, but was still cooler than the air. The pond was small and not very deep. I knelt down and let my butt touch the bottom. As I sat there relaxing, I started to notice movement around me, it was small black worms, leaches, swimming around me in the water. They were between 3 and 4 inches long, and could go from very thick to very thin depend on if they were swimming or not. At first I wanted to jump out of the water, run away, but as I sat there another feeling came over me, the feeling of exposing myself. It was like knowing they wanted at me, wanted to hurt me and letting them. At first it was just a thought, but soon it became a desire. I sat there watching them swim around me, sensing my warmth, seeing me as food. I moved myself up, closer to the edge of the pond, the water was warmer, and there were many more leaches. I watched them swim around, their noses/mouths sniffing for an opening. There were 20-30 of them around me, but the majority were near my crotch. My balls, my dick, but they did not connect, just swam around me. The idea of them connecting to me started to arouse me, I started to get hard. I was younger, no body hair, tall, very thin, had a decent dick, long and it would get so freaking hard. Suddenly, as if they could all of a sudden see me, they started to connect to my dick. They were not sucking my blood, as much as they were searching for an opening a vulnerable place to connect. First it was one, than another, I pulled them off at first, it was freaking me out. But they kept coming, I had to either get out of the water or just stop struggling. I decided to stop struggling, I sat down into the mud, so I could no longer see what was going on down there, and focused myself on thinking about something very sexual, something that would keep me hard (it was not difficult, everything gave me a boner). My dick was raging hard, and I was dieing to see what was happening. It seemed like forever, but was more likely five minutes, I decided to look. I eased up out of the water. As I did, I saw about fifteen leaches of assorted sizes squirming on the end of my dick. There were non on the shaft, just on the head. My heart was beating in my ears, I was breathing so heavy, I thought I could faint. My dick was so hard ( I did not know then, but leaches release a chemical that thins your blood and this may have contributed to my super hard on) harder than I could remember, it was hurting. Most of the leaches were draped around the rim of my dick. I have a pronounced rim and they had connected to it, the rest were mostly on the tip of my dick, on my pee hole. there was one, very large leach that seemed to be working itself into my pee hole. I watched as more and more of its neck slipped into hole. It was big and fat, but it was stretching itself more and more into my urethra. All of a sudden I started to cum, hard and fast. My whole body convulsed. I struggled to keep from yelling, it took me so by surprise and it felt so good. Once it was done, I was spent. I started pulling them off of me, I felt dirty, ashamed. I gathered up my cloths and took a very long bath in my house.

    • Re: Insect lover stories and experiences, leaches

      Sun, October 9, 2011 - 9:18 PM
      That is an awesome story! I have often thought of leeches attached to my cock and balls, but never had the actual experience. I did some research on medical leeches and there is, as you might imagine, some minimal risk of infection and other complications. Still, I would have paid money to see those suckers on your cock, Tom! The story made my cock hard as nails! Thanks for sharing that with us.
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      Re: Insect lover stories and experiences, leaches

      Mon, October 10, 2011 - 9:28 AM
      Wow, now that is an amazing story. I have always wanted to try putting leaches on my dick..That part when you brought your dick out of the water and there were a dozen attached to your head made me cum haha.

      Very hot, thank you.
      • About 15 years ago I moved back to my hometown to get my life in order and get away from the big city rat-race. It was sort of an escape from reality for a few years. I took a low paying job in a factory and was really enjoying not having any responsibility other than doing the best I could then punching out after 8 mind numbing hours per day. I met a guy there, his name was Brandon. He was newly married and 23 years old. We worked next to each other and we hit it off immediately, even though I was 12 years older. He was a good looking guy with dark curly hair and a goatee. I think I spent most of my days trying to sneak a look at his crotch and got busted more than once with a wry little smirk from him. We started to hang out after work and did alot of juvenile stuff together. Small towns ya gotta make your own fun I guess.

        Brandon was an avid hunter and fisherman and had a pretty sweet fishing boat. One day he asked if I wanted to go out on the river with him after work which took me totally by surprise. Me being older and all I figured he didn't need me hanging around. I said sure if you have room. He said it would be just me and him. Immediately my mind started racing with what might happen. There was always a sexual tension between us, he'd complain that his wife worked nights and even told me that he jacked off alot. I could hardly wait for the day to be over. When it finally was quitting time, he said he was going to go home and get changed then come pick me up. I told him I'd be ready. Ready for what I didn't know since I had told him many times I had only gone fishing once when I was a kid and didn't know the first thing about fishing.

        Brandon shows up wearing a white T-shirt and baggy khaki shorts and sandals. He looked pretty hot and I kept looking out the corner of my eye at the bulge in his shorts a mere 2 feet away from me. We were out on the boat from 4:30 to almost 9:00 and it was starting to get dark. I told Brandon we should probably be getting back to the boat launch and he said he wanted to check out one more place. He maneuvered the boat through a narrow channel into a tree lined secluded little backwater. By this time it is almost completely dark and he stops the engine and says to me, "do you wanna see something hot?" My heart immediately started racing and my only thought was he had some straight porn stashed on the boat somewhere, hoping that he was horny and I'd get to see him jack off or something. I said sure, why not. He told me to open up the live well on the side of the bench seat. I do as he ordered and in the tank was a big coffee can with holes in the lid. I asked him what is that? He said take it out. I took it out and water drained through holes in the bottom of the can. Brandon said to put the cooler between the seats and set the can on top of the cooler. I did so then he told me to take the lid off the can. Off pops the lid and he tosses me a flashlight and said in almost a whisper, "check it out". I shine the flashlight on the can and it looked like it was full of black grease...or..something, what the fuck, it's moving. What the hell is that I said. He didn't answer me so I asked again with a bit more forcefulness in my voice, what the hell is that? Again he says nothing. I asked a third time and he pauses and finally says in a subdued voice, "leeches". I immediately recoiled and said, fuck, I hate those things. They give me the creeps. I asked if the can was completely full, which it was, and why didn't you use them for bait? I was truly clueless about bait and such things. He said they aren't for bait. I asked what the heck they were for and he didn't respond. I asked again what they were for and in the silence and darkness I heard something that gave me an instant hard on...the sound of Brandon slowly unzipping the fly on his shorts. I turned the light on him and he was slowly sliding his hand inside the gaping hole in the crotch of his baggy shorts. He had a look on his face that I had never seen before.

        to be continued
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          mm cant wait for part 2
          • I stood there kind of frozen, didn't know what to do or say. I rehearsed this in my mind many times but when the situation had presented itself I was dumbfounded. I was shining the flashlight right in Brandon's face and he finally said why don't you shine that somewhere else. While I was standing there I heard his belt buckle hit the deck of the boat and knew I was about to see his cock. I slowly moved the beam of light down his white T-shirt which he had pulled up above his belly button where a very faint trail of hair started. Then I got to his crotch where his cock was sticking straight out the fly of his boxer shorts all bordered in a nest of dark black hair. I could feel my face get flushed and I'm sure I was blushing like mad.

            Brandon gets up and he steps out of the pile of shorts on the deck and tells me to shine the flashlight on the can of leeches. I quickly moved the light to his face and said, dude you're not gonna do what I think you're gonna do? He just smiled and slipped his hands inside the waistband of his boxers and dropped them to his feet. I move the light over to the can and he steps into the light, his kinda skinny cock was rock hard, about 7" with a dark circ scar. He straddles the can with one knee on each seat and ever so slowly lowers his hips toward the waiting can of ecstacy. First he just dipped his head in them and they didn't do much. He pulled out and went to the front of the boat and came back with a jar which he had pissed into earlier. He said watch this, it will make them go crazy. He dips his cock in the jar of piss and lowers his cock into the waiting mass of leeches. They soon started to wriggle around, must have been the piss. Brandon said they don't like the saltiness of piss, it burns them he thought. He raised and lowered his cock into the black wet mass until finally he just dropped down and plunged his entire cock into the leeches. He remained motionless for about 15 seconds then slowly started to flex his butt cheeks, holy shit, he's fucking a can of leeches I thought. I didn't dare say a word for fear he'd stop. I just watched in amazement. About a minute or two later, I can clearly hear him breathing harder followed by a few short grunts followed by sort of a muffled yelp. He pulled his cock out and there must have been about 8 to 10 of those fuckers hanging from his cock. He pulled one off and a red pool of blood remained at the blood sucker's parking spot. Finally I mumbled, what the fuck dude. He smiled and dropped the leech into the pool and this time rammed his cock into the can and thrust his hips vigorously. I said what does that feel like? He said like nothing you've ever felt before but if one starts trying to go inside, you will go absolutely wild. I of course had a raging hardon and thought about pulling it out and jacking it right in front of him but I was a pussy and didn't. I guess I didn't want to change the moment from how it developed. I asked if they ever go inside and he said if you help them they sometimes will. He asked if I wanted to watch him get one to go in. I said fuck yeah! He said one gotta do what I just did. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!! I seriously thought about it, but being the HUGE pussy I was, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. He laughed and said no problem, it's isn't for everyone, maybe some other time. Sheepishly I said yeah, maybe. He got dressed and we headed back to the boat launch. The drive back home wasn't as awkward as I thought it would be, he has never mentioned this since and I kind of put it on the back burner...until now. I'm thinking the next time I see him, I'm gonna ask if we can go out fishing again. I think he might know what I have in mind. One thing I'm going to ask is where he learned to do that. Hopefully he has a good story to tell.

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