Mealworms in urethra?

topic posted Sat, June 4, 2011 - 10:28 AM by  ady
I tried the mealworms in the urethra but I can not move them forward, it seems that my juices and smothered
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  • i have not tried mealworms, but have found that only maggots and some types of earthworms actually like to travel in and go thru, pretty fast at times.
    • What happens if they go in but dont come back out? Won't you get an infection and need surgery to get them out?
      • No. What happens is when you find one that wants to go in, it will straighteb out its body, at your opening, and force itself past your head portion. The as soon as it starts pile-driving its length in, you either grab it by its "tail" (if its a long one), and pull it back out. This is not easy as it usually really wants to go in so it swells up its front portion to "jam" inside your penis (just like when you try to pull out out of the ground, it resists). But since there is pre-c inside your walls, you are usually able to pull him back out. Now, by looking at your shaft, you will actually see him traveling down it, especially if its a thick one. If you cant pull him out, then garb the base of your thingy before he gets to balls, and then "squeeze on up so that he comes out
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          cant u just let it go all the way in and let it have its way inside u?
          • Good question.... what WOULD happen if you let them go "all the way" unimpeded? Because that's what I'd REALLY love to feel happening... biting and feeding on the way down... feel them force their way past the urethral sphincter .... maybe multiple times. Would they drown in the bladder? Die from lack of air? How quickly? Would I have critters running around inside me feeding on the inside of my bladder?

        • Friday or Saturday I'll take small earthworms, and I leave open the urethra to see if they want to go I will wait a bit to see if you get hit again, but before they wash well with soap and water and then on who knows how many will come, we will see when and will snap pictures and place, who can tell me if there a number not to exceed??? please respond

          • I have just had one go inside me, however I insert a 9mm ball bearing in tube to stop it going alll the way.It gets so far and then has to stop, but at this point it tends to bite and feed in the tube. A very good feeling too. It then comes out of its own.
    • which kind of earthworms did you find that liked entering your urethra? I'd like to try it.
      • I cant really say for sure. there are so many varieties in your backyard. The only thing I could say is it was usually the skinny longer ones, not the short thicker ones. It looks kinda like a sci -fi movie when they go in, and they go in with gusto as well. You need to be plenty hard so it gives them a straight path, and they are usually thick enough so that they can be seen traveling through the shaft.
        • i agree with Jason, the fatter ones dont seem very interested whereas the slimmer ones are full of energy
          • Hello Guys, I have to confirm that what you say and what happens to me when I support inside the urethra, the smaller and leaner enter the urethra without problems than those who do not want to get big, small but agile die drowned in sweet liquid of the penis, only the average if placed in the right position and start to skyrocket come without problems, I got one by the tail, but you and broken, the rest was in and out with pee
      • I have used redworms in my cock. I placed a short tube about 1/2 inch long into my cockhead and put a redworm into it. Once it was in, I put my finger over the open end of the tube so it wouldn't crawl out, minutes later I could feel it crawling down the urethra, pass by balls and then I would piss it out before it went into my bladder.
  • Ok, I bought some giant meal worms at the local pet store. Scooped them out and put them in a jar and rammed my cock into it. They just crawled around all over my cock, rolled off and thats about it. Kinda lame-I thought they liked to bite from what i read here. Tried carpenter ants once before and same result, they just liked exploring around. Any advice?
    So weird how I got into this, a few years ago i went upstate camping with my family and walked off into the woods and there were all these mosquitos around so for some strange reason i pulled down my shorts and got the biggest hardon watching them go nuts on my cock and balls. Hurt like a mother for days after but it kinda got the whole bug idea in my head. How did you guys get started on this whole thing? Ya gotta admit its a bit out there, not like i could ever bring it up to my friends. Peace-Matt
    • Matt - sometimes it takes a few tries before they start chowing down. I usually separate them from the oats that they are packaged in for starters. And then once you have them on your dick/balls, they may take a while to become adjusted before they start munching. I purchased my last batch at the pet store and it wasn't until the third night before they started to bite. And it took about 1/2 hour before they did. But just having 200 of the mealworms crawling on my dick made me rock hard. I find that the effects are more rewarding with how many you have verses how large they are. My latest selection was of the smaller 100 pack variety instead of the larger 24 packaged worm.
      • Thanks Luke, I'll have to try the smaller worms next time (so much for bigger=better ;) Whats it like when they do bite? Is it a little nibble or break the skin ouch? I live near the beach and sometimes in the summer I'll lay naked in the dunes and let the green flies have their way with me-those badboys really pack a punch. One of my fantasies is to be tied naked to stakes for a few hours and just let them eat me alive. Sound sick i know but it gets me so hard just thinking about it. Peace-Matt
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    I love feeding my cock head to mealworms see this video I loved it mmmm
    • Just finished playing with another round of mini mealworms. Got them mail order from a wonderful company called Grubco. They also carry maggots,crickets,larger worms etc. I really enjoyed the minis as they are able to get into your slit much faster and quicker and still bite. I used my home made funnel that I made by cutting the top off a plastic liter coke bottle. Insert your cock through the pour spout, pour the mealworms into the other end and enjoy. When finished you can refrig the mealworms,they will slow down but not die, when you want to use again, let come to room temp. Great Fun!!!!!1
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    I am not sure what to say other than, wow, I am so glad I found this site. I was searching for sites of urethra play, torture, hoping I wasn't the only person that had these strange desires and fantasies when I saw a topic for mealworms in urethra, it of course caught my attention and now I am so intrigued. I want to know more, I don't know where to begin. My desires go from pleasure to extreme pain, maybe I finally found a place that I can discuss something I have never been able to talk about before now.
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    This is my dream! I learn, thanks! I used little ants but they passive, I will use bigger and more aggressive.
    The worms are wonderful idea!! I can insert a half-inch ball inside my pee hole untill under the balls, and then insert the lovely worms, free!
    • Agga1wc... how do you then get that ball out from between your balls? I have thought about jamming a ball bearing deep in the urethra... to act as a block to the worms. I have wondered about pushing a bead that has a cord attached down deep using a pencil... leaving it there as a blocker... then pulling it out afterwards. Of course that presumes that it can be retrieved later, using the cord... and that the cord in the urethra will not interfere with the worms progress. Once a bead is down that deep, it will be much harder to retrieve than if it is halfway down the shaft.
      This IS a problem to those of us that don't want bladder problems.

      On the subject of meal worms...they quickly drown in precum. You need to tie off the base of your cock first to stop the precum before it arrives... then open your urethra with a spreader to allow mealworms to run around on that tender flesh using those delicate little legs. Smaller mealworms will be better for this.. more room for them to move in there.

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