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topic posted Sat, May 26, 2012 - 11:05 AM by  nick
I just wondered if anyone has experience with a praying mantis? how easy it was to get it to start eating, what did it feel like?
I read an article on bme a while ago from a guy who got a mantis to eat a hole about 1 cm deep into the underside of his cockhead. Sounds awesome but the things creep me out so I'd need a volunteer to place it on my Cock then goad it into eating me
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  • I took a praying mantis, for two days but for now, as well as walking on the penis does not, what can I do to make them bite and eat some of the glans?
    • Sorry I don't know what you can do to make it start eating, I guess you could try to get it angry? Try getting it in position on your cock head then tapping it gently with your finger, maybe that would make the mantis angry enough to start eating you
      • Don't know if this'll work with the mantis, but it works for crickets -

        Dissolve a bit of sugar in warm water then us a cotton swab or similar tool to dab the sugar water on the places you'd like to entice biting.
        Let the sugar water dry. Let loose the mantis and you shouldn't have to wait long. Be forewarned though - the crickets at least - love the sugar and will really chow down!
      • One of my chatting friend told me that he use needle to draw a tiny drop of blood, and then, a big mantis attack his glans right away. He lost a nice chuck of cock meat.
  • I Have taken a large, mantis and ants to put bite her head so if you eat red lotus could bite his penis, what do you think?
    • Andrea... your posts are not easy to read... and interpret, Are you writing them in another language, then getting a website to translate them? If so... then the translations are not making much sense. Maybe there is a better way, because I would like to understand what you are posting.
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    Well I am more in BDSM than this, but for torture I also like to use "natural resources" :)
    And since i almost everything first try on myself, before using it on subbie....
    In short, I have tried mantis and they are nice creatures :) They are always hungry you just have to hold them between your fingers and than put their head where you want to bite.
    The first bites are usually harsh and pretty deep (like grasshoppers) , suppose she tries to kill the food first :) but after that she starts nibbling , mostly the surface of whatever you offer, for instance the head of your cock or clitoris when women involved. If you give her enough time, she can eat quite a piece of you meat and the scene it is very bloody, but the feeling is pleasant and wounds are healed in few days.
    Recommend :)
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    I advise you to use a bait 1, an insect, the insect mantins attack, just bring in the direction of your penis and make the mantins confuse the insect with your penis. so do I do with spiders when they attack my penis
  • Nick.

    Your wording "to get it to start eating" gets my balls squirming and my cock hard. I wonder how big of a chunk a large mantis would take out of my ball sac and would it eat some of my nut. I am going to keep my eye out for a large mantis - or a small one.
    • mike that sounds great good luck! Im not really interested in having a mantis eat my sack or into my balls have had insects eating my sack and didnt find it enjoyable, much prefer having damage/pain inflicted on my cock but if you do manage to het your sack and nuts eaten I hope you can post some pics or a video, just to get us hard and leaking!

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