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topic posted Sat, November 10, 2012 - 12:14 PM by  bobby
I had a question since I cant find the post, could someone tell me the types of Worms ie earthworms canadian etc that are safe for play and how do you only let it go down your shaft only and not past. Also which flies are safe to use
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  • I can only get two kinds... neither are very big, but both are ok for play. Use what you can get.
    I tie my cock tightly at the base so they can't travel any deeper. Don't leave it tied too long tho... allow circulation after 15 or 20 minutes.
    I use what flies I find.
    • I get nervous with flies that might be flying around or in a bathroom since they are known to carry diseases and germs i get scared letting them crawl on my penis or pee hole for fear of getting something but Im intrigued also heard there were certain flies to stay away from because their maggots have breathing tubes and can live inside you without dying (read it here somewhere) as for worms i live in NE usa and with winter coming only way to get worms is walmart or petco or fishing store and just want em to go down my shaft and out. Will tying base of penis with a twist tie or fabric or sock stop worm from going deeper? can you grab a worms tail and pull it out?
      • I tie my cock firmly at the base... before the balls with a silicon rope... you have to release it after a half hour or so for circulation to return.
        The worms can't seem to get past this obstruction... unlike maggots, which can squeeze themselves just about anywhere!!
        I have found that even a worm that has disappeared completely, will soon reappear at the tip of the cock. They resist being pulled out... they are able to lock themselves in very tightly... take care doing this as they are likely to break in halves! In my opinion, worms are a safer option than maggots.
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    Theu are safe in Canada. I have tried a couple of times and the best way is to take a transparent pencil, dis-assemble it, so you'll have a tube where you'll be able to see true. About 8 inches min. Drill mini holes around the tube so when you'll push the worm after putting the tube inside your cock, the air will be able to go out, if not you will possibly damage the worm and kiled it. Push it with a long Q-tips. Enjoy
  • I tried to get an earthworm to go down my cock, but he would not go. He did go in about a half inch and then came back out. Any ideas on how to get them to go down in?
    • Flush your urethra out with fresh water..they hate urine dregs..flush several times..I use a syringe. Keep trying..some resist for a time then go in..some never go in..some the first try! Check out the other 'tribe' here.. 'Worm Lovers'...plenty of tips on there!
      • Thanks Cole. I am going to try your suggestion tonight.
        • Hey Cole, that worked. Flushed out the cock - 4 times - and a long skinny one found the hole first and then I had to feed a fatter and longer one. He had to be coaxed a bit, but found his way too. There were two night crawler tails sticking out of my cock tip. Hot scene by myself.

          I forgot to set up the camera, so no pics. Will do that the next go round.
          • Congratulations longer a 'worm virgin'! For some reason, I find they often go in but leave the tip of their tails just outside...even so..they are then stretched out very deep inside. Sometimes a tail does just disappear...but I don't necessarily encourage that, as the ones I use are shitting soil all the time, and that would, if left deep, possibly be a source of infection....of course a good pee should clear it out...but i don't like to tempt fate too much. Please film it next time...and have it for sharing on Gigatribe?

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