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I've only tried ants a few times with little sucess...can anyone tell me what to do?
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  • Add a little sugar or honey to your toy, I know it helps me. But most of the time I just stick it in their way and they start crawling on mine and if I mess with them they bite more. Red ant or fire ants just start stinging, small black are sometimes slower for me. If you want them to enter prop the pee hole open (this only works for me until the precum flows to much).
    • i tried the small black ones once had like 30 of em in a little baggie and stuck my dick in and they swarmed my dick. After 15 mins it felt like my dick was on fire and i tried water, lotion bacatracin was the only help but still burned for 1 hour before stopping...
      • If you don't want the sting, after the act the try Dr. Numb or something like it. 12.22% of Lidocaine. I'm wondering, if mosquitoes do not make my glans itch, will ants make my glans sting. Wow! I've got to find some ants.
  • I just find an ant colony (hill) ! Have some fantastic ones about an hour from my home ! I check many and pick one that has 2 or 3 hundred ants milling around on top of it ! As soon as i lower my butt onto the hill they attack They are big.aggressive red ants and when they bite they hold on and i have to pick them off ! love it when they bite my tender butthole lips.
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      Don't do it on a carpenter ant hole, when they bite they spray fromic acid on your parts, healing is a bitch.
  • try some fire ants,they are very aggressive. last month i collect 100 of ants and put them in bottle.and i got very painful bits after 5 mins i pullout
    my cock in 10 mins my cock tern into red and my cock feel numb.again i put my cock in to a bottle and i hold 15 mins this time .it was fun sorry for my bad English
  • While I do not recommend playing with fire ants at all, do to formic acid stings and possible anaphylactic shock from too many stings. If you do decide to go this route I recommend you keep some pure ammonia handy, being a base it will almost immediately neutralize the acid in the stings.
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      Thanks for the ammonia advice. Wish I had known that when i was bouncing my balls on a carpenter ant hill. It took weeks to heal
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      While I'm sure your advice is useful for ants that spray formic acid over the skin it does not help with fire ants since they inject an alkaloid poison below the surface of the skin. Around 24 hours the injection site will form into a blister or pustule and it is best to just leave them alone to drain in another day or 2.

      The anaphylactic shock is a real threat if you are stung 100s of times and even worse if you are allergic to their poison.

      since these ants are so aggressive and swarm you definitely need to know what you are doing when you mess with them. I truly hope that people read my posts about them and do not try and sit on or place a body part on their nest.
  • Some ants like meat juice instead of sweet or sticky substance placed on cock, balls or ass hole. Microwave a hot dog and use the greasy juice. If you don't want the ants so aggressive, just place the bait close and let them slowly discover it. This may take an hour or more, so you have to be very still and relaxed. When then start to feed, they will just take a few hard nibbles them leave and return in more waves as they get comfortable. When they finally swarm the feeling will be ticklish and thousands of small pin prick sensations. I don't recommend fire ants or carpenter ants. They leave harsh stings that can cause an allergic reaction or nausea.
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      sound great got me hard have try it
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        ime in England in a town wish i was in a more county side place were i can easly find me sum ants real wana try them

        any suggestion on how to attract them??
        not just to my cock but to an area were i can find em easy lol
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          Try putting out thin slices of meat. It won't take long before the meat is covered in ants.
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    Hello folks,

    I posted a lengthy description of my experience with fire ants. Folks I do not recommend messing with fire ants unless you are very very careful and understand what you are doing. My advice in another thread is detailed enough and I would be happy to answer any questions.

    Never stir up there nest and attempt to put your dick on it since they will swarm you by the 1000s. They have been known to do this with livestock and kill it because of the 100s of 1000s of stings. You only want to capture a few in a container that is sealed and draw them out 1 at a time. If you do it right you can find a container that you can stick your dick in but be warned they will sting many times.

    The feeling is amazing and be careful that you don't over do it because it will really swell your dick. Also, try only 1 ant and wait a day. If you have an allergic reaction do not attempt anymore.
  • I've tried several types of ants and enjoy them a lot. After moving to Florida this year I had my first chance to use fire ants. It was a scary encounter as I've heard how bad they can be. I found a nest and scoped up 200 or 300 ants and quickly put the lid on the container. I few found my hands and stung me immediately, it hurt. I took the captured fire ants indoors and let them settle down for a few hours. I then slipped my cock thru a hole in the side of the container and let them eat me for 2 hours. They didn't seem to sting much but just bite a lot. Probably because they were settled down. After 2 hours my cock had swelled up quite a lot and I had a difficult time getting it out of the container. The experience was awesome but it took me a month to totally heal up so I don't know if I'll use fire ants again. I do think of them when I get horny though, so maybe?
    • Hello you have any pictures or video I'd love to see something like that, I for now I have to take a break from the ants began to mushroom season and in the forests a lot of people but as soon as the opportunity arises again willing to sit on the nest itself.
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      The fire ants were still stinging only you didn't feel it after awhile since there was so much venom inside your dick. Swelling is also an indication that you were being stung repeatedly.

      I've tried both ways listed below:

      1. One or 2 ants at a time
      2. Stick it in and let them strike all at once

      I prefer method 1 since you can actually feel individual stings but it takes patience.

      Try putting in a straw or a chop stick like object in when they settle down and a few will crawl on it and then drop them on your dick.

      Also, I can guarantee if you shake the can you will get them mad enough to sting repeatedly.

      Their bite really doesn't do anything although the bigger they are the larger the mandibles and more you feel the bite. I have also noticed the bigger ones deliver a much more potent sting as well.

      I noticed something else too they love to suck up the precum but it kills them eventually. I have no scientific evidence to prove this but observation.
    • how bad did it swell?
      • After 2 hours with fire ants my cock swelled up about 30% to 40% of it's original size. It took days for the swelling to go down and a full month to totally recover. I don't know if I'll ever use fire ants again because I don't like that long healing process. It was fun watching them bite and sting my cock and the longer the session went on the less I could feel them as one reader said, my cock was full of venom. I don't have pictures of that session.
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        About the same as what that reader said somewhere about 30% and it was concentrated where the cut area is. Also I forgot to mention that is incredibly sensitive in that area too. When they strike both with their mandibles and stingers you can really feel it there.

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