Tips for "playing" with flies.

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Hi, I am new to formicophilia and am interested in flies. I have let them crawl on my penis since I was young but nothing else. I want to try letting them crawl down inside penis but not sure how to lure them inside. Also if anyone has any tips please post them as well. I am not into the whole biting thing but am willing to try. I really want an intense orgasm from this. Thanks in advance!
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    This is what I like to do with flies;

    Believe me when I tell you this feels totally orgasmic!!!

    I live near a wooded area in Florida so I can do this year round.

    After I shit I DON'T wipe my ass.
    I'll go in the woods, take off my pants and undies and lay on my back with one of my legs bent upward foot flat on the ground,
    After about 15 or 20 minutes, the bigger green bodied flies ( i think they're the blow fly species) will buzz around and smell my dirty ass.
    Before long, a whole swarm of about 20-25 blow flies will compete and fight to start laying their eggs at the edge of my anus, in fact, some will be brave enough to try to squeeze inside my shit hole.
    I feel a whole swarm of them nibbling and biting around the edge of my anus and then I'll start to jerk my meat.
    Sometimes, I won't shower after I do this and then go to bed and the next morning, Ten or twelve hours later, I'll start to fell tiny baby wiggly maggots in and around my sphincter. After a while they will die out and I'll just use the jet stream feature on my shower and "douche" my rectum out.
    • I've done this here in PA in the summer but will have to give this a try the next time I'm in Florida. Inevitably, I get the mosquitoes, but never enough flies. They are AWESOME when they 'attack' your ass and balls. I'm a sick pig so I let them crawl in and around my mouth and nose and head and they feel so incredible. I always cum when flies play with me.
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    I've only had one experience with flies and I LOVED it. I was driving home from out of town, and was super horny, so I stopped at one of the road side rest stops. I went in to the stall to jack off, and there were flies EVERYWHERE. My asshole was a little dirty from shitting earlier, and I noticed the flies landing on my lower back and on my balls a lot, so I leaned forward as far as I could to give them access, and before I knew it 5-10 flies were crawling around on my dirty asshole tickling it, and what felt like trying to force their way into my hole. I pried my cheeks apart but none actually made it into my ass. I let this go on for about 10-15 minutes before I blew my load with them still crawling on my ass. It was AMAZING.

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