Ant Erotica in the Garden

topic posted Fri, November 11, 2011 - 8:47 AM by  lesley
For over 10 years I have loved the feeling of ants crawling over my penis and balls. These are small garden types, not the large wood ants which I am tempted to try too.
It started when I rented a house that had large secluded greenhouses which were unused. In these greenhouses large black plastic sheets had been put down to stop plants growing. One day during summer I lifted one of the sheets and found the whole ground covered in a moving mass of ants and ant eggs. I couldn't resist touching the mass which instantly crawled up my arm with a tickling, biting feeling. I brushed them off but the erotic feeling I had made me go back again next day.
I stripped off, pulled back the sheet and gently lay down in the ants up to my shoulders and head. The feeling was amazing. Like a slow creeping tickling sheet being pulled over my body. There was no biting until they reached my cock and balls when I started to get lots of nips. This made me very erect and the more my foreskin pulled back the more they seemed to bite. it was divine. I was brushing them away from my face and at the same time twisting my nipples really hard. After a few minutes I had to masturbate and came all over the ants. After I had brushed off the ants and replaced the sheet I found my scrotum and foreskin were very red with small spots of blood over them. They swelled up over the next hour or so but not too much. Probably the acid in the bites. I rubbed some antispectic cream on and in a day or so I was reasonably back to normal.
Needless to say this became an almost daily experience and sometimes up to three times a day.
After a while I bought a house and it was a shame to lose my erotic outlet but the new house had large paving stones in the back garden path which during summer became a haven for ants especially as I used to put sugar under for them. I resorted to gathering the ants from under the stones using a portable car vacuum cleaner which would pick up loads without apparently harming them. I would then retreat to the garden shed, strip off and pour them over my penis and balls. The feeling of them biting and crawling up my body was wonderful and combined with nipple clamps made for a very erotic experience. It was difficult not to cum immediately.
Often, because the garden is not overlooked, I would lie on the lawn and let them crawl all over me. The feeling of the ants and being in the open air (with a very slight risk of discovery) makes it very arousing.
Unfortunately I live in a climate where the ants start around May and finish around August so my playtime is a bit limited.
I have tried electro- and vacuum 'toys' but the ants win every time.
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    Tue, November 15, 2011 - 7:02 PM
    This sounds wonderful. I also discovered this when I started to play in a remote back yard at the age of 15. I once sat over an ant hill & the ants nibbled & worked their way up inside my anus. I immediately exploded in an incredible climax. I have since enticed ants using a meat juice put over my cock & sometimes on my anus. If I really want more sensations I put a wire spreader in my piss hole & the ants nibble there which absolutely sends me into nirvana. I have never had any problem with the small common garden ants leaving marks although they sometimes draw blood if they are allowed to nibble long enough. The larger black ants will leave welts that take days to heal.
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    Wed, November 16, 2011 - 2:24 PM
    I have had the type of experience and have now moved to the mossy. I find a pond and capture a dozen or so in a jar and feed them my cock. The swellin afterwards keeps my cock hard and needing attention for hours

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