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topic posted Sat, September 15, 2012 - 7:40 PM by  Mongaku
I'm not sure if this is a repost, but this was pretty hot leech play:
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  • Lol yeah true.

    wish worms were that eager to dive in, have tried loads of times with them, would love something to wriggle about that much.

    I still havent had much luck trying to find some for sale in uk tho :-(

    Any one know where you can get any small wriggly things (apart from maggots, bit small lol) to go in the end of my cock?
    • i am trying to order some from
      • well i got my leeches today...tried for an hour to get them interested in going luck whatsoever. they pull away from my hands and my cock...what a waste of $64 can anyone advise?
        • Lurker here. Have tried crickets many times.
          Spaz, perhaps letting them be in water while you try and play.
          Maybe a jar full of water with your cock in there....
          Then they get time to get used to you.
          Good luck - please keep us posted as this is really hot!
  • Excellent use of meat. Did it draw blood?
    • I have a feeling that only the blood sucking leeches will have any interest in being on or in a human body. The others have a whole different agenda.
      • i tried and tried...for over two weeks. couldnt even get them interested in my cock...until i got mad and used a big pen to make my pee hole bigger and ended up ripping my penis now i am healing....couldn't get a camera, couldnt get any leeches inside. i am so angry now because most of them are dead...
        • Spaz, you must have gone at it very hard when enlarging your peehole... I jam some big things in so tightly I think it might tear, but it never has... just got nice and big. Use heaps of lube and only go to the point where the pain tells you to stop... withdraw... gently stretch again... so on. Some guys deliberately cut the dickhole to make it a little longer at the opening... maybe this would work for you, but take it gently, and you wouldn't need to cut a lot... just a small amount. I guess you would need to keep the cut section very clean and disinfected, and apart.. so it can't heal together again.
  • look on google on server following words: leech penis...leech suck penis, leech suck asshole, the blood paint tha penis on red, the blood flown from ass down legs...
  • Unsu...
    So if I was to buy some here in sunny England and then stream it live on teamviewer or skype at an arranged time would any body want to watch. I cant send them inside as I have damaged my internals before so have a thin tube but I am happy to cover the 4skin, shaft and gland with them and let them eat until they drop off however long that takes.
    I can only get fishing grade ones over here but am happy to give them a go as cant see they will do anything wrong
    • Unsu...

      how much!

      Blimey aren't they expensive! Just looked at them and I can buy fishing ones at £10 each but a minimum of 5 per order or I can get a special price on a package of 20 medical ones for £130 .... anybody in the uk want to buy any as could get the 20 pack and split them equally.
      Or can anybody buy them cheaper abroad and post them over maybe ???

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