Maggots down to my balls!

topic posted Tue, January 10, 2012 - 7:04 PM by  Lz
I had the most exciting and nasty fun with the maggots that arrived on my doorstep yesterday evening. Some were already converted to the black pupa stage due to the package taking too long to get through the postal services. Some kind of mix up and two days delay in a hot storage room, seems to have speeded up their development stage.

HAH ! .....six of the white wriggling little devils were still moving around in the sawdust package. I freed them from the package and rinsed them with warm fresh water in a wire strainer. Waited a few hours and rinsed them again then dried them with a paper towel. This seemed to excite them and they became more active and crawled everywhere! I had to put them back into the container a few times until I could strip off my clothes to get ready for some dirty and risky play.

I nervously tried just letting them wander around on the head of my cock, and one or two entered the tip of my cock to explore! I could feel the beginnings of the intense stimulation that was to come soon! I got even more excited and squeezed the head of my cock so the piss tube opened up a deeper chamber for them to explore.....and they started to wiggle down into my cock head! The sensation was of a rubbing, nipping, slightly burning but not unpleasantness that made my cock jump and get so hard it ached. WOW! I could not believe that I had been missing this, and wanted much more.

Better sense prevailed and I slowed down to think this through. The maggots were small, say half an inch, so I decided it was not a problem if one got into my bladder or down my cock tube deeply. Then my excitement and super hard cock was taking control of my better judgement, and I have to admit that I could not resist the growing pleasure and excitement brought on by the maggot swimming down my cock tube toward my balls sack! Oh my God, he moved pretty fast! Extasy! Eventually, I just laid my head back, and let four of them enter into my cock's length and could feel one of them scraping down the length of my cock. THree of them started to scrap and wiggle upwards and I saw their heads sticking up out of the tip of my cock along with a flood of pre-cum. What to do? I could not help myself. I hurridly put my index finger across the top of my urethra and pressed them back down, holding them there for about 15 seconds. I could still feel the first one scraping the length of my cock tube as he was about three fourths of the way to my balls. It scared me, but I could not stop....I just had to surrender to the incredible pleasure. THen I felt the other three start their own downward journey into the base of my cock and balls. Then I just could not wait any longer and climaxed with my cock, balls, and pelvic muscles shuddering for what seemed like minutes. Floods of precum and cream erupted and spilled down the sides of my corona and the shaft of my cock. THe maggots seemed to produce a kind of chemical or scraping reaction and my cock grew hot and slightly swollen. When I had caught my breath, and settled down, I realized that I had maybe done a very risky possiblly foolish thing. I quickly got up and peed into the sink, counting them as they came out of the root of my cock and balls.

All were accounted for, and seemed dead from the urine ??? Not sure. My heart beat settled down and I decided to see what happened next. I should say that I purposely did not pee before the play, so I could have enough volume to push the maggots back up my cock and out of the base of my balls. As of this writing, 24 hours later, I have no problems at all. No burning, no rawness, nothing......except that I ordered more maggots today!! I just have to do this again and learn more. The combination of dirtyness, decadence, risk, and just plain nasty play was fantastic. I can still feel them inside me....I am going for 10-15 next time if I can! The tribe member that describes this kind of play as "getting your cock raped" is right on! I will write more as I learn and try new things. I will strive to be factual, as I do not want to mislead anyone into trying something that might hurt them. I urge anyone trying this to go slow, ask a lot of questions, and be careful.
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    Tue, January 10, 2012 - 8:01 PM

    Your previous post inspired me to also order 1000 - hopefully will arrive tomorrow!
    After reading so much in this tribe - several guys have said they've done it many times - I think I'm comfortable enough to let 'em roam as far as they want... all the way to the bladder if they choose to. (I'm actually hoping they will!)
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    Re: Maggots down to my balls!

    Tue, January 10, 2012 - 11:14 PM
    excellent description which got me hard, because it is precise and exciting.

    You've to try with much more maggots, my friend, and of the biggest size. You will feel the "rape effect" much more intensively. Moreover, if you've a great number of maggots, they will crawl all around your cockhead and stimulate it very well. If you're uncut, as I'm, they will try to go in a large number between foreskin and cockhead, as deep as they can (under the corona) and the sensation caused is amazing. if you're uncut, the best is to put your LIMP cock in the maggots crowd. They will do perfectly the work to get your dick wood hard.

    Impatient to read the next step you ill have. I'm hard and wet thinking to that wonderful sensations caused by maggots nursing you dick ( and mine by thought)
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    Fri, January 13, 2012 - 2:06 PM
    please make vids and pics. so hot
    • Lz
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      Re: Maggots down to my balls!

      Tue, January 17, 2012 - 1:04 PM
      Thanks for your post. As I get better and more informed, I plan on doing a short video with the Iphone or something.

      I would like to do a video, of my cock just standing there hard and full of maggots swimming and swirling inside, and then the first tip of a maggot starts fo exit from the shaft. Having the tube full of them, and feeling them covered with my precum then slowing crawling out the tip is so sexy.

      Do you have lots of video or pics of maggots? I would love to see them if you do. So far, I cannot see yours yet.
      Best regards to you.
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    Re: Maggots down to my balls!

    Thu, March 15, 2012 - 8:47 AM
    i LOVED your maggot story and i want to try it myself. can we chat about it?



    yahoo messenger: joe_two21hotmail

    i think it would feel amazing to have them slide down the lenght of my cock. man. hope we can chat.

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    Wed, March 21, 2012 - 8:17 AM
    I tried some Maggots today, was the first try ever. Must say it wasn´t that easy as i thought before. It seems they dont´t like the Cockmeat too much. I decided to insert two of them direkt into the tube. At the first Moment i don´t feel anything, but then for about 1-2 Minutes they drill up and down the shaft. After that i shoot them out with a load of Sperm.
    Hmm i am not sure if i got some lazy Maggots or if they are that way everytime. So i might use some Worms or even bigger ones next Time. I tried to make some Photo´s of it, but the Play was to short. Maybe next time
  • Joe
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    Re: Maggots down to my balls!

    Fri, March 23, 2012 - 4:34 PM
    heh, me being a whiney lil bastard, actually found this quite interesting, A slight sting you said? last Time I did uretha play It got to bleed... So I guess maggots won't be a problem... ((so guys! Never shove a pen into your urethra! it stings! X"D))

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