Fire ants

topic posted Wed, May 1, 2013 - 5:43 PM by  bill
Living in north Nevada I have plenty of opportunities to see fire ants. Well, about a week ago I was in the backyard, naked, with a dildo in my ass thinking of what new insects I could feed my cock to. The mosquitoes are nice but I wanted something new. I noticed the new mound in my yard and after some investigating I picked up a couple and put them on my cock. Nothing happened. I know ants love sugar so i went in the house and grabbed a Qtip and some left over maple syrup from breakfast. I took it to the mound and they went crazy for it. Taking another Qtip I coated the inside of my pee hole with a thin layer of the syrup. Using a straw I inserted it just far enough to open my cock hole. Placing a couple ants by the straw they quickly marched inside. Before i knew it I could feel them biting and destroying the inside of my cock. I was hard as a rock. I barely touched my cock when I shot a load of cum and cleaned out the inside of my cock. It was remarkable. The mosquitoes are nice but the ants go where the mosquitoes won't. Now I just have to wait for the Mormon crickets to show up. Can't wait
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